Astral Projection (4E)

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Astral Projection

You project all the participants in the ritual into the Astral Sea, leaving inert bodies behind.
Level: 18 Component Cost: 5,000
Category: Exploration Market Price: 16,000
Time: 1 hour Key Skill: Religion (no check)
Duration: Special

This ritual only works in the physical world, the Shadowfell, or in the Feywild. It transports you into the Astral Sea. You can travel the Astral Sea and dominions, but if you ever return the ritual ends. You project your astral self onto the Astral Sea, leaving an inert copy of your body behind, including non-magical copies of all your gear. This body is your anchor on your plane of origin; if you return from the Astral Sea and its dominions you do so at the body’s location (even if it has been moved, buried, or destroyed) and the body merges with you as you return. If there is not enough room for you to return, you appear in the closest open space.

You and your companions may travel through the Astral Sea indefinitely. Your bodies simply wait behind until you return, whereupon the ritual ends. If your body is destroyed, you immediately know of it and can no longer take a long rest.

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