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The Dark Star campaign uses a character tree concept. Each player is supposed to create at least three characters, and play these as the situation dictates. It is OK to have one main character that you play most of the time, but it must be accepted that not all characters will fit all missions.

All characters in the campaign get the same XP awards. The difference between characters that are played and those that are not lie only in the session awards - commendations, combat bonuses, medals and so on - mainly material bonuses. Experience may be awarded along with commendations and medals.

To make a pool of player characters suitable for all kinds of situations, the following guidelines should be adhered to. The campaign is intended to show a war from the footslodier's perspective - so the best bet if you want to be able to play in every scenario is to play a grunt.

In a typical mission, NPC staff officers will decide upon a commanding officer and (usually) an ISPD operative, and those are responsible for putting together the mission team, selected from the character rooster of available plauers. Roles not filled by player characters will be filled by Marine Privates

Minimum one Combat Services character

One of the characters must be a from the Combat Servies MOS - a Rifleman, Gunner, Com Tech, Dem Tech, Driver Tech, Med Tech, or Recon Op.

Minimum one stealth operative character

One or more of the characters must be reasonably proficient at stealth operations. This can be combined with any other role.

Support Services characters

Characters with Support Services MOS. A spellcaster specializing in creating magical items or a mechanist who is around mainly to improve the other characters' gear is acceptable, as long as you are willing to play such a character on occasion if the mission demands it.

Maximum of one Officer character

One character may be an Officer - a Marine Lieutenant, Marine Commander or ISPD Liaison. All normal requirements must be met.

Maximum of one Civilian character

One character may be a non-Marine - an archeologist, a bar owner, a civilian employee, an Imperial Police officer, a journalist, a liaison from the Aristo Corps, a prostitute, a scientist, or whatever. Even liaison personel from other legions or branches of the imperial military can fit. Such characters are not members of the corps, and thus not eligible for the benefits due Marine Characters.

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