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Harry wounded during the Schleswig-Holstien wars.

Swedish count and officer in the Livregementets husarkår .

His father, the Count Maj Gen Gustaf August Blixt, ret. (b.1812), married his mother Henriette Charlotte Lewenhaupt (b. 1824), in 1842. Karl-Henrik was born in 1844 and 6 years later his sister, Charlotta Eleonora.

He lives in his family residence Mauritzberg .

Hussars have a reputation for being the dashing, if unruly, adventurers of the army. The traditional image of the hussar is of a reckless, hard-drinking, hard-swearing, womanizing, mustachioed swashbuckler. And with the exception of swearing Harry Blixt has most of these traits.


  • age 16-20 Officer training at Carlberg for the Livregementets husarkår, sponsored by his influential career officer father.
  • age 20- Adventuring, reckless, hard-drinking, womanizing, mustachioed swashbuckler.
  • age 32 Got a seat in the Swedish parliament. Promoted colonel and not attached to specific regiment anymore.
  • age 34 Married
  • age 35 Became Prime Minister
  • age 35 Resigned and went to Venus
  • age 36 Became Prime Minister again.
  • age 37 Officially retired from politics.
  • age 38 Were part of starting a secret organization to fight the ancients.
  • age 38 Promoted to Major General.
  • age 62 Retired to Maritzberg where he lived the rest of his days by endlessly talking about his achivements, exaggerating wildly his battle performance and painting miniatures.
  • age 93 Died peacefully at his residence.


A story about Harry Blixts actions in the Second war of Schleswig. - Flag of Sweden.svg (In Swedish)
Earned him "Ridder af Dannebrog" - Dannebrog.gif (In Danish)

A story about Harry Blixts actions in the Third war of Schleswig. - Flag of Sweden.svg (not finished, in Swedish)
Earned him "Svärdsordens krigskors av tredje klassen i brons" - Flag of Sweden.svg (In Swedish)

He has high ambitions. He want to achive something, make a name for himself, but there's a problem. He lacks the discipline needed for sure promotions in the military. There are other ways of advancement, for example; combat experience and friends in high places. He makes sure that he is present in crucial places in all conflicts Sweden, or rather Scandinavia, might be involved in. When he socialized in the high society of stockholm he got involved in politics. Instead of just making friends he got involved and realized that this was an opportunity to achieve.

Harry early in his career.


His first political success was the forming of the Swedish stock exchange. Seeing the need of an independent system for getting financiers to back corporations and inventors, he worked hard to set it up. The first three propositions lost the vote in either one chamber or the other of the parliament. His fourth attempt succeeded late 1871.

Thereafter his successes followed suit. He managed to limit the political power of his majesty, the King, Oscar II, in January 1872. This was popularly referred to as "Blixtrar den ene, så Oscar den andre." in Swedish. His work was also fundamental to paving the way for the large school reform of 1872. This included two years of mandatory education.


He has also been working on some inventions that he has been missing. His most valued invention so far is the "blixtlås" or zipper. It started out early in 1870 as "automatiska hakar och hyskor", but was refined to "hak och hysklåset". This wasn't fully satisfying either. In mars 1872 he finally succeeded in making it working reliably. That was the final version which got called "Blixtlåset". During the summer of 1872 he experimented with conserving food for bringing on military campaigns. The result makes sure the food keeps fresh for extended periods, even in hot climates.

Military reforms

In the wake after the Third war of Schleswig, there was a need for reform of the military. One of the ideas was the forming of a supply corps. It was evidently needed as the organization of delivering supplies to Denmark and Pomerania was missing completely. It was introduced in 1874. He continued with adding a medical corps, integrating machine-guns into the military structure, setting up a corps for the use of Grip's airborne inventions and intelligence and communication corps.


Harry leads a squadron of his hussars.