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The vampires of clan Mekhet are quick, discreet and wise. Legends of vampires hiding in shadows, preying secretly on victims, and even learning secrets no one else but the keeper is supposed to know probably refer to Mekhet activities.

Clan Mekhet

Some of the oldest Kindred known to the vampiric world are members of Clan Mekhet, though most spend their time harrowed by the cold sleep known as torpor. While most are predisposed toward solitude, some have traveled with mortal armies and are even suspected of forming undead mercenary factions of their own. As with most other clans, nothing verifiable is known about the progenitor of the Mekhet line. Many stories depict reclusive Mekhet cult-leaders or masters of schools of stealthy soldiers, so the clan might have origins that abut the Pharaohs or philosopher-kings of the Classical or Ancient worlds.

The name Mekhet itself gives some clues as to the clan’s origin, as it is an Egyptian word for “amulet.” Some of the most venerable elders certainly bear features that might be described as Egyptian, while a few have classical Hellenic complexions, which isn’t surprising, considering Greece’s proximity to Egypt. The commerce between the Egyptians and Greeks, and later the Romans, corresponds with the legendary travels of members of this clan, as well as their formative role in the nascent Camarilla. Since that time, the Mekhet have traveled wherever shadows have fallen, wherever secrets lay hidden, and wherever Kindred call upon others to give them counsel.

Clan Feats

Clan Weaknesses

The typical Mekhet has the following weaknesses: Aversion (mirrors), No Image (required), Offensive to Animals, Sleep of the Dead, Vulnerability (fire, silver), Vulnerability (sunlight) (required), and either No Shadow or Living Shadows.

Clan Qualities

Ability Scores: You get -2 Charisma and +2 Intelligence. Mekhet are crafty and inquisitive, but they're not very vivid.

Conditional Bonus: A Mekhet gains Skill Focus (Perception) if he has Perception as a trained skill.

Basic Qualities

A Mekhet can choose from these additional basic qualities:

Haste I: You may take an extra standard action once per encounter. You also get a +1 haste bonus to Reflex defense.

Intermediate Qualities

Mekhet cannot get Gaseous Form. A Mekhet can choose from these additional intermediate qualities:

Shadow Form: As a move action, you (and all your gear) become a dark shadow on the ground. You are completely immune to physical damage in this form, but you gain Severe Vulnerability (sunlight) if you didn't have it already. Your armor (including natural armor) ceases to modify your Defense, though other modifiers (such as from Dexterity and size) still apply. You cannot attack or use supernatural abilities while in shadow form. You can remain a shadow indefinitely. You can go everywhere there is shadow, and you can pass through small holes or narrow openings, even mere cracks. You can even use Shadow Walk.

If you are brought down to 0 hit points without being destroyed outright, you automatically turn into shadow and move back to your designated sleep area (or the last place you slept, if you haven't specified any). Such reflexive use of shadow form doesn't last more than an hour, however. Better not be too far away from home, or you might end up in a seriously bad place.

Advanced Qualities

A Mekhet can choose from these additional advanced qualities:

Haste II: You may take an extra standard action once per encounter. You also get a +2 haste bonus to Reflex defense.

Shadow Walk: As a swift action, you can enter a medium-size or larger shadow and exit any other shadow you can see. If the exit shadow covers more than one square, you pick which one to exit from. You can do this as part of your normal move, and the distance travelled in shadow does not count toward your move. You cannot enter your own shadow.

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