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Lady Red

Who are you?

So, you want to know more about me?

Well, there's not that much to tell. As you can see, I have slightly curly auburn hair and marbled green eyes. I'm quite tall, 5'11". That's taller than most women, and I might not be as curvy as most others... but my style of dressing show me very favorably. Some people get the idea that the dresses I usually wear isn't very practical. They couldn't be more wrong! It's harder for cut-purses to reach. People keep their distance. You can hide a lot of equipment in the skirts and they're fantastically beautiful. It's also high fashion, only it's not known in these outskirts of civilization.

I'm 21 years old and I was born here in Sasserine, in the nobles district. I've been studying magic at the academy right here. There's nothing as good as learning. All I really want is knowledge, preferably of magic. Perhaps a really good wine with aged cheese... no, not even that is better than knowledge. Sadly the old teachers at the academy were stuck in a rut. They have no concept of renewal, of thinking of new ways. But I didn't tell them that I'm smarter than they are to their face, so I did well. What's it to you anyway?

Recently I've teamed up with a class mate from the academy, Aiken. He's also from the nobles district, and a good fellow. Perhaps a little too fond of wine, women and song. He has an adopted sister (long story), called Jennikki, who's kind of weird. Her mind's totally set to the ways of the nature and she's always doing things without ever thinking before hand. She apparently saved a hurt aerie, because she's (the aerie that is, who's called Cinnamon, by the way) always around her. Cinnamon is somehow almost less strange than Jennikki, but that might be because she's an arcane spell caster and has an interest in things technical. A very good choice.

Then there's the last member in our small clique who's called Peter Blood. He's not at all educated in the ways of behaving and it's not entirely due to his rural background. Apparently he used to work for Aiken's family, or something like that. He has a more ruthless look on things and don't value life as high as most of us do. He's old fashioned in his use of bow and arrow, but might not be a hopeless case as he has at least tried out a new rifled musket Cinnamon made for him. An interesting character, that little aerie.

I've been testing a new pistol for the mage Lertold and has so far had mixed results. It's been prone to failure, even when the gun powder is dry. I fear that there might be some problems keeping the gun powder dry at sea, but that's just something that will have to be tested by others.

Lately I've turned my attention to magic. I've been reseraching new spells that other users of the arcane will use and my name will live on through. The first is Red's Riddle Resolver. It's great to have in case you get stuck with a strange text you have to decipher or a riddle to solve in a hurry. In that research I have been aided by Witchwardens, Sasserine's main magical guild. As a "white dagger" of that affiliation I have access to some resources like their library and laboratory that's been of great aid. I have recently also finished another spell; Red's Reproduction. It's a great way to quickly make a good drawing of a painting or illustration. It can make a drawing of larger works like wall paintings, but loose some details. Other than that I collect maps. So far my collection is quite limited, but there are some gems I've gotten my hand on and some I've been allowed to copy. Some I had to make two copies, one for me and one for the owner. There's a sad tradition amongst seafarers to only write down rutters, but sometimes that will have to do.

Haven't you heard enough? Well, well... What else? I have a strong calling to travel, to see new things, broadening my horizons, learn of new things. Around here the only way to travel with any kind of class is by boat, or rather ship. We have lately been helping a Lady Lavinia Vanderboren. To my delight she is preparing for a voyage to the old fabled Isle of Dread. I've come across it's name in my earlier studies and all I've learned about it makes me more curious.


She is secretive about her background and never talks about her family. It's obvious she's from a noble background, not only because she calls herself "lady", but her habits, manners and tastes betray her.

She was born to the Meravanchi-family, a quite rich and influential family in the noble's district in Sasserine. As long as anybody could remember the firstborn had always been a boy, who would grow up as the new head of the family. When the firstborn was a girl the family decided to keep her a secret from society. Her little brother, Avner, was born less than a year later and was the official firstborn of the family. Fiorella, as she's named, was kept "hidden" in a family estate in the country side during her early years.

When she grew up she was extremely inquisitive. Her nanny soon grew tired of her nagging. Why is the sky blue? Why is it red when the sun sets? On and on. The solution was a tutor who gave her lessons at the country estate. An uncle, who was a wizard and the black sheep of the family on her mothers side, was given a refuge from supercilious relatives got the position. He had an endless patience with the inquisitive little girl, even though she disturbed him during his own studies. He answered her questions out of his perspective. She soon had an understanding of the world that was completely based on an arcane viewpoint and soon she studied the ways of a wizard. When she was old enough she was sent off to the academy, but as the family still wanted to keep their secret she entered under the pseudonym of "Lady Red".

Having grown up as a quite lonely child she hasn't really mastered the social skills fully.


Story of when she called her familiar.

The personal Log of the voyage to the Isle of Dread.


Lady Red is a human wizard. Her sixth and following levels is of the Incantatrix prestige class.

She has a peregrine falcon as familiar. It's real name is kept a secret in the same way as Lady Reds own, but Red calls it Rara Avis.

She is a member of the Witchwardens and Dawn Council affiliation.


  • Scribe Scrolls
  • Collegiate Wizard
  • Academy Graduate
  • Dodge
  • Craft Wondrous Item
  • Iron Will
  • Energy Substitution(Cold)
  • Extend Spell
  • Static Spell
  • Non-lethal Substitution
  • Focused Study
  • Extra Spell Slot
  • Cooperative Metamagic
  • Maximize Spell
  • Metamagic Effect
  • Twin Spell
  • Heighten Spell


Hoop Skirt
Actually she has several, both skirts and pocket hoops, but the point is she's dressed in one most of the time.

Handy Haversack
She has one of those very practical magical bags. It's usually fitted in her right pocket hoop under her skirt. By putting a slit among the folds on top of the skirt she still have easy access to the handy haversack.

Corset of Constitution (+2)
Made out of the finest Zindian silk, sewn with the latest fashion of Greyhawk as a model. It will probably be improved over time, to +3 or +4, and so on.

Ear drops of Intellect (+2) and Remembrance
These are two large golden ear drops decorated with a ruby each, that she has enchanted herself. They will probably be improved over time, to +3 or +4, and so on.

Garters of levitation and Dexterity (+2)
The magical Item she's most proud of is her Garters of Levitation, but few have ever seen them. They are crimson with white feathers embroidered. They also boost dexterity and will probably be improved over time, to +3 or +4, and so on.

Ring of Counterspells
A ring worn on her left pinky, usually prepared with a fireball spell.

Ring of Protection (+2)
A golden ring worn on her right pinky.

An ordinary looking stone.

Ioun Stone, Dull Gray
With continual flame, a hands-free perpetual light source.

Ioun Stone, Dusty rose
A dusty rose prism that provides +1 insight bonus to AC.

Perl of Power
A normal looking pearl that recharges a 3rd level spell once per day.

Blessed Book
1000 pages free to inscribe.

Ideas for the future

General build ideas.

Interesting feats to get.

Plans for spells, both to learn and to research.

To get/make Magic Items

Keep this at all?