Driver Tech (Dragonstar)

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Operates, and performs operator maintenance on wheeled and tracked vehicles, crew-served weapons, and communications equipment. Loads, clears, and fires individual and crew-served weapons. Assists in the recovery of wheeled and tracked vehicles. Secures, prepares, and stows ammunition on vehicles. Performs mounted and dismounted navigation. Performs dismounted patrols. Employs principles of cover, concealment and camouflage.

Skills: Navigation (2 ranks), Pilot (5 ranks), Repair (5 ranks)

Proficiencies: Simple & Martial Weapon Proficiency, Light and Medium armor proficiency

Classes: Mechanist, Pilot, Imperial Fighter, Imperial Ranger, Imperial Paladin

Equipment: Marine Kit

Expert Grade: Navigation (5 ranks), Pilot (10 ranks), Repair (10 ranks),