First Contact

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Locate missing exploratory party on Xergal 4.


Research station staff:


After an emergency call from a research team on Xergal 4, the fourth planet of the Xergal system. A team of researchers had failed to report or return from an extended overland mission. A dispatch team of one squad was sent out under Cmd Adrian Lucas.

The local research base had only two personel, so some of the marine personel was left there to secure the base. The remainder flew out in the drowpship to the last known location of the expedition. A camp was found, from which an expedition had apparently been sent out recently. At the camp, contact was made with one of the expeditin members, Alana Starflower, who was in shock and could not contribute a meaninful report. She was flown back to the base with the returning dropship, as the squad prepared to follow the tracks of the expedition on foot.

During camp that night, the away team was attacked by a gargantuan monstrous spider, and pfc Irksone was seriously hurt. The dropship was called in for extraction. The team condinued marching the next day.

After a few hours on the march, the terrain opened up, and cpl Lilow Arrowfoot ascended the local fauna for reconissance, spotting an area of biological containation later classified as The Creep. Disciplne was compromised at this point, as several squad members ascended, and the remaining team could not prevent the infiltration of the team. Pfc Anderson was killed by an enemy entity, which got away after sustaining severe burns.

Falling back, the team took up a defensive position and waited for extraction. During the wait, there was an attack by numerous bioforms of the small and medum classifications that made repeated charges against the marine line, which only held by dint of great heroism. These attacks were reopulsed and extraction could proceed safely.

The conduct of the squad was undisciplined, and there were some breaches of protocol versus the civilians and examples of un-soldierly conduct. Though unorganized, the group showed great initiative and actual heroism during the fighting.

/Cmd Adrian Lucas, IMC

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