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The Tremere are renowned mages among vampires. They specialize in blood magic.

Not just anyone is allowed to become a member of the Tremere. The clan elders are very particular in whom they approve of, and spawning without permission always carries severe penalties.

In the Dark Ages the clan were sometimes forced to embrace people without mystical talents. Ever since, recruits have been held to the highest standards. They are occultists, fallen mages or sorcerers, or they have one or more mystic feats. Since children often have these feats, only to loose them at puberty, a fair number of Tremere have been embraced young.

The core of the clan Tremere was created when the Mage Tremere and six confidantes drank a magick potion derived from vampire blood in the early part of the 11th century. Finding that they lost their capacity for True Magic, they set out on an ambitious path towards greatness among the undead.

They became an actual clan 150 years later when Tremere himself diablerized Saulot, the Salubri antediluvian, and hunted down the remaining Salubri.

From all this follows that the entire clan was of very low generation during the dark ages and medieval period. Even the newest recruits had the blood of the elders and ancients in their cold hearts. The rapid expansion of the clan during and after the formation of the second Camarilla ensured that by the victorian age the blood of new childer were of the approximate power of any other clan's childer.

Ability: +2 Intelligence. They value cold calculations.

Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate. Tremere have one less clan discipline than most other clans, but all are blood mages.

Flaw: The Tremere lack a true weakness, as the term is usually understood among vampires. However, after their embrace they are subject to rituals involving drinking the blood of seven clan elders. This gives them a -2 penalty to resist commands from their elders. Note that in this case "elder" simply means Tremere that have been vampires longer than they.

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