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Skull & ShacklesSkull & Shackles
Skull & ShacklesSkull & Shackles
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This is a list of characters in the Skull & Shackles campaign.


Family name: Oinari, given name: Ryoko.

Nipponese Kitsune. Nimble of mind and body. Weaves martial arts and magic into a single, flowing, mystic dance. Uses kicks and whip. (Fighting style TV Tropes: Chick Kick, Waif-fu, She-fu, Fragile Speedster.)

She is from the nearby Nippon territories, but has been drifting around the islands, paying for travel space on deck with a song and a dance, preferably curling up inside a thick roll of tar-smelling rope or cable.

She has a very romantic view on piracy; brave men and women battling the terrible sea and its monsters, fighting acrobatic duels over piles of glittering treasure, sweeping hostage princesses off their feet with just the glitter of their eyes and their tales of daring-do, and wish to live the life of such legends.

She likes to make friends and allies, trade favours and support.

Worship: Is a follower of Myhree, but also pays more than normal respect to Norebo and Besmara, especially their romantically adventurous sides.

Traits: Unarmed and Dangerous (regional), Alluring (religion).

Lvl 0: Dancing Light, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Message, Detect Magic, Song of Serenity
Lvl 1: Feather Step, Grease, Liberating Command, Unnatural Lust, ???
Lvl 2: Gallant Inspiration, Heroism, Honeyed Tongue, Tongues
Lvl 3: Charm Monster, Fear, Haste


Born and raised in Sasserine with the family name Toulosanne, her parents were hunters gathering monsters for the arena from the Amedio jungle. Growing up in the Champion's district she was often involved in fights with other children dreaming of fighting in the arena. But being small for her age, she almost always lost and she soon learned to run away instead. There were a few other children more interested in the arcane than swords, but not many. Her parents noted her magical aptitude and encouraged her, but lacking contacts with the Witchwardens and anyone with arcane prowess, they employed the help of their former fellow adventurer who's a druid. Wenori accompanied her parents on their hunting trips even as very young, with the druid as her guardian.

On such a hunt there was an accident and she was separated from the rest of the hunting party. She set out to find her way back and after walking for what she thought to be an eternity, she reached the coast. Not really knowing which way to head she just picked one and continued on. She spent her first night in the wilds huddled up beneath low branches of a tree near the sea. When she woke a small black bird was watching her. She got up and continued to walk and noted that the bird followed her. Two days later she came upon some humans returning from a hunting trip to their rowboat. They were scruffy looking but she didn't care. She ran up to them asking for food and drink. They supplied some and she was too occupied by it to notice the looks exchanged. They offered her to join them on their ship, so she wouldn't be lost any more. They didn't mention that they were of the Scarlet Brotherhood and heading toward Port Toli of the Hold of the Sea Princes, but as soon as she saw their ship she recognized their kind from their embassy in the Champion's district of Sasserine. Later when at sea she noticed that the bird was still following her.

Then followed a tough year in which she worked hard with too little to eat. The little bird became her best friend and she talked to it often, sometimes even when it wasn't there. She found a way to get hold of Pesh to flee the reality she was in. While using, she found that the little bird answered her in their talks. But the supply ended and the price was too high to be afforded. In despair she escaped by sneaking aboard a ship that set out to sea. She was soon discovered and set to work. The ship called Angus' Treasure was heading for Port Peril. Hard work distracted her from the withdrawals and she threw herself at it. At Port Peril she was let off and even payed for her work.

Having finally some money she used some for a celebratory dinner and to send a message to her parents to let them know she was still alive. Little did she know there wouldn't be any chance to join them in Sasserine but she was once more drafted against her will.

Traits: Reactionary, Two-World Magic, Sasserine Explorer, Sea Princes: Pesh addict
Diety: Zagyg,
Lvl 0: (10) Dancing Lights Detect Magic Ghost Sound Mage Hand Mending Prestidigitation Ray of Frost Stabilize Tie/Unfasten
Lvl 1: (8) Air Bubble Burning Hands Clarion Call Grease Identify Magic Missile Shield Protection from Evil
Lvl 2: (8) Blindness Deafness Glitterdust Hideous Laughter Invisibility Minor Image Mirror Image See Invisibility
Lvl 3: (7) Dispel Magic Fireball Fly Mad Monkeys Protection from Energy Stinking Cloud Tongues
Lvl 4: (8) Crushing Despair Darkvision, Greater Dimension Door Elemental Body Fear Summon Monster Stone Shape
Lvl 5: (6) Overland Flight Dominate Person Persistent Image Telepathic Bond Wall of Force
Lvl 6: (6) Chains of Light Disintegrate Dispel Magic, Greater Repulsion Summon Monster True Seeing
Lvl 7: (2) Ki-Shout Teleport, Greater

Wenori's thoughts
Captain's Log
Setting Sun Log


Lvl 0: Detect Magic* Drench* Message Read Magic*
Lvl 1: Burning Hands Comprehend Languages* Endure Elements* Grease Mage Armor Magic Missile* Ray of Enfeeblement Shield Summon Monster I Touch of the Sea
Lvl 2: False Life Fog Cloud Glitterdust Invisibility Minor Image Mirror Image* Knock Rope Trick Scorching Ray See Invisibility Track Ship Web*
Lvl 3: Dispel Magic Haste Invisibility Sphere Lightning Bolt* Major Image Shrink Item Stinking Cloud Vampiric Touch
Lvl 4: Confusion Detonate* Dimension Door Scrying


Baako "Barrasa"



Saga Ulfsdottir

Saga Ulfsdottir is an Ulfen (Suel) sailor from the Lands of the Frost Barbarians. She takes affront at being called a barbarian, for her people are skilled shipbuilders, sailors, and traders. Like all Ulfen women, Saga is proud and headstrong, and she makes for an impressive figure with her lithe body, scars and eyepatch. Saga is a seasoned sailor, a shrewd trader and sometime smuggler, and claims to have sailed all over the world. She is also handy with a knife.

Saga arrived in Port Peril on the White Raven, a knarr out of Krakenheim. After a night of hard drinking in the Formidably Maid, she woke up on board the Wormwood.

Traits: Besmara's Blessing, Child of Empires, One-Eyed Jack.


Zyx is a young man who grew up by the sea in a family of fishermen. Being strong and healthy he was drafted in the army of a local noble and presently dismissed after acquiring some martial skill.

He's a quiet type, more comfortable with hard work than with social gatherings. Although fairly intelligent he lacks most formal schooling and is more happy following orders than giving them, a trait he developed during his soldiering days.

Standing a rather average 5'8", he's broad of shoulder with brown, short-cropped hair and brown eyes he strikes a fairly unremarkable figure. Since he enjoys good food he also has a bit of a paunch, which doesn't bother him in the least since it is keeps him warm during cold swims or sees him through times when food is scarce.