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Diablerie is the deliberate draining of both body and soul of another vampire (or kuei). The victim must be helpless.

Diablerie requires three full-round actions. Each round, the diablerist and the victim makes a level check, where the victim only counts his levels in blood potency (or dharma). If the diablerist manages to win the check even once, the diablerie is successful and the victims soul is destroyed.

Benefits: When committing diablerie, you get bonuses depending on your relative levels of blood potency or dharma.

Your Level Bonus
Higher +1 diablerie bonus in victim's highest ranked skill
Same +2 diablerie bonus in victim's two highest ranked skills
+1 diablerie bonus in victim's highest mental ability
Lower +2 diablerie bonus in victim's three highest ranked skills
+2 diablerie bonus in victim's highest mental ability

Diablerie is also a way of gaining access to new disciplines. If the victim has a discipline that you lack, you may get it the next time you gain a level of blood potency. You must increase your blood potency at the earliest opportunity, or this benefit is lost.

Taint: The diablerist immediately gains 1d6 depravity.

Sanity: If using the Sanity rules, diablerie requires a Sanity check. A failed check causes the loss of 1d20 Sanity. It is a profoundly mind-altering process. It is also addictive.

Psychic Trace: Diablerie leaves traces in your aura that lasts for one year per blood potency of the victim. If you diablerize another before this period has run out, the new diablerie adds to the remaining time.

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