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Savage FutureSavage Future

Savage Future uses Savage Worlds Deluxe and the Horror Companion. In addition, some rules for high tech in the Science Fiction companion are used.

Setting Rules

Arcane Backgrounds: Magic is real but unknown to the public in the Dark Future. Arcane Backgrounds (Magic or Miracles) are part of the setting, but must be approved by the game master. They are typically not available in a standard campaign about sanctioned ops and renegades.

Critical Failures: When a character rolls double 1’s on a Trait roll, he can’t spend a Benny—he’s stuck with the critical failure. It's a dark future.

Languages: A character knows his native language, and a number of additional languages equal to half his Smarts dice.

Sanity: The rules for Sanity from the Horror Companion are used. Note that excessive cyberware upgrades cause sanity loss!

Backlash: Backlash causes the loss of 1 Sanity. See the Horror Companion.


Characters are created using the standard rules

Race: Characters are human and start with a free edge.

Sanity: Starting Sanity is 2 plus half Spirit.

Cash: Starting cash is $1,000. For a renegade or sanctioned op campaign with vehicle combat, the Game Master may allow characters to start with a car or motorcycle costing up to $30,000 as suggested in the Science Fiction Companion. See the vehicle list for examples.


Knowledge (Computers): This skill is used to design, program or hack computer systems. It can also be used to search for information in the datanets. Everyday use of computers does not not require a skill. Investigation can be used to search public areas of the datanets.

Knowledge (Occult): This skill covers knowledge of things man was not meant to know, and can be used in rituals. See the Horror Companion for more information.


See Horror Companion for more hindrances.

Cyber Resistant (Minor): From the Science Fiction Companion.


See Horror Companion for more edges.

Cyber Tolerant: From the Science Fiction Companion.

Geared Up: From theScience Fiction Companion.

Nobility: The most common form of nobility in the Dark Future is fame. This edge is suitable for celebrities, sanctioned operatives and famous renegades!

Reputation: Your character has made a name for himself on teevee or the datanets. He can add his Charisma as a positive modifier to Intimidation rolls. A character with negative Charisma still gets a bonus, but probably has a bad reputation. (From The Savage World of Solomon Kane.)

Road Warrior: As the Rocket Jock edge in the Science Fiction Companion. This requires Driving d8 instead of Piloting.


The rules for cyberware in the Science Fiction Companion are used with the changes described below.

Strain and Sanity

"You'll have to work at it, work at remaining human inside... I'm not sure that I've managed it all that well, myself. Sometimes, I just sit and stare, forgetting... for weeks, Jessamyn, for weeks. I can do almost anything with this improved body, but my mind has got blase about it. When you're superhuman, so little seems worth the bother. You must resist that. You must..."
—Doc Threadneedle, Krokodil Tears

Excessive cyberware implants place a strain on the user's body and soul, and can lead to permanent violent psychosis or disconnection from reality. The Savage Future rules use Sanity loss instead of Fatigue as a penalty for excess Strain.

Sanity Loss: If additional Strain is incurred, the user loses a number of Sanity points equal to the excess Strain caused by the new implant. These Sanity points can be regained normally. Once Sanity is reduced to 0, further implants result in psychosis. Roll on the psychosis table and add any excess Strain. The Game Master must decide if the character is still playable or must be removed from the game. Removal will probably involve sanctioned operatives and scumstopper ammunition.

Recovering Sanity: Excess Strain is applied as a negative modifier to the Smarts roll to recover Sanity.

Psychosis: Add excess Strain as well as Fear rating to the psychosis roll.

Full Body Conversion

Full body conversion exists in the canon, but is very rare. The Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots in the Route 666 novel are a special GenTech experiment, and rules for cyborgs are beyond the scope of these rules. The Cyborg edge from the Science Fiction Companion is not available.

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