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This is a list of sessions in the Thay campaign.

  1. Arrival: Where it all starts
  2. Mist and Shadows:Things take a turn for the worse
  3. Battle for the Keep: The surrounding reality tries to bring the protagonists down
  4. Reinforcements and Retreat: A way out is found and put to use.
  5. Down and up again: A few months in the Underdark
  6. Scapegoat: Blame must be placed!
  7. Back in business: A new benefactor and a single-minded sense of purpose is all it takes.
  8. Abroad Investigations take our friends into hostile Rashemen
  9. Dealing with a dragon After settling accounts with an enemy ambush, negotiations take place with the servants of Tiamat.
  10. Plots and plans
  11. Reconquest The missing province is brought back to the fold.
  12. Consolidation Getting things back on track and laying new tracks.
  13. Dragonslaying
  14. Annual Meeting
  15. Intruder Alert