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Continuing the mission from Crossroads, the marine team investigated the ruined basement and found a pair of contained gibbering mouthers and evidence of a new bio-engineered creature, a millexium mouther. Evidence and data files were secured. This new creature proved intelligent and predatory, and released the confined gibbering mouthers. Fortunately, these were dealt with post-haste and without casualties. Further investigation revealed a conflict between the two resident scientists, one of whom had used his compatriot's cerebral system as raw material when creating the millexium mouther. Apparently, this bio-construct had then escaped and attacked its creator.

As the team was extruding, the millexium mouther made contact with Lt L. M. Roxxon and asked to be taken to it's duties as a millexium-gatherer. It was taken into a transportation module for transfer.

Extruding from the city block proved somewhat difficult, as operations of a native gang locally known as the Infidelz engaged in pursuit and mine attacks.

This incident is currently under investigation by the IMC judiciary for breach of several sentient-rights articles of the Dragon Empire charter. Results are pending.

Lt L. M. Roxxon was awarded a commendation for his negotiation with the millexium mouther.

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