Beast Shape (4E)

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Beast Shape

You show the target’s inner beast.
Level: 6+ Component Cost: Variable
Category: Exploration Market Price: Variable
Time: 1 minute Key Skill: Nature
Duration: Variable

Select a particular type of creature when you learn this ritual. Each type of creature is a different ritual that must be learned separately. This ritual allows the shapes of beasts of the elemental, fey, natural, and shadow origins who are not undead. The creature cannot be a leader, elite, or solo.

When you use the ritual, the target turns into the selected creature. This works like a power with the Assume Form keyword. If the creature is of a lower level than the target, level up the assumed form using the normal rules for advancing creatures in level.

The level of the ritual is equal to the creature’s level plus five. Market Price is equal to a magic item of the creature’s level, and the component cost is 20% of that. The duration of the transformation depends on the result of the Nature check, and the target can end the effect as a minor action.

Arcana Check Result Area
9 or lower 1 hour
10-19 3 hours
20-29 9 hours
30-39 1 day
40 or higher 3 days

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