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The Assamite are vampire assassins, working for their ancestor, the Old Man in the mountain. They take their payment in blood.

"Clan" Assamite

Assamites consider themselves a clan, but other vampires refer to them as a bloodline of clan Mekhet. While the clan and the clan elders were ancient even before the birth of Muhammed, most Assamites since have been muslims.

Unlike all other vampires, Assamites do not grow paler with age. Instead they grow ever darker, and eventually approach a total blackness deeper than any night.

Bloodline Feats

Bloodline Weaknesses

All Assamites are Blood Cursed. They cannot commit diablerie, due to an ancient blood curse that the Tremere laid upon them after the Anarch Wars. In the modern era, most vampires believe that to be their clan weakness. They are wrong.

The actual clan weakness of the Assamites, is that the bloodline as a whole is very susceptible to these blood curses. Before Tremere made diablerie impossible for them, most of them were under another curse from the Baali that made them thirst for diablerie.

Even beyond that, the aura of an Assamite will always show the tell-tale traces of Diablerie, even if he has himself never done the deed. The sins of the elders…

Bloodline Qualities

Basic Qualities

Intermediate Qualities

Advanced Qualities

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