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Water is matter in a liquid state and fluidity in general. Liquids often enable other elements to function, making earth fertile, filling the air with clouds and vapors, and either fueling or putting out fire. It is linked to the spiritual and nurturing side of life, and often considered a female element. Water powers often have subtle or indirect effects.

Alternate Names: Sea, Fluid


Creature : Water Elementals.
Skill : Charm.
Attribute : Reflexes.
Sense : Motion sense in water.
Mood : Caring, Mercurial, Spiritual.
Blast: Acid.

Water Cantrips

Basic Action

You can cause currents in a volume of water no more than one cubic meter. You can remove particles from water, making it clean of solid impurities, but you cannot affect solutions or desalinate. You can collect moisture out of the air, creating small amounts of water. You can manipulate up to one liter of water, causing it to run in unusual ways or separate it from other substances, drying them or separating mixed liquids. You can make liquids glow, providing illumination and highlighting different parts or layers of a liquid.

Charm Water

Charm Water Elementals

Basic Action

You are supernaturally enchanting to certain creatures. You master whatever form of communication they use, even if you are normally unable to communicate with them at all.

Enchanting someone requires an opposed Charm roll. On an Outcome equal to the target's Mind, the target falls for your enchantment. On a lesser success you gain an advantage. A failed check interrupts the process, forcing you to look for a new opportunity at a later time.

Once someone has been enchanted, they will willingly follow and help you out. They seek to avoid conflict with their old allies, but if push comes to shove you cannot guarantee how they will react; they will try to avoid seeing you harmed, but they might make you a captive to save you later or even to have you at their mercy, or they might decide to throw in their lot with you and abandon their former allies. Someone who you have enchanted expects trust and help from you, but the enchantment breaks automatically only in the most blatant cases of maltreatment. If you are callous and disregard their interests they can make opposed Charm rolls against you to see through the enchantment. The same applies if a friend points out they have been charmed, but in this case it is an opposed roll against the friend's Charm skill and takes a Limit Break to do.

Enchantment normally wears off in about a weeks time, but can be maintained through continuous use of the power; it will last indefinitely if reapplied once per day. Even after the power ends you leave your targets with fond memories of you unless you mistreated them. Someone who realizes they have been enchanted and used can become vindictive or even downright hostile, but this is not the normal result.

This power only works on Water Elementals.

Drowning Embrace

Limit Break

You attempt to kiss or embrace the target. Out of action scenes you can usually achieve this with a Charm setback instead of using a Limit Break. Make an opposed Charm check. On a success, the target take a Damage Setback from drowning. On an Outcome matching the target's Body you can give the target a Mortal Wound or use Finisher you know. A target that can breathe water cannot be drowned, but can suffer a Finisher.

Fluid Motion

Limit Break

You give yourself or another creature you touch a bonus of +3 to Reflexes for the rest of the scene.

Go With The Flow

Basic Action

You make another character go with the flow of the situation. The target may immediately take what is normally a Basic Action without spending any shots. This action must be the same one the target or an ally took on their last action, or an action that is caring, mercurial, or spiritual. If the action succeeds at this action, they also recover one Hit.

Sea Inspiration

Trigger Action

You inspire others to be caring, mercurial, and spiritual. Whenever someone in the vicinity fails an action based on these virtues, you can take a trigger action to give him an immediate Confident reroll. This applies to most uses of the Charm skill, and to other skills and rolls as determined my the GM.

Create Water

Analyze Water

Basic Action

You can analyze the properties of any liquid within reach, even if it is inside a container or otherwise separated from you. You learn the exact composition and properties of the liquid and whether it has been affected by any powers recently.

Finally, you can use this to gain perfect understanding of currents and other aquatic phenomena.

Armor Breaker


All your attacks are inherently armor breaking. An attack that already has this ability does not further improve. Armor Breaker attacks gain the following quality: "Your attack breaks armor. If you inflict a Hit on an opponent whose Toughness is greater than his Body, reduce his Toughness by one for the rest of the scene, but never to a value lower than his Body.".

Craft Liquid

Basic Action

You can create small amounts of exotic liquids with powerful effects. Examples include rocket fuel, nitroglycerine, superglue, strong acids, universal solvent and so on. The difficulty ranges from 10 for basic substances to 12 for complex compounds, 14 for custom-made specials and 16 or higher for futuristic or experimental substances. Having a sample to reproduce reduces the difficulty by 2. You create about a liquid ounce (30 ml) of liquid as a basic action, meaning you can create a liter of liquid in 30 seconds and a gallon in 3 minutes. If you collect a lot of the liquid for use all at once, make only one Create check for the whole batch. Mostly, this is used to solve immediate problems; creating an acid to break a lock or steel bar, creating a lubricant to allow you to move something heavy and so on. Used this way, craft liquid can replace other Create schticks and the lack of tools, as long as it makes some kind of sense. You can also make exotic medicines, drugs, and such to order, but this requires the Know skill (yours or someone else's) to administer properly - Craft Liquid replaces drugs and medicines, not medical skill.


Basic Action

Create a cloud of fog with a diameter equal to your Create roll in meters. Within this area, you can shape the fog cloud as you like. The change is instantaneous and normally lasts for one scene; drafts and wind can disperse the cloud in a round.

The fog is opaque but not transparent; it is possible to see what is near you, but perception rolls and ranged attacks suffer a penalty of -1 per meter of distance and it provides cover to Sneak. At a distance greater than an observers Mind in meters, even obvious things become hidden. There are schticks and powers that allows sight trough obscurement; these work normally in the area.

Wall of Water

Basic Action

You create a mass of churning water in a cube with a side of up to three meters. Several such masses can be created next to each other in order to form a wall.

Ranged attacks cannot penetrate the sides of the wall. Any action or stunt trying to act trough the churning waters has a minimum difficulty equal to your Create. Moving trough the water requires a Swim check against your Create. You can designate up to your Mind creatures that can move trough the wall without having to roll.

The water wall lasts for a scene, or you can dispel any number of water walls you've created as a Basic Action. The water in the wall disappears when the power ends; it can't be used as a source of sustenance.

Water Mastery

Limit Break

You can manipulate large amounts of water or other liquid. The difficulty depends on the Body corresponding to the Mass you can manipulate. One cubic meter of water corresponds to Body 15. If all you want to do is move water around, the limit is set by your Create roll + Mind. For other manipulations or other liquids, the limit is your Create.

With this you can move the liquid as you wish, with a Move equal to your Mind. If used to attack it does Blunt Stun damage equal to your Mind, attacking with your Create. A target hit this way also loses a shot, and you can do various stunts this way.

Thew power lasts for a scene. Certain uses of the power can be made permanent, creating new streams, fountains etc at the GMs discretion. Duplicating Item sticks this way costs xp if they are to last.

Water to Wine

Basic Action or Limit Break

This is a Transmutation power. If you have several Transmutation powers, you can transform things between the substances you have powers for. The difficulty is the Body/Mass of the object, or the Dodge of the wearer. Repairing objects has half the difficulty of creating them or the Create of the maker for very complex items. If you use a Basic Action the duration is one scene, after which the material will return to its natural shape. If you use a Limit Break to create items, they are permanent, but volatile substances and those that qualify as Items deteriorate at the end of a session unless paid for. Besides practical uses, this allows you to ignore the Resources column when Tinkering with this substance. This is also useful for breaking and damaging appropriate objects. You can do Demolish stunts against such objects as a Basic Action.

Dodge Water

Breaking Wave

Trigger Action (Defense)

Use this when you are hit. Move your Move in meters directly towards away from or towards the attacker. This movement ignores normal Free Running difficulties and cannot be intercepted with a Tackle stunt. You also get a +3 bonus to Dodge for the current shot.

Fluid Defense


Your body becomes fluid and elusive. This gives you a +2 to Dodge. Does not stack with other Dodge bonuses.

Fluid Focus


When in water natural flowing water you can focus. In a large body of water, there has to be a noticeable current.

Impress Water


Basic Action

You attempt to fill a creature's lungs with water, causing panic and potentially drowning. A creature native to water is immune, but you have Advantage against a target in water that cannot breathe water. Make an opposed Impress check against the target. On a success, the target chokes and takes a Hit. On a margin equal to the target's Body the target is drowning and takes a Hit every time he takes a Basic Action until he has a power applied to him to give him water breathing or the end of the scene. A drowning target can choose not to act in order to avoid this damage.

Foul Water

Basic Action

You foul water in a diameter equal to your Mind. The cloud is impenetrable to most senses, giving a penalty of -1 on Shoot and perception checks per meter of foul water in between. A living, breathing creature in the cloud who spent any time during his current action in the cloud must make an opposed Impress check with you; on a failure he cannot act. Characters in the cloud can move even if the roll fails. The cloud lasts for a scene unless dispelled or dispersed by strong wind.

Summon Water Elemental

Basic Action

You can seize a creature whose True Name you know through time and space and bring it into your presence. The creature must be in another dimension or juncture, and not currently summoned, imprisoned or otherwise occupied. You can summon one Henchman or a number of Minions of the same type equal to your Mind. It takes an Impress roll against the creature's Dodge or Impress to summon. The creature immediately makes an initiative check to see when it will next act, but this cannot be earlier than the shot in which it is summoned. In future rounds, the creature has its own initiative score. You can also use this power again on a creature (or group of unnamed creatures) you have summoned along with an Impress roll against the creature's Dodge or Impress, in order to extend your control over it until the end of the following round. During combat, you must succeed at this action each round or the creature will break free, but you can try repeatedly in each round. Out of combat, you only need to roll every scene, but any failed roll means you lose control of the creature. While a creature is under your control, you can order it to return to its home plane at any time. A creature that breaks free of control can choose to return on its own. Summoned creatures can also be Dispelled. You can also use this power to take control of a summoned creature did not summon yourself whose True Name you know. This requires an Impress roll against the creature's Dodge or Impress or against its summoner's Impress if he is present.

A creature cannot be ordered to perform deeds alien to its nature; an air elemental cannot be summoned into solid earth or water, an Epitome cannot act against its spiritual inclination, and so on. Summoned creatures can perceive your aura as you summon them. Their initial attitude depends on your reputation among this kind of creature and whether you have an allegiance or pact with them. In case of extreme misalignment, you may not even be able to summon them at all.

When you lose control of a summoned creature it usually returns home shortly; the creature knows anyone who knows its true name can seize control of it as noted above. But the creature might choose to remain on your plane indefinitely to act out its inclination. In order to acquire lengthy services you must bargain with the creature, or use a Power Experiment or other means to acquire its services. If you bargain a creature into a formal pact, it is considered controlled for as long as the conditions of the pact are met and cannot break the contract or return to its home until the pact expires.

This power only works on Water Elementals.

Viscous Gel

Basic Action

You create a slimy gel that can ensnare all creatures in a diameter equal to your Mind. With a successful opposed Impress roll, you coat a creature in the area with a gel of viscous fluid, inhibiting their movement. The target cannot move as a part of a Basic Action until the end of the scene. The target can free himself as a Basic Action with a Maneuver roll against your Impress, or an adjacent creature can free them with a Know roll against your Impress. If you score an Outcome matching a target's Reflexes that target also loses 3 shots.

Weight of Water

Basic Action

You ward an area against teleportation. Any attempt to Teleport into or out of the area has a minimum difficulty equal to your Create; if the Outcome was less than your Mind the teleport succeeded, but was accompanied by a violent burst of bubbly water and dazes the teleportee, making him be surprised or loose all shots for this round .

Weight of Water covers a radius equal to your Create roll and lasts for a scene. If cast underwater, it lasts as long as the water in the area is not moved about; it can last indefinitely in a quiet isolated pool.

Know Water

Calm Seas

Limit Break

Age of
Three days 12
One Month 14
One year 16
A decade 18
A century 20
A millennium 22
Ten millennia 24

You can end the effects of other powers. You can only dispel powers you know of (though a vague description, such as "whatever is making Bert turn green" is ok). You can try to dispel a single Finisher, Limit Break, or any power that has been in effect for a week or more, or you can try to dispel all powers except those mentioned above on one creature or in an area with a diameter equal to your Mind. When dispelling several powers at once, you can choose to ignore some of them as long as you know of each power you want to make an exception for.

A power that has been dispelled cannot be used again by that creature in this scene, and another creature that tries to use the same power in the same general area must match your Know with the stunt the power is used with, or it fails.

This will not negate a Curse, but will tell you how to defeat the curse if the roll is successful.

Inherent powers cannot be dispelled.

The difficulty is the skill of the most skilled creature involved in making the effect. Effects that have been around a long time are harder to dispel: see the table. Use the highest relevant difficulty.

You can momentarily calm waves, currents, and other violent water action. The difficulty is the strength of the water in action (measured as Body. You can also dispel any power of the Water form, any power affecting a water elemental or aquatic creature, or which affects liquids.

Fluid Speech


You understand any spoken language, including recordings.

Maneuver Water



You become an amorph being with no definite form and no sensitive interior organs. You can displace your form to shift out of bonds or through tiny holes only large enough to let water through. Add your Mind to your Body and Toughness to soak Blunt damage.

Hover Bubble


You create a bubble of water around yourself that you can move. This lets you fly at your normal speed and helps sustain a water creature in air. It can also be used to create a bubble of air in water, with similar effects. You can keep another creature with you in a hover bubble, but unless that creature's Body is 5 or more lower than yours, neither of you can move as a part of a Basic Action while doing this.

Slippery When Wet

Basic Action

You can make an item or a 1 meter diameter patch of ground extremely slippery. To affect an item someone else holds requires an opposed Maneuver check, on a success the item becomes slippery and the wearer drops it. A creature trying to use an item must make an opposed Maneuver check or drop it. Slippery ground has a Free Running difficulty equal to your Maneuver. The effect lasts for the rest of the scene.

Water Adaptation


You can breathe water and can move underwater at normal speed. You will not take damage from normal exposure to water, and resists pressure at any depth.

Water Breathing

Basic Action

A target you touch (traditionally kiss) can breathe water. His skin will not take damage from normal exposure to water, and resists pressure down to 100 meters. You can affect yourself plus up to Mind others simultaneously with this power. It lasts for a session.

Water Elemental Form

Limit Break

You assume the form of another creature decided when you gain the power. You must have created a variant form for yourself using your normal points and limits. If you do not have such a creature description ready, you cannot use this power. This creature cannot have higher value in any particular skill than you do. You can add powers of the same form the creature has and keep schticks and powers you already have, but you cannot otherwise add powers or schticks. This power cannot be used to imitate a specific individual; you remain yourself in mannerisms and detail while changing race, species, and creature type.

You remain in this form for a scene or until you fall asleep or unconscious or will yourself back to your normal form (a Basic Action). You can learn this power several times to learn to transform into several different creatures.

You can only assume the form on a Water Elemental with this version of the power.

Water Walking

Basic Action

The target touched can walk on the surface of water or other liquid for the rest of the scene. You can ignore water-based difficult terrain. You are assumed to use this on yourself each scene.

Wave Action

Trigger Action (Combo)

When you do an action that includes movement, you can use this shtick to move again, either before or after the action. This allows you to act-move-move, move-act-move, or move-move-act. You cannot use Wave Action if you are you are Static or the action you just did is one that in itself allows additional movement.


Basic Action

You form a whirlpool with a diameter equal to your Mind, you must be in this area. Make a Trip maneuver against everyone in this area, friend and foe alike. You can move tripped targets to any point in the whirlpool; targets who you fail you trip instead decide where they end up.

Melee Water

Acid Strike


You can make melee attacks that does Body +4 Acid damage, soaked by Toughness. Your attack breaks armor. If you inflict a Hit on an opponent whose Toughness is greater than his Body, reduce his Toughness by one for the rest of the scene, but never to a value lower than his Body.

Acid Touch

Stance (Damage Boost)

You can imbue a Melee or Shoot attack with an additional type of damage. The damage of the attack increases by +2. Against a target that has different soak values against the two types of damage, use the lesser soak value but decrease the damage by 2. Acid Touch does Acid damage.

Acrobatic Strike

Basic Action

Make a Normal Melee Attack attack or a Dodge or Maneuver stunt that involves an an acrobatic maneuver. Until your next action you get a +3 bonus to Dodge. This stops at the end of the round or when you take any action, including a trigger action. Trigger actions you take the same shot you use Acrobatic Strike do not end the Dodge bonus.

Center of the Maelstrom

Trigger Action (Focus)

You can focus whenever you have been attacked by three different opponents in one round.

Soul of Acid


You can use your body to do melee attacks that do Mind +2 Acid damage, or more if you are using an Implement to improve damage.

Torrent of Fury

Limit Break

You make a whirling attack against multiple opponents, actually walking on them as you kick them. You may attack all opponents who are standing in an area with a diameter equal to your Move; you must stand inside the area you wish to attack. This uses your normal unarmed damage.

Water Strike

Basic Action

Make a motion in which your hands or weapon seems to become springy and flexible. Make a Normal Melee Attack against which your opponent can't use a trigger action.

Recon Water

Detect Water

Basic Action

You can sense the presence of liquid at a distance. Make a skill roll and multiply the result by 10; this is the range in meters. Normally, you detect any type of liquid (not normally very useful), but by concentrating on a particular type you can eliminate all others.

You can use this ability to gain perfect understanding of currents and other aquatic phenomena.

Touch of Water

Basic Action

You gain an awareness of water within your Mind meters. This extends your sense of touch to this distance, which means you can "see" without using your eyes. Underwater, this gives you complete situation awareness. This has the effects of a Scan stunt, and you automatically spot creatures in this area who are not Sneaking, even if they would be impossible to sense with your normal senses. On land this lets you see living creatures even when otherwise blind, but you cannot see objects that do not hold water and you still move about as if blind.

Water Guise


You are transparent in water. In this form you can sneak as if you had concealment in water, and both move and take actions while sneaking, tough you still become visible if you attract attention or act against another. You also hide yourself from Scry powers; in order to learn anything about you, the user of such a power must win a roll against your Recon.

Ride Water

Airy Water

Basic Action

You create a bubble with a diameter equal to your Ride that has the properties of both air and water. Any air or water in the bubble is affected, solid material, vacuum or other substances that are not air or liquid cannot be affected. Both air-breathers and water-breathers can breathe in the area, and both swim, fly, and walk movement is unhindered. Both air and water vehicles can travel in the area. Stunts and attacks that would function in either air or water function in the area. The bubble lasts as long as you remain inside it, or for one scene if you leave. You can center the bubble on a creature, object, or location. The GM is the sole arbiter of what this does to gasses that are not air or to liquids that are not water.



Select a water vehicle or swimming creature you touch; its Move is increased by +2 when in water. You need not continue to touch it to maintain the stance.

Floating Reservoir

Limit Break

You can collect and move a reservoir of water drawn from the surroundings. The collection of water is normally instant, but dries out the environment and might deplete the water table. In arid locales, you only get a fraction of the water you'd normally collect. The largest reservoir possible is a sphere with a diameter equal to your Mind, but you can choose to make it smaller and take any shape as long as no two points of it are more than your Mind meters apart.

The Floating Reservoir has a Body equal to your Ride plus your Mind, a Move of 2 and carries things like a creature of this strength. If you ride in the reservoir it works like a vehicle or it can follow a simple navigational directions. You can dispel it as a Limit Break and it falls apart if you create a new one. It will slowly evaporate over time if not replenished.

Ranged Attacks are deflected when passing through the walls of the reservoir but can certainly harm the Floating Reservoir itself.

Underwater, this power can be used to create a similar large bubble of self-replenishing air or to lift heavy objects.

Water Jet

Basic Action

This is intended as a travel power useful in chase scenes and somewhat impractical for ordinary adventuring.

While in or on water, substitute your Move with your Ride. You can move your Ride in a straight line as a basic action. You can use this speed as part of a chase.

Water Rider

Basic Action

You carry an aura of impeding water along with you until the end of the next round. Creatures within Ride meters and to all who can see you. Creatures in this area are burdened as if carrying a heavy load through water. Any Free Running or Terrain Driving stunt in the area is Stymied.


Limit Break

You can create and purify water. The difficulty depends on how alien the area is to water; from as high as 20 in the deep desert to 15 in arid conditions, 10 in temperate but dry areas, 5 in tropical or humid areas and zero in swamps or near bodies of water. Success creates a flow of water that lasts for the rest of the scene.

This can be a wellspring of drinkable, fresh water. Depending on the outcome this can be a trickle (zero outcome) or stream (10), but in either case it is sufficient to replenish water supplies over time.

Or you can make a flood of impure water that is no good for drinking, but which can nurture plants and which makes the nearby area (diameter of 10 meters per point of outcome) slippery, muddy and waterlogged. This creates Difficult ground with a difficulty up to your Ride.

Shoot Water

Acid Blast


You can make a Ranged Attack - either the basic stunt or using some other stunt, schtick, or power. Damage is Mind +2, or more if you are using an Implement to improve damage. Acid Blast does Disruption/Acid damage. Your attack breaks armor. If you inflict a Hit on an opponent whose Toughness is greater than his Body, reduce his Toughness by one for the rest of the scene, but never to a value lower than his Body.

Acid Spray

Limit Break

You blast everyone in a cone; a triangle with you at one corner. You can control the exact dimensions of the cone when you create it, with some limitations. The base of the triangle can be as wide as your Mind and both the other sides have the same length and can be as long as your Shoot. All measurements are in meters. Damage is Mind +2, or more if you are using an Implement. Make a separate attack roll against each target, including friends and bystanders. Acid Spray does Disruption/Acid damage. Your attack breaks armor. If you inflict a Hit on an opponent whose Toughness is greater than his Body, reduce his Toughness by one for the rest of the scene, but never to a value lower than his Body.


Limit Break

You blast everyone in a cone; a triangle with you at one corner. You can control the exact dimensions of the cone when you create it, with some limitations. The base of the triangle can be as wide as your Mind and both the other sides have the same length and can be as long as your Shoot. All measurements are in meters. Damage is Mind +2, or more if you are using an Implement. Make a separate attack roll against each target, including friends and bystanders. The target can use Body as Dodge if Body is higher. Flood picks up people hurl them with great force. It does concussion damage. This attack does not cause any direct injury on a Damage Setback, instead favoring stun, knockback, and other non-lethal effects.



You can make a Ranged Attack - either the basic stunt or using some other stunt, schtick, or power. Damage is Body +2, or more if you are using an Implement to improve damage. Waterball does Smashing damage. This attack does not cause any direct injury on a Damage Setback, instead favoring stun, knockback, and other non-lethal effects.