NPC Antagonists (Oscariana)

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Caroline Angsbach-Wittenberg (Mats)

Soc 5
Part of a huge family of German princelings, Caroline confines herself to a wheelchair. She is highly sensitive to light and likes to be blindfolded.

Halima (Texas)

Soc 3
The daughter of a junior military officer stationed in Baghdad and his native wife. Halima is her Arabic name, she is also named Hedi Drüssel. She managed her fathers household in Germany, but when he died her extrovert personality came to the fore and she started to work on stage and to live the high life.

Wilhelm von Ritz (Håkan)

Soc 4
An aristocrat of Prussian heritage, he comes from a long line of recruit-tormenting officers. He is an avid adventurer, hiker, and mountaineer.

Heintz Watts (Urban)

Soc 1
A simple mechanic who became a famous inventor Watts is one of the more promising young scientists in Germany, but handicapped by his humble origins. His lack of a formal education condemns him to the role of a mad scientist (or lone genius, as he prefers to call it). He is resigned to this lot in life and only wishes he could help out more.

Inventions: Walking tripod Universal boiler Crystallized air Welding Detonite

Otto van den Taal (Jens)

Soc 3
A large Dutchman in German service, fanatically dedicated to making the Germanic states into one strong engineering nation. With Dutch naval dreams crushed, he sees the future in trains and giant land vehicles. Machines should be big!

Inventions: Inflatable tire Submarine Flux Furnace Hydrogen lift Forced drought boiler Solar boiler Smokeless powder Accumulator Torpedo