Coralyne Britesky Landfall

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Coralyne Britesky Landfall

Race: Halfling
Gender: Female Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Green
Height: 2'9" (82.5 cm)
Weight: 28lb (14 kg)


The youngest daughter of well-to-do halfling parents belonging to the Landfall family, one of the oldest and most settled halfling clans on Pardalas IV (fitting enough for descendants of the first wave of settlers).

In her teens she started running with a bad crowd of friends, stealing ("test driving") various vehicles and breaking&entering for fun. Her family had enough clout to keep her out of jail, but to keep her there, out of trouble, they made her enroll in the Imperial Marine Corps. To build some character, they said, but secretly she suspects they were just glad to have her out of their hair for a while.

The rough time in basic training has made her realize just how jaded and spoiled she was, and changed her outlook on a lot of things. She likes the opportunities she, so far, has seen opening for her in the Corps, and the sense of adventure and excitement the Corps instills in her; something the dullness of military routine hasn't budged yet.

Member of the church of The Trickster.


Awards outside Missions:


Instructions in Case of Death

"I want my resurrection to be handled by the church of The Trickster, who'll know the proper ways of cheating death. Failing that, I want everything I own sold, paying for a space funeral and a really great farewell party for my friends."

Player: Mats

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