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The Perform skill includes all variants of the old Perform skill. It is the skill to use when you are trying to impress or entertain.

Perform (Cha)

Entertain: You are accomplished in artistic expression and knows how to put on a performance. You can impress audiences with your talent and skill. The quality of your performance depends on your check result.

Result Performance
10 Amateur performance. Audience may appreciate your performance, but isn’t impressed.
15 Routine performance. Audience enjoys your performance, but it isn’t exceptional.
20 Great performance. Audience highly impressed.
25 Memorable performance. Audience enthusiastic.
30 Masterful performance. Audience awed.

Retry: Not for the same performance and audience.

Special: A character can take 10 when making a Perform check, but can’t take 20.

Time: A Perform check usually requires at least several minutes to an hour or more.

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