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Xergal is an interdicted system on the upper part of the House Golion outlands, on the border of the Dark Zone. The main planet, Xergal IV, is a verdant world. It's main claim to fame is that it is an abundantly fertile planet with plently of wildlife, but absolutely lacking in native intelligent life.

The planet has a vide varitey of terrain and lifeforms and is primarily known for its megafauna. Why there is no sentient life remains a matter of some debate among the scholars of the Imperial Exploratory Society. Perhaps the Gods created the planet before they created sentient life, or perhaps they simply forgot it.

The planet is a biologist's dream, with an abundance of wondrous flora and fauna. Various forms of dire animals dominate the fauna, but giant forms of reptile and insectoid life are also common.

Imperial presence has traditionally been limited to a single research station, crewed by by less than a dozen Imperial scientists. Research staff is primarily xenobiologists (scientifically-minded druids), meterologists and geologists. The planet is off-limits to turists and hunters.

Large deposits of Power Components on the surface have not been harvested. First, because the world is interdicted, and second as they are widely dispersed, and environmental damage would be immense.

Dragons of House Golion occasionally use the planet as a hunting reserve.

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