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This is an excerpt from the logbook of the long journey from Sasserine to Farshore on the Isle of Dread, as it was written by Lady Red.

To End

Leaving Sasserine

Day 1

Early morning

After all our preparations and having spent the last weeks studying spells, scribing scrolls and making magic items, it is with a feeling of relief we're finally setting sail.

It is a beautiful morning and a soft wind slowly bring our two ships out to sea, almost majestically. The stress to get everything done in time and to take care of all things to be left in Sasserine is slowly replaced by anticipation of the long journey ahead. The fabled Isle of Dread our destination, full of dangers, treasure and unknown knowledge waiting to be explored here we come.


It took several hours of uneventful sailing before I began missing the library of the Witchwardens. Thankfully I have my alchemical laboratory. A few hours of moving stuff around, without really accomplishing anything, made me feel better. I put up a simple map of our voyage on the wall by my bed and marked our progress so far. It's not much more than a dot as of yet. I also made sure the nest for Rara Avis is set safely next to the window. Night time my dear peregrine falcon sleeps indoors with me.

The course is still north, and we're making good way. It's still a funny feeling to be travelling north when our destination is so far to the south.


When the first day at sea was nearing it's end, the shocker lizard of Liamae, the Jade Ravens sorceress, brought a message from Lavinia Vanderboren in which she invites us to dinner this evening.

After midnight

We took in most of the sails and lay alongside the Blue Nixie. Some ropes were tied between the ships and a seat was attached to them using a pulley. This was used to ferry the guests to the dinner and let the crews visit each others ships. I, of course, flew to the other ship. Jennikki was planning to swing over but somehow she managed to dive head first into the sea. I was mostly surprised she didn't just swim across in the first place. She's almost aquatic anyway.

The guests included, apart from our little clique, Avner Meravanchi, Skald, Urol Forol and Father Feres from the Sea Wyvern, and Lavinia, Captain Sarim Pepper, and the Jade Ravens from the Blue Nixie. Lirith was disappointed that she wasn't invited. I sensed that she has a better upbringing than she admits. It seems she's trying to hide her family background. I should know. Amella Venkalie stayed on the Sea Wyvern to keep an eye on things when we were off.

During dinner I sat between Avner and Father Feres. It's awful that my brother don't know of us being relatives. That womaniser couldn't keep his hands to himself. In the end I had to leave the table to get away from him. The father wasn't the most interesting conversationalist either. But everyone wasn't as unfortunate. Aiken flirted with Lavinia (or was it the other way around), Jennikki went for a swim with Kaskus Kiel, the druid of the Jade Ravens, and Blood seemed to get along all to well with Liamae. After dinner a few of the crew gathered with some instruments and there was dancing. Captain Pepper asked me to dance, and I accepted immediately, to some extent to avoid Avner. Afterwards we conversed and I found him quite interesting. The old Captain has a lot of stories to tell.

When the evening was coming to an end and we were returning to our ship Aiken, the show off, were to walk on one of the ropes between the ships. When he was midway the rope snapped and he fell, not that far though, since he grabbed on to the other rope and avoided a late night swim. At the same time something fell from the crow's nest on the Sea Wyvern. I flew over and it turned out to be a steam mephit. A quick web held it in place. It had the very bad taste of using an acid spray on me! I gave it a couple of magic missiles and then it cast stinking cloud. Since I couldn't see it, I couldn't harm it anyway so I flew out of the cloud and started dispelling it. When the stinking cloud was gone the steam mephit had died from bullets and bolts, Avner boldly bragged about how he had slayed it, although everyone knew it was one of Amellas crossbow bolts he held as proof of his deeds.

When we discovered that the rope had been cut through an investigation was started. Someone was behind these sabotages and we were set to find out who. My good bird of prey, Rara Avis, had seen a glass jar with a creature cramped inside in the crow's nest, but had no idea of when it appeared or how. My main theory is that someone with a way of using invisibility did it. Going through the ship with detect magic didn't give any results, but it's not that hard to hide magic items from detections. Lirith and Skald were among the suspects. We will have to keep an eye open for anything suspicious, but we kept the investigation to only the officers. It could damage morale among the superstitious sailors. Their world is full of bad omen.

Day 10


Today we sighted a merchant ship. They told us about a ship full of goblin pirates that had demanded toll but let them pass when it was paid.

Day 13


We will soon arrive at Fort Blackwell. I'm definitely looking forward to some fresh supplies to improve on the cuisine.


As we entered Fort Blackwell, I really looked forward to visit a new town. It turned out that it wasn't really a town but rather a village surviving on the passing trade. Father Feres asked if anybody would encompany him to the Heironeous monastery. I and some others, but not Blood, did. It was a rather small missionary station, much smaller than I expected. The others stayed ashore, drinking and whatever it is sailors do during a short shore leave, probably for the rest of the night. I returned to the Sea Wyvern and my bed.

Day 14


We set sail early in the morning. As we now turn south we are finally travelling in the correct direction.

Followed by pirates

Day 17


Rara Avis spotted a ship on the port bow, just beyond the horizon that is on a course that will intercept us. We suspect it to be the goblin pirates that we were told of earlier. I'm both excited at the prospect of meeting pirates, to see the menace of the seas in person, but also a little frightened.


The ship has kept it's distance but is now trailing us. It seems their ship can use the weak wind better than ours, but hasn't used this advantage yet.

Day 18


The goblins are still following us, but keep their distance.


They stayed behind us the whole day.

Day 19


Skald noticed that during the night the goblin pirates, who's ship has blackened sails, had crept up quite close to us, but still didn't attack. They are now back at the same position as yesterday.


I suggested to the captain that we try to fool the pirates that we loose speed and get behind the Blue Nixie as they probably won't attack as we have two ships against their one. To make sure we still had a way of communicating, Aiken sent his parrot familiar to live with Lavinia on the Blue Nixie. The pirates didn't react to our ships getting further apart during the day.

Day 20

Late morning

The pirates apparently got closer during the night but still made no move to attack. Perhaps just to make sure that they wouldn't loose us during the night. Father Feres has taken ill. It seems he has a fever and has been put to bed.


Father Feres is getting worse. Since Jennikkí is visiting the Blue Nixie, Blood has been trying to take care of him, so far with limited success.


It turns out that Father Feres doesn't have the fever but is infected with a embryo of a magical beast called blue slaad. I've read about those. They impregnate their victim and then their offspring grow within the host until they are bigger than the host body and burst out causing the death of the host in a messy way. Cinnamon flew off to get hold of Jennikki and make sure she prepares remove disease for tomorrow. There's not much else we could do.

Almost midnight

The pirates closed in on us again during the early hours of the night. The captain tried to use one of the very good tricks I suggested, but failed to carry it through. This time I think they saw through us and now they know we are trying to provoke them to attack and will keep their distance.

Day 21


Finally the pirates have left us alone. Jennikki used her remove disease spell with great effect. It seems we got rid of two problems at once.

Late night tentacles

Day 22


We have reached the mouth of a greater river. We went upstream to get fresh water, when the wind failed us. I levitated up to a high altitude to get a really good look at the river from above. I held on to a rope to make sure I wouldn't be blown away by a sudden wind. I found out a few inaccuracies of my otherwise very exact maps. I was joined by Rara Avis. It was a quite entertaining way to spend time with my familiar this way. Kind of in her element so to speak. A very thick fog slowly engulfed the ships below us. Soon it was impossible to see anything but tree tops and mast tops sticking out of and my rope disappearing into the soft, moist, white fog completely hiding the decks below. After contemplating the interesting scene I descended back down to the ship and adjusted the maps.

Late evening

We anchored for the night on the spot and I had just gone to bed, but not fallen asleep yet when I felt a slight bump to the hull. I ignored it, but could not quite fall asleep. There was a nagging feeling that something was awry. When I heard sounds of fighting I hurriedly got dressed and went up on deck, well at least almost. A floatsome ooze was blocking the only exit to deck. When it was killed it had killed Skald, but I saved Soller Vark from the same fate. It cost us a potion, but that is a small price for a life. We retrieved Skalds body to make sure it would get a proper burial. We also salvaged some other things stuck in the ooze.

Day 23


I have identified the items we got from the wreckage that the ooze brought with it. It turned out to be a pair of gauntlets of ogre power and a ring of mind shielding. At least the gauntlets might be useful. Skald also left a very strong magical bow. Father Feres suggested that he would take care of delivering it to his family. Until that time we decided to put it in the ships locker. It might still get used by the captain to defend the ship and that's when the gauntlets will come in handy.


We got wind in our sails and went out to sea. Someone thought it would be funny to pretend to be the ghost of Skald. I'm growing tired of those tricks to lower the morale of the crew. We will make sure we get to the bottom of this. Is that a good phrase when on a ship? Father Feres held a sermon as we carried out a burial at sea. It was very inspiring and seemed to lighten the hearts of the crew.


During supper our unknown saboteur tried to poison Cinnamon. I hadn't filled my mind fully with spells during the morning so I added detect poison to my repertoire for the day. It turned out to be arsenic in her fruits. I will use that same spell on every little space on this ship to find where the saboteur has hidden his poison so we can find out who it is.


I have worked very hard to try to find out if there is any poison, or more specifically arsenic aboard this ship. Several hours spent detecting. There were some bad looks from some of the crew when I left the forecastle cargo hold after hours of searching and spelling for their good. To make sure that they knew I did what was for their own best I decided to talk to them, but they didn't seem to get comforted. Well, they should learn to mind their own business, anyway.

Very late evening

When I at last got in bed for my well deserved sleep after a particularly hard day of tedious spell casting, Cinnamon suddenly appeared with a wand and asked to get it identified. She had been following Father Feres all day and found out some suspicious facts. He didn't pray much. His prayer book was worn on the binder, but the pages were practically unused. After yet another hour of spelling I identified the wand as a wand of healing. I will finally go to bed now.

Day 24


A few of the crew have just finished making the new manhole to get the second exit, we did find to be needed during the fight with the ooze. We have tried to find ways to find that saboteur... It's really annoying to be unable to find out who or what it is.

Day 28


Jennikki has finished talking to fish and is now down below talking to the ships cats. I don't know if I should be envious that she can talk to the cats or if she's just gone nuts.

Day 29


Today Jennikki and Cinnamon spent the afternoon swimming after getting really messed up from searching the dirtiest place they could find on the entire ship, the bilge.

Saboteur revealed

Day 30


Finally it's come to searching the whole cargo hold. It's going to take the entire day. It'll be me with Aiken for heavy lifting, Cinnamon with Jennikki for the lifting and Amella with the cargo manifest.


This is taking a very long time. Luckily enough Aiken move the heavy crates for me. I just levitate and point.


About the same time as we found a crate that should have been very heavy but actually could be moved, I noticed that the sun that sipped through the trapdoors had shifted and the ship was taking the waves in a different way than it should had we stayed on the right course. It turned out that it was Rowyn Kellani who, disguised as Peter Blood, had ordered the new course straight for land. She kept the crew from realizing what was happening by using a bardic trick to keep them listening to her. We foiled her plans and after a quite hard fight we succeeded in subduing her. She's in an awful state. Her hair is a mess, her skin looks kind of sick and she's hurt from the fight, not to mention her mental state. She's all "you'd better kill me". She really needs to change her ways and straighten up. Somebody should make sure she gets a new look on life. And I mean someone other than Avner. Not that it wouldn't be a good project for him, but I'm not entirely sure of his intentions. I brought Rowyns books with me as I thought I would have a lot of time on my hands, but I haven't been bored enough to make me reread those works of questionable literary quality. Now I can at least return them to their former, if not rightful, owner. The crate mentioned is where she had been hiding for the month we have been at sea. Instead of containing a religious statue for a temple in Farshore it had been furnished to live in and lined with lead to avoid detection.

Day 31


It's been decided that I should make some alchemical lead that Cinnamon then will add to some of the shackles on board. Those will then be used to keep Rowyn from getting her spells back.


I've finished making the alchemist lead. It's good to be done with it, but now I have to decide how to handle this whole Rowyn affair. I feel responsible for getting her into this trouble she is in. It would be easier just to keep away, but Jennikki and my conscience keeps nagging. I might visit her anyway. Her books wasn't worth discussing, but she might have some interesting stories to tell. Maybe she even knows some spells I don't. She might even teach me, but that would make it look like I'm only after her spells. Maybe I should keep away, anyway...

Day 32


I have made up my mind. She's in trouble and I have to help her. She might be evil, but who knows what lies ahead. She might get through this with a new look on life.

Ruins of Tamoachan

Day 36


As Lavinia had promised Forol to explore the ruins of Tamoachan, an old olman city, we prepared to assist him in his adventuring. All of our clique "The Roses", will join him, or rather let him accompany us but stay behind until we will say it is safe for him to follow. We will not loose the only one on this expedition who has ever been at our destination.


We followed Forols map and it turned out to be essentially correct. We did meet a basilisk as Urol Forol had been talking about. We were well prepared and it fell quickly. We entered the complex and found three more beings, a mumbling monster, a fire breathing giant bat and a willow wisp which we slew. Now I must record our findings. I will write more of this expedition when we're back on the ship.


There were three different parts of the complex. The first we explored had a statue and a well. That statue was of the olman god Xochiquetzal. We found some treasure in the well that had survived the flaming sphere that I sent down there to kill the abyssal creature hiding there and that sphere burnt exceptionally hot.

In the second part there was a firewall trap in a very interesting map room. The map was actually a model of a city that this structure once were part of. Sadly enough it had seen better days, as had the city, nowadays hardly more than ruins, but it was interesting to study anyway.

The last part also had a map room far better preserved, but of an unknown city. I and Forol recorded it as well as possible. There was a sarcophagus in the middle that Cinnamon disarmed some trap on before it was opened. I also found an almanac in the form of a large circular stone table. There were also several interesting wall painting. Forol and I copied all of this between us. There's a lot of material to study, notes to compare and mysteries to solve.

Now I have something to do during this long journey, as if I hadn't before; talking to Rowyn and making sure she's doing well, researching my new spell, checking the navigational charts and correcting them if need be (It also makes sure Forol won't get us too far off course.), refining magical items in the laboratory. I just hope I get it all done before we get to Farshore. I will start on Aiken's gloves soon enough.

Day 39


Aiken's gloves are finished. They turned out well enough. I'm getting used to crafting magical items. I will have to improve my own ear drops of intellect.

Lavinia called for a meeting to discuss the tactics for tomorrow. The rounding of the peninsula marking the borders to the seas claimed by the scarlet brotherhood, known pirates, was the event that caused her worries. She suggested we split the ships up and try to sneak by one at a time. The Blue Nixie would go first. I thought that there would be safety in numbers but didn't want to make a fuss about it.

Day 40


Early in the morning, as we were nearing the outer peninsula, the wind died down. Jennikki luckily had a wind spell prepared. She stood at the very stern, filling the sails with a formidable storm originating from her own body. Cinnamon flew around in it, heedless of any dangers of injury. Myself I stayed sheltered from the wind just forward of the quarterdeck. With this wind we made good way no matter of doldrums.

My trusty falcon was once again the first to notice another ship on the horizon. It was further out to sea and had probably been patrolling the islands to the east. It turned out to be a galley trying to reach us before we could round the peninsula and turn south and south-west again. With their oars they hoped to catch sailing ships helpless in the calm seas. But they had no such luck with us.

I quickly calculated that we would never be close, but we would have rounded the peninsula and be far away, well before the pirates would get there. Content I looked at Jennikki when I noticed a sailor walking up to her with a drink of water. My shout of warning was completely lost in the wind. It took quite a while of fencing, bashing and spelling before the sailor, who actually was Rowyn in disguise, was dealt with. She was once again knocked unconscious and locked back into Avners cabin, where she had been put when the pirates was first spotted.

We didn't lose any significant speed from the fight.


It's a good thing that Blood has joined Lavinia on the Blue Nixie, otherwise there would have been no way of stopping him from hanging Rowyn. He has already painted himself into a corner by telling the crew that if she tried anything she would be executed, not that he wouldn't like to do it anyway. I on the other hand can't let her be killed as it's mostly our fault she's in this mess. We should help her get out of it.

As most of Rowyns anger is directed at Jennikki she suggested that she'd fight a duel with Rowyn to satisfy her. Rowyn overheard this suggestion and said she'd gladly agree as long as it was to the death. Jennikki didn't seem to grasp how bad an idea that would be. Either she would be defeated and Rowyn wouldn't hesitate to kill her or if Jennikki won and didn't kill Rowyn, she'd probably be in an even worse mood.

We finally decided to maroon her, but not until she had healed some.

Day 41

Rowyn was in a better shape today. Physically that is. She's still in a terrible mood. We put her crate and some supplies on a beach and marooned her there. It's probably not a good idea as the ones most likely to find her are pirates and with her anger directed toward us, she'll probably persuade them to aim their operations at us. But it's better than any alternatives.

Day 49

We arrived at Fort Greenrock, but it was burnt to ruins. We investigated and came to the conclusion that it had been done by lizard folk.

Dangerous waters

Day 53


It was time to fill our fresh water supplies again. There was a very high waterfall falling of the cliff side into the ocean. As we approached I left the the boat and flew out to take in the magnificent view. It's a wondrous feeling levitating slowly up a waterfall, watching the water fall in front of you. Jennikki started waving and the small boat put in the sea to get the water was brought back on board. I returned to see what was going on. It turned out Jennikki had been talking to some animals living there. There were some kind of monster living where the waterfall hit the sea. I deducted that it was most likely a hydra living there preying on unsuspecting sailors. We set up an ambush and killed the monster. It never hit any of us but it took a long time to kill it, especially since it regenerated the damage caused to it. Finally it was killed by a fire ball and a cannon ball from the ships cannon. At last it had been tested in combat and it worked well.

Day 59

We reached Renkrue today. In the harbour there was a ship looking very exotic. It was from Zindia. We met a woman from that ship called Balame Theron. Curious about their culture we talked to them and found out that they were looking for a statuette of a tiger. Apparently they weren't allowed to travel further into the unholy lands so Balame was set on continuing by herself. We offered to accompany her upstream along the river.

Before we left I ordered some scrolls from the olmans living there to learn new spells off and I also asked Balames people to make a veil for my hat and a corset from their fantastic fabrics.

Day 60


Early morning we set out up the river in a boat provided by Balame. We held a slow pace sailing upstream. It was very hot and the slow steady wind was also hot and gave no relief. After noon we met a strange man who wanted to barter, or rather try to fool us into buying something from him at ridiculous prices. Apparently someone of the others got something useful out of him.


During the afternoon we got attacked by archers on the river bank. They were hard to make out in the woods, but I got them pointed out and Rara Avis helped too. I got some of them in my fire balls and they retreated. There were several arrows on the deck and when I checked them out I noticed that they were poisoned.

Late night

Just before dusk we choose a place to anchor for the night. It was a flooded swamp which had turned into a shallow lake. Jennikki dived in shape changed into some animal and swam around. After a while it turned out she had encountered some kind of monster resembling a lobster that very nearly killed both Jennikki and Cinnamon who was the first to notice Jennikki's predicament and rushed to her help.

Day 61

Continuing on our journey we noted an altar in the jungle. We went ashore to see what it was. It turned out to be an altar with text all over it. I read some and realized that it was covered with exotic spells I've never seen before. The others said that we had to move on but, I refused. I suggested them continuing and picking me up when returning. I studied the spells and knowing of my limited time I choose one and got started. Suddenly I heard Aikens voice behind me, asking if I was finished. I looked at him, not quite understanding what he meant. Then I realized that they had been at the temple and were back and I had been completely immersed in my work and not heard or seen anything in the surrounding jungle. Luckily nothing had found me tempting enough to attack while I worked. I finished and returned to the ship.

Day 62

A ceremony was held where Balame Theron rewarded us for helping her to get the tiger back. We were presented no less than the folding boat we had been traveling up the river in. We were a bit surprised but came up with the idea to in turn give her one of our rings of mind shielding. It turned out well in the end.

I also bought the items I had ordered before we left. I was very pleased with the corset and paid more than we had earlier agreed on. With the exotic fabric and great workmanship it was definitely worth it.

Day 63

We set sails early and were off again. After some discussions the others finally understood the importance of visiting one of the smaller islands to find a good spot for a teleport. I choose Ruja, which is the northernmost of the two small islands about mid-way between Farshore and Sasserine.

Dragon hunt

Day 66


Early in the morning we prepared to set off from the boats. There was a constant fog surrounding these waters resulting from a hot stream meeting a cold stream. We choose to ride summoned hippogriffs, boosted by several spells to incredible speeds, to find the island chosen by me to be the way station for teleporting. With my sure guidance we flew straight to the island and took a short tour over it. We noticed a clearing with a palisade and a few houses by the northern coast. We landed on the beach outside the palisades and hailed the guards. There were a few half built ships on the beach that seemed very crude. We got to talk to a female lieutenant. She let us enter to talk to the prince who was the leader of the small colony. I noted that they were dressed in old fashioned armor and seemed to be from the Great Kingdom.

When we met he plainly told us they had problems with a dragon trying to destroy their colony. He drew us a map of where their patrols had gone into the jungle and told us to kill the dragon. Only then would he listen to whatever we wanted. I answered "Yes, my liege." to which Aiken responded as we left "But he's not your liege." I answered sarcastically "No, but he didn't seem to know that."

We left the prince's adobe and noticed that most of the huts seemed to be built by lizard men. We asked how they got there and was told that a ship apparently had dumped them there after the princes mother had given the order to deport him as far away as possible. We also got the story about what had happened concerning the dragon.

Apparently a huge lizard had charged the walls and almost knocked it down. The soldiers had put lots and lots of arrows into it, but it hadn't been seriously wounded anyway.

There were some debate about what to do. I suggested that we should follow the trail and try to talk to any sentient races we could find in the jungle. I guessed it'd be lizard men. After some more argumentation we did it my way.

We left the camp and followed the trail of the earlier scouting party. After about an hour we came upon a wooden stand where the armor and clothes of at least one soldier of the colonists were attached. There were no trace of the body.

Some time later we came to a place where someone had put a lot of fruit on the ground. When we approached a lot of monkeys scurried up into the trees around us and screamed at us. I suggested that it was an improvised alarm, but the ranger and druid had to investigate it anyway and didn't come up with any other explanation.

When continuing we got aware of something stirring in the jungle and that we approached an ambush. Before walking into it we stopped and tried to talk to whoever was out there. It turned out to be some kind of bear men that wasn't really in the mood for talking. There were some entangle and web that hold them until the druid finally struck them down.

After the combat someone talked to us from the bushes ahead. It turned out to be some sort of zebra-centaur.

We got an explanation to what was going on. It involved the killing of a zebra-centaur, enslavement of lizardmen, revenge on the humans and intriguing for power, by killing the child of a big lizard and hiding the body her child in the colony to get the lizard to smell it's scent and go get it.

I was somewhat annoyed that Jennikki seemed to like human eating, totally savage bear men more than humans, that admittedly wasn't the best of people, but could be reasoned with. She was very bloodthirsty and wanted to kill the prince. At least she, unlike the bear men, could be reasoned with and saw the wisdom in my suggestions. We decided to get the remains of the giant lizards young, and return it to the mother. Then we would talk to the son of the centaur and tell him that our goal was to get the colonists away from their island.

To make a long story short my plan worked. The great thunder lizard or tyrannosaurus got her dead child back and was healed. She grew fond of Cinnamon and followed her wherever she went. To find the centaurs son we had to enter a temple, left from an old civilization reminding me of the olmans. At the request of the centaur mother we didn't take anything from the temple, not that there were anything worth taking except maybe knowledge of the old civilization. It contained no valuables at all, probably due to plundering of the pirates in those waters. There is no reason at all for anyone to ever go there.

The centaur son understood that our plan was the best way to get rid of the colonist without unnecessary bloodshed. They still demanded a price to avenge their fallen leader. It turned out that the prince was destitute. I was about to pay up, not for the princes sake, but to avoid a bloody conflict, when the idea to use loot from the dragon treasure came up. It was just enough to buy peace.

All of the outcasts were put aboard the Blue Nixie due to space restrictions on the Sea Wyvern.


I used the rest of the day to sketch as much of the temple as I could. It's a great way to familiarize with a place, to also try to get to know all of it's history and culture.

Day 67

Late morning

Both the Blue Nixie and the Sea Wyvern entered the bay this morning where the 30 or so colonists were to board the Blue Nixie for transport to another but better colony, namely that of Farshore. Since it will take most of the day to load everyone on-board I will get back to the temple.

Day 70

The ceremony of crossing the equator.

Day 74

Early morning

Late yesterday night the weather started to worsen. The new day brings us a full storm.

Journeys end

Day 75

Early Morning

When I woke up it was finally still. Very still. Looking out the window I noted what looked like seaweed covering the sea. Upon inquiry I was told we were stuck in a sargasso. Once I had prepared my spells I joined the others in planning the days activities.

Journeys end...

I wrote down the name of every ship we found. If there were any spouses at home waiting for word of their beloved the least they deserved was to know that the ship was lost. Ships found: Rage, Sea Lion, Sea something, unknown, Corpulence, Seagull

Vinehorrors. Animated vines which reminded me of assassin vines..

Entered the ship aft.

Strange layout with corridors along the sides.

Fought something just outside the captains cabin.

??? Gospog and tentacles...

We went on down the corridor and reached a room that spanned several levels and almost as wide as the ship. There were "some kind of monsters" all over the walls and vine horrors walking around in the room. I flew up to second and cast a fireball into the room hovering above the slippery floor covered by strange plants. The horrors attacked. One of them struck at me through the wall. After a short melee they were struck down. I cast another fireball clearing the room.

We headed down a level and continued on our search. There were a strange cone of plants going down well below the ships hull, down into the deep of the sea. We looked down it and all was still.


Mother of all.

Day 80


After careful study of my maps and taking readings on the sextant I deduced that I should be able to see land about mid-day today, and sure enough, I did. The captain had a strange idea that I should drink of that horrid rum just for being first to spot land. I went along, even though it tastes awful. I really can't understand why the sailors consider it a privilege to drink it.

Day 81


Rara Avis once again showed his value by spotting a large creature close to the northern part of Isle of Dread. It turned out to be a dragon turtle when studied at range. We made sure that our course would not take us any closer to it when suddenly a storm appeared centred on us. It blew directly toward the high cliff sides of Isle of Dread. We tried to ride parallel to the coast, with moderate success. Jennikki summoned lots and lots of small air elementals to work the rig, but the captain couldn't keep the course I suggested.

Late afternoon

There is almost no visibility at all, but I have calculated our position and I am pretty sure we have drifted dangerously close to the reefs on the north-east coast of Isle of Dread. The storm has changed direction and is still trying to blow us toward the coast.


Not more than an hour after we got a message to the captain about avoiding the reefs did we hit them. It was when one of the bigger waves had lifted the Sea Wyvern unusually high we came down hard on the reef. Even though everything had been strapped down and tightened several items broke loose and the ship made some creaking noises that was heard over the deafening storm. The pumps were manned but it wasn't enough. At the same time Cinnamon, who were in contact with the captain, told me that there was a giant worm in the water, taking bites out of the ship. Aiken was in the water using the cloak of the manta ray we found earlier and tried to attack the worm but not to much effect. A cold fireball or two seemed to get it to reconsider eating the ship and it swam away. Finally the captain managed to get the ship off the reef, but we were taking in more water than could be pumped out. He decided we had to beach the ship. Fortunately there were some sand banks and a sand beach within reach that broke the otherwise steep cliffs of the coast. After a few groundings we hit the sand hard. The Sea Wyvern had almost sunk just in shallow waters. The passenger area had almost filled up with water and the hold was completely under. This ship would not go anywhere until big repairs had been made. We brought enough for the night and pitched camp on the beach. As soon as my tent was tightly secured in the hard wind I went to sleep.

Day 82


Waking up after a hard night, during which the storm gradually had lessened, but lasted most of, I looked out of the tent. There were activity on the beach and sailors were salvaging equipment out of the Sea Wyvern using the small row boats. After choosing spells for the day I joined on the beach and was about to suggest celebrating the arrival at Isle of Dread when a tyrannosaurus rex broke the tree line. Some fireballs and magic missiles aided by some sword work and an exceptionally well placed shot from Blood´s musket felled the beast. Jennikki made sure it would survive and when it later recovered enough to move, we made sure it retreated into the jungle.

Finally I could celebrate reaching the Isle of Dread by opening one of the three remaining bottles of good wine I had left. I offered some to Aiken and after being inquired I also offered some to Avner. It has survived the journey very well and is an excellent wine, or perhaps the circumstances improve of it's appreciation.


I levitated up to look above the tree tops and to see the lay of the land, but as soon as I got up there I could see several large flying predators that I decidedly didn't want to fight and quickly descended again. Instead we spent most of the day preparing for a journey on foot across most of Isle of Dread. We figured it would take about one week so we packed for ten days.

By foot through the jungle

Day 83


We started into the jungle early in the morning. It was much easier to travel through than it had appeared from the beach. Our ranger captain also used some spell that might have had something to do with that. I had decided that flying might be a little hard in the jungle so I used phantom steed instead, not for speed but so I wouldn't have to walk. After about an hour we reached an enormous crater. It was filled with very big dinosaurs grazing the vegetation in the water filled, overgrown crater. We decided to take a closer look. I, Jennikki and Cinnamon went straight through it and searched for meteorite minerals or metal. We found quite a lot and Aiken seamed to be really interested to use that for an new blade for his rapier.

A few hours later we left the jungle and reached an old olman ruin city. There were a lot of cob web covering the entire city. Cinnamon scouted ahead and returned to tell us of lots of spiders of different sizes and a throne at a square. We entered the city to see if we could find anything interesting, and when we got to the throne an old woman was sitting there. She was called Lithira and spoke an old dialect of olman. I realized that she spoke the old olman language I have studied, not the more modern dialects that the tribes around Sasserine speak today. It was very interesting to hear that dialect used compared to written and I even learned new ways to express superiority and even godhood. We had an educating discussion until Jennikki or Cinnamon said something Lithira didn't like and she turned into a large spider and left.


Just south of the city there was a tunnel going under the mountains so we wouldn't have to climb them. When leaving the tunnels some sailors were complaining that Avner ate more than his share. There were some large crabs in our way so Jennikki summoned a giant shark that ate two of them and I cold fire balled the last one. It was delicious meat and there were enough for the whole crew and more. I have had a feeling of being watched during the day and when I asked Jennikki and Cinnamon of it they hadn't seen anything but would keep their eyes open.

The captain thought it time to give the crew an extra ration rum. He poured some for me too, and this time I noted Jennikki using a spell on hers and recognized it as purify food and water. I asked her to do the same with mine before I drank it. Enough is enough.

Late evening

We found a nice spot to spend the night and put up the camp, using several tents. I, of course, have my own I only share with Rara Avis. We have several guards during the night and even I had a short time of guard duty early this evening, but now it's time to go to sleep.

Suddenly there were darkness in the middle of the camp. I immediately dispelled it, and we could not find any real reason for it, other than testing our defenses. Cinnamon found a small stone which had faint aura of evil. Looking at the stone Blood commented that it probably came from a swampier area inland. My own vast knowledge include some things about demons and that is what I gather is haunting us. The darkness spell-like ability and teleporting capability fits well with the vague description Jennikki could give of a strange creature she got a glimpse of. I just remembered that Lithira, the were-spider, said some thing about four-eyes watching us. I have a feeling that that name has something to do with the demon that is watching us. I know I have read something about this, but I'm too tired to remember now.

Day 84


I slept uneasy tonight. I had bad dreams about demons with glasses and umberhulks, even demonic umberhulks with bat wings.


We still have a feeling of being watched as we carry on along this road along the coast.


We got attacked by four gargoyles. They charged down from the cliffs above us. Two went straight for Avner and two for sailors further to the rear of our caravan. Jennikki was right next to Avner to help keep Thunderstrike under control, should Avner fail to do so himself. I sent more magic missiles into the two gargoyles attacking Avner than I have ever done in as short a time ever before, but still one of them survived and grappled Avner and flew out to sea. Jennikki flew after them and got hold of them both. I fired even more magic missiles and downed the gargoyle holding Avner. However annoying he ever gets, he still is my brother and I have to make sure he survives this trip without any too ugly incidents. The last remaining gargoyle fled out to sea and probably back toward their peninsula. I fired even more magic missiles and fire balls after it, but it got away. Hopefully it will tell any other gargoyles that they'd better not mess with us.

We were setting up camp when Cinnamon found a pool of fresh water where a waterfall had hollowed out the rock. Most of the crew used this opportunity to take a bath. It sure was good for moral.

Late evening

I took a bath when most of the others had had theirs. It was a good feeling to have cleaned up a bit before my short watch. Then I went to bed, and here I am, trying to go to sleep. I still am bothered by thoughts of four-eyes. There is something nagging in the back of my head. Four eyes... Maybe it's not a head with four eyes... maybe it's two heads... a demon with two heads... like demogorgon... Demogorgon! Let's really hope not!

Day 85

Early morning

I slept awfully. My dreams were full of demons and especially Demogorgon.

When we had woken up and was about to break camp the demon harassing us caused an avalanche of stones and human skulls. My tent was under a cliff overhang so I hoped that nothing really dangerous would happen and continued to study my spell book. When I finally emerged everything was calm but Cinnamon. She had accompanied Radore to the pool for a morning bath when it all happened. Afterwards she was gone.

Jennikki could not find Radore with circle dance. Lay of the land detected a strange area that Jennikki could not penetrate. When she described it I suggested that apart from magically protecting a large area from detection spells it could also be extra planar rifts that prevented her from detecting anything there.

The road clinging to the cliff side came to an sudden end. It then continued at a lower height. There was a platform that could be raised or lowered by using a intricate system of ropes. We all looked at it with great distrust. "Where do you think the trap is?" was muttered by several. Cinnamon flew around it inspecting it and found the answer, the ropes had been manipulated. Blood and Amella tried to fix the ropes but Blood cut the wrong ropes. One end of the platform gave way and the whole thing hung almost vertically. Amella had a good grip and hung on, but Blood slipped. Trying to hang on he climbed around at the very end of the swinging platform. Aiken ran up to the edge just in time to see Blood fall. He hit the water some 140 feet below us. Jennikki flew down to check if he was still alive. He broke the surface cursing. She lifted him up and flew to the other road. The first was across, but not in a way that all would survive. After Jennikki had healed him it was only his pride that was hurt. After a second try the platform was claimed to be fixed. I used it to lower my floating disk with baggage, while levitating beside it. Most of the crew climbed down using the ropes. I flew up and used dimension door with Thunderstrike. I planned to arrive next to Jennikki to let her calm him when we arrived. Luckily it worked out perfectly. I would not have liked to have to tell Avner that his horse plummeted of the cliff after being spooked by my spell.

Another attack by gargoyles.

We set up camp just outside planar phenomenon. We girls went scouting but returned to the camp as soon as I had found strong influences of an evil plane.

Shrine to Demogorgon

Day 86

Entered extra planar area.

In a clearing in the jungle ahead we could vaguely see the outlines of a ruin in the fog. Cinnamon turned invisible and flew ahead. We followed, but Jennikkis summoned unicorn stopped. When we entered the ruin we saw a corps hanging on a cross. It told us to keep away. Apparently it was some kind of warning made using an undead. Most of us wanted to destroy it, but Jennikki wanted to free it. As wee couldn't agree we moved on but Jennikki went back I guess to free it but when she returned I noted that the unicorns horn wasn't as clean as before. I would guess that it would destroy that undead if it charged it.

The perverted version of a jungle opened up in front of us and showed an entrance into a cliffside. The passengers and crew started fires to cook while we entered into the dark cave corridor. Cinnamon scouted ahead and found a trap. It some how would make the roof come down but we avoided it. There wasn't much worth noting except the door leading into a strange room with two thrones, two mirrors and two candles on a table.

Candles - thrones - mirrors


Cinnamon entered the mirror and disappeared as expected. The telepathy with Jennikki was still working and Aiken followed into the mirror. Suddenly Jennikki shouted that Aiken and Cinnamon was being attacked by demons and skipped her place in the queue and leaped through the mirror. Next were Blood and he ordered his wolf to follow. I pushed my way ahead of it through the mirror to see a baboon-like demon grabbing Jennikki and disappear, but Jennikki remained. So they want to teleport away with their victims. Aiken and Blood was in a corner fighting another of those baboon demons. There was an upper level in the room and sounds of fighting came from up there too. I flew up and left a fire ball behind me well away from Aiken and Blood who were in the other corner. A strange yelp told me that I caught at least one demon that I hadn't seen in the blast, but aware of their protections I was sure I didn't do much damage. Jennikki and a summoned unicorn was fighting a bigger demon on the second level and I fired away with magic missiles. All of them struck home penetrating the demons magic defense. It seamed to have had enough and teleported away.

We all gathered around some double doors and opened them. There was a naga in a pile of bones. Jennikki charged into the room and engaged it. I stayed outside still using magic missiles. Aiken protested that I attacked it. Obviously he had been affected by some form of charm by the monster. It was unusual of a bone naga to charm its opponents. More probable of a spirit naga according to what I have read. It moved further into the room and despite Aikens protests continued to attack it with my magic. After it died the others became their old selves again. There were two fountains and I searched one and found a strange iron baboon arm and a copper bone on the bottom of it.

There were another pair of double doors decorated with strange scenes of baboon demons. Beyond there was a room with two statues missing one arm each. We turned our attention to the other end of the complex to see if we could find the other arm. Listening on a door we heard strange noises from within. The druid and ranger talked about it and came to the conclusion that it was filled with fiendish baboons. I was impressed, but it is their field.

We opened the door and I put a fireball in the middle of the room. It was soon followed by a lighting bolt from Cinnamon. Then all was silent. There was a throne room with pillars and a hole in the floor. It was covered by a locked lid. The pit seemed to be a feeding pit and from the bones on the bottom Cinnamon reported that their diet was mostly olmans. The throne could be moved, revealing a hidden room behind. There were two lead lined chests with coins and some items in. One of the items were the other iron baboon arm we were looking for. The coins had stamps from lots of different places.

We returned to the double doors and by putting the baboon arms in the statues we got the doors opened. Cinnamon went ahead scouting. There were several baboon statues in the corridor beyond. Cinnamon disarmed the traps along the left wall that were placed on every statue. Jennikki sent the unicorn home and then summoned it again on the other side of the traps where another set of doors led into a huge room with four big baboon demon statues and an even bigger statue of a two headed, four armed or rather tentacled, baboon demon, actually prince of demons as it had a distinct likeness to Demogorgon. In the middle there was a big fire pit burning hot, giving the room a flickering light. Radore Adoss hung naked chained to the roof high above the fire. As we looked into the room the chains started to rattle and slowly lower her. Jennikki flew up to her and told her of our plan. Cinnamon quickly used her wand of benign transposition and switched places with Radore.

The big demon from earlier jumped onto the chains striking Jennikki fiercely. I sent maximized magic missiles into it and once more they bypassed it's spell resistance. The demon left the close combat easily avoiding any blows while passing by and jumped to one of the statues. Blood fired one of his last cold iron bullets into it hitting it in one eye. I hit with my orb of force and dealt a lot of damage, but It was still going strong. The baboon demon used a ring of the ram to try to knock Aiken into the fire. He took some damage but avoided falling in. Jennikki and Aiken attacked it but it teleported away.

We gathered in the end of the corridor with a view over both the room and the corridor. It had teleported to the room at the end of the corridor and when Jennikki went down the corridor and attacked it it charged past all our fighting men and attacked Cinnamon just to teleport away the next second. Once more we all stood watch and waited for it to make it's next move when it suddenly appeared in the room where I watched. A maximized magic missile felled the demon and Aiken and Blood quickly ran up to it and made sure it was dead.

The fire died down a little and the room quieted down. It was disturbed by a strange sound when the statue of Demogorgon started moving.

It took a couple of long steps and ended up next to Aiken. It's tentacles flailed at him and hit. The snared him and the construct dragged him close. Aiken made several desperate tries to get lose but it was an impossible task. We all struck at it with whatever we could, magic, missiles and strikes. It was damaged, but Aiken was running out of time, being crushed by the tentacles. That's when I had an uncharacteristic moment of heroism. I ran up to him, letting the tentacles strike, but they hit one of my mirror images, I reached out touching Aiken and used dimension door to take him to safety next to the unicorn. It used it's ability to cure him and Aiken quaffed a potion or two. The battle wasn't over, but I felt as if I could breathe again. Cinnamon used more of her magic while Jennikki and Blood fought with it. Unfortunately its dangerous tentacles got hold of Blood too. I fired an orb of force striking it hard and it was really starting to fall apart but might still kill Blood before being destroyed itself. That's when Aiken used the ring he picked up from the dead demon. It struck the tentacled monstrous statue hard, braking it.

The fight was over and while Jennikki and the unicorn healed those injured, I and Cinnamon searched the room. We found some items, but I also noted that the complex was loosing stability. The whole place would cave in. I quickly calculated how much time was left and started using my reproduction spell to copy the walls. This chamber was much older than the rest of the complex and pictured troglodytes doing rituals in the honour of demogorgon. I told the others to leave me as I would catch up as soon as I had copied all the walls for studies later. Cinnamon put a telepathy to me before the others left. When I was finished I joined the others casting dimension door and we were all out of danger.

Now the food is ready and I will eat. Not that I'm that hungry...


The sky cleared after a while and it seamed as the planar influence lessened.

Day 87

We have made good progress through the jungle although it's not as fast as when we used the road along the coast.

Day 89


We have reached the wall. It's in a bad shape but has been repaired. It's guarded by olman tribal warriors, who showed us the way to the nearest village called Tanaroa.


Today Avner got another bad idea. He wanted a trophy of a flying dinosaur. Out of all his bad ideas this was the one most fitting for a spoiled little brother. I did not like the idea of him being my spoiled little brother. We all said no almost in one mouth. As expected of a little brother denied a toy, he sulked.

These olman villages are very strange. They are constructed around a temple in the middle and several smaller villages dedicated to a totem built in a circle around the temple. There are fields within this circle with walls to keep wild animals off the fields. One of the small villages is actually a burial ground and the temple in the middle is a place where they keep old ancestors as undead mummies walking around. They are kept in control by a zombie master.

Their old shaman told us that she knew we were coming and told us that she had foreseen that we would come from the jungle and help the neighbouring town of Mora.

Torrents of Dread

Day 90

Late morning

We were up with the sun early in the morning. I was very eager as I felt that we would soon reach the journeys destination, Farshore. It was just us, the Roses, that would head out to help the town of Mora. Jennikki summoned three hippogriffs that we used to fly there in just over three hours. This southern peninsula had much less wild life and according to the olmans much less dangerous than the rest of the Isle of Dread.

We still flew low to avoid attracting flying predators but we also lost early warning from others flying low. A flock of pterodons dived behind tree tops to appear just a hundred feet away. I cast a fire ball in the middle of them and a few crashed through the tree canopy to disappear below. Aiken tried to take control over the hippogriff he flew on but fell off as it charged into the flock of flying dinosaurs. Cinnamon quickly used her wand of benign transposition to put Aiken between me and Jennikki. I used my fly spell to just lift off from the hippogriff to make sure it wasn't overloaded. I cast another fire ball at them and a few turned home wounded. Jennikki summoned more hippogriffs who joined the fight. Aiken used magic missiles and soon the dinosaurs turned their tails and fled. All but one who got grappled by a hippogriff. It was still alive and in pity I cast non-lethal magic missiles to knock it unconscious. Jennikki sent the hippogriff with the pterodon specimen back to Tanaroa where Avner and the crew stayed. He still gets everything he wants but on the other hand he can hardly get more spoiled anyway.

We reached the storm we had been told of covering a valley where the town of Mora was supposed to be. It was impossible to fly in the storm so we landed and prepared to walk down.


We entered the storm and immediately we felt it's power. There were heavy rain and strong winds tearing at our clothes. Cinnamon held tight to Jennikki to avoid being blown away. We slid down a mud slide ending up at the end of fields with a few roads disappearing into the grey blur of the storm. I used a prestidigitation spell to clean up my dress, but even rid of the mud it still was a sorry sight. Actually we all looked like soaked kittens as the rain slowly washed the mud of the others. I wish the Endure Elements spell would not just let you ignore the effects but actually make sure you won't get wet. When looking around we realized that we were standing in the remains of one of the villages completely covered by the mudslide. I really hoped that the inhabitants had had time to evacuate before it hit.

We started down a road that we guessed led to another of the villages. Someone of the others said they saw some human shapes wandering at distance in the storm.

Cinnamon god.

Turtle village to boar village.

Old leader murdered by mind controlled son.

We have just freshened up and are about to leave for the temple in the middle.


Jennikki turned into a tiger and Cinnamon rode on her neck. We left for the temple. Before getting there Jennikkis summoned unicorn stopped. It couldn't continue due to a protection from good effect. We felt an bad mood coming over us as we headed on without the unicorn. There was another effect too, unhallow. The temple was a pyramid on top of a small hill. We climbed the stairs leading up the pyramid. Almost as we reached the top we were ambushed by bullywugs. Even though they surprised us, they had a better position and they were much tougher than the ones we encountered back at Lavinias, the fight was quickly over.

There was a small roof above a drum on top of the pyramid. Beneath the drum there were a hole with a wooden ladder leading down. It was too small for the tiger-Jennikki so she changed back and used the Bite of the Werewolf spell instead. Everyone was in a hurry to get out of the storm and I ended up last. When I slowly descended down the shaft I started my light spell. At the bottom there were a small tunnel with the floor covered by a foot or two of water. I flew above it instead. I was tired of being wet and hoped to dry up a little. There were alcoves with old corpses along the walls. It was catacombs we walked down. I wasn't at all pleased to be rear guard. As we suspected some of the corpses suddenly attacked. One came at me but hit a mirror image. I hit it with several maximized magic missiles but it was still standing. Jennikki let down lighting from the roof that stuck it down.

We continued onwards and now Blood took the rear guard. Cinnamon was ahead scouting and reported back that at a crossroads there were zombie arms sticking out of the walls flailing around after her Dancing Lights. I used cold fire balls. It took three of them until the arms were still. We choose one of the tunnels and headed on into it. There were some movement and I was called up to the front to put a fire ball in the area, so I did. As I prepared to follow it up with another as the cold smoke and ice crystals disappeared a bullywug stood hurt in the tunnel and called out "No more, please!". It looked so pitiful standing there beaten and sad that I felt sorry for it and just moved to the side to let the others pass. They talked to it and found out that there were some eel-like creatures that attached to the base of the skull of another creature and controlled it's actions. We told them how to get out of the caves and left them. That tunnel had been a dead end but there were branches. We continued to follow right and came to a cave. I got called to the front and started it off with another fireball. The others charged passed me and cleared the room of dangers. Cinnamon found a hidden tunnel behind a boulder that Aiken and Blood moved to the side combining their strength.

Beyond were another tunnel sloping down into water. Near the end a sorcerer zombie with his head replaced with a turtle head. We dispatched of him and the others continued by diving under the water. Both Jennikki and Cinnamon offered to help me use Dimension Door to avoid the water. I trust Cinnamon more so I let her guide me. It was obviously the correct choice as I arrived perfectly and Jennikki had a disappointed look on her face. There was a door in front of us. It was the first one we've seen since arriving to the olmans. When opening the door the fight broke out immediately. It was hard and fast and no one of us got injured. Inside there was an awful skull with large horns that I realized was the origin of the protection from good. When it was smashed it became apparent that it had hid the entrance to another tunnel leading downward. We followed it. There was a stink of salt water mixed with rotting flesh. The tunnel lead into a cave where most of the floor was water that probably were connected to the sea. The water had a pink hue. There were several corpses missing their heads with trails of blood leading to large boulders below the entrance of another tunnel across the room. Cinnamon flew along the wall to the other side. She noticed a sea chest in a small alcove. Blood followed her using his boots of spider climb. Jennikki grew wings and flew across. I grabbed Aiken and Silver, Bloods wolf, and used Dimension Door to get across.

We looked into a small chamber with four eel-like creatures standing around a thick round brass block with an inscription. I put a fireball into the room just before the rest of the Roses charged in and slew them. We looked around and found the block to be very strong magic. There were cracks across it. It had been destroyed before but the three pieces had been put together well enough for it to activate again. By using wedge and hammer we split it up again. That seemed to end the unhallow effect.

We looked through the rest of the dungeon, but had no problems at all destroying a couple of zombies when both the protection from good and unhallow effects had ended.

We brought the three pieces and hid them on separate places around the village.


Day 91

Early morning

I woke up with a mixed feeling. We have rid the village of an evil threat. Now they will get a new zombie master and continue with their awful necromantic rituals.

Today we will go back for the rest of the crew in Tanaroa. Cinnamon is restless and started ahead of us.

Late morning

We just noticed a faint sound of an explosion and looking over the water we could see a plume of smoke rising from what can only be Farshore. We will head over there now on three hippogriffs as soon as Jennikki is finished summoning them.


Nearing the colony we started casting our defensive spells. We flew in from the sea rounding some high cliffs. There were two larger ships in the harbor. I recognized the Blue Nixie. Several houses were burning and I could see pirates fighting in small groups in town.

I lifted off from Jennikki and her hippogriff and flew to above the center of the town. From there I had a good view over most of what happened. There was a group of pirates trying to knock down the door to a church. I cast a fire ball which took out all six. Jennikki flew over to a burning house from which she could hear screams and summoned a couple of lesser water elementals. Aiken had noted a cute red-head being chased by a half-orc pirate. He landed next to him and elegantly sat of the hippogriff attacking the pirate in a flowing motion. Blood landed in the square not far from me and fired a shot striking the pirate captain who was enjoying himself by engaging the town militia and easily avoiding their attempts to cut short his career of crime. I fired eight magic missiles into the pirate captain to help Blood out. He was sourly outnumbered as there were several pirates surrounding the captain. Jennikki ordered her elementals to put out the fire at the house and flew over to an man lying in the harbor. I heard later that she probably saved his life by using her magic to heal him. Blood engaged the captain in a vicious sword fight. Aiken came running in an alley by the church and was attacked by a pirate. Aikens riposte fell him and another pirate charged only to get his own taste of Aikens steel, but the wound was less and he stood. I tried to put out a fire by using a cold fire ball on a near by building, but it didn't succeed. A pirate broke loose from the mass of people in the square and fired his pistol at me. His shot went wild and he would probably not be able to reload it as he had a hook instead of a left hand. Aiken charged him and cut him down with a mighty thrust with his rapier. I noticed that the civilians were concentrating their efforts to put out fires to one building and being protected from the element of fire flew into it. I realized that that was their best likeness to a library. I flew over to a man who seemed to oversee the extinguishing. I told him of the cold fire ball spell and how bad it would be to be inside when I cast them. He seemed to understand my intent and directed the improvised fire fighters to stay out. The spells didn't put out the fires immediately, but the flames lessened. Aiken fought his way up to Bloods side while he was still fighting the pirate captain. They had taken their toll on each other and were both covered in sweat and blood in front of the burning house. The epic fight came to an end when Blood ran the pirate through with his rapier and Aiken fished off the last pirates. Jennikki joined us and her water elementals put out the last fires.

I tried to make sure that as much documents as possible survived the heat and water. Jennikki flew round the town to make sure everything was well.


Jennikki told about what she saw when surveying the town after the fight. She had noted that most of the people from the Great Kingdom was at the Blue Nixie. She thought it looked like the pirates had been surprised while trying to steal what they had thought to be an unmanned ship. We were grateful that the Blue Nixie were saved. Why the prince and his men were there in the first place was not asked.

Next to the Blue Nixie there was an old ship of almost the same size that had taken a lot of damage in her days. The repairs had been done without the needed tools, spare parts or raw materials. She was in a dreadful state, but was still afloat. The pirates were at least very brave to have sailed here in that. The stern proudly stated that her name was Hellfish.

We met Lavinia and the Jade Ravens at an inner wall protecting the Vanderboren and Meravanchi estates. I was very pleased to see that they also had reached Farshore.

Curious as I was as to who the pirates were and why they had attacked Farshore I tried to interrogate Lefty. I threatened him with several awful magical experimentations, but he didn't notice me for the most part and when he did, he just looked at me with a dumb look on his face. He obviously has no knowledge of alchemy and the arcane or he would have been terrified. I left him for Blood instead. It turned out that they were just a small scouting party for a coming large pirate attack. Apparently they had decided that the defenses were in such a bad shape that they could take the village by themselves. I made a mental note to ask Blood about their strengths and left.

When all immediate threats were seen to, I finally relaxed. I just hung there in mid-air looking up at the sky, breathing slowly. Rara Avis circled above. I felt him looking at me and Farshore around me. Something stirred. I was yanked back and turned my attention to what the commotion was about. A tall older man was walking around talking in a loud commanding voice. I knew that man. It was uncle Manthalay Meravanchi. I descended to the ground and started toward him. He was talking to others when he suddenly turned to me. "So, you've finally arrived. Good!" he said without pause and immediately continued on his tour inspecting the damage and giving orders. I didn't know he had seen me and he surprised me completely. I didn't know what to say until he was long gone.

Late evening

Catch up on Jade Ravens and Lavinia.

Sitting on the porch of Lavinias I looked out over the city of Farshore. It was all very still, but the air was filled by the sounds of the jungle. Having slept in a tent I had grown used to it, but now being back in a kind of civilization it was very present again. There were still signs of the fight. A few houses had lost their roofs. One had a large canvas strapped over it. I wondered if the others didn't have enough fabric or if they just hoped it wouldn't rain. To celebrate that we finally had reached Farshore I took out the last but one bottle of wine. I chilled it slightly and let it breath for a while. Aiken went past and noted what I was up to as did Lavinia. Oh well, I wouldn't have drunk the whole bottle by myself anyway.

Day 92


I slept bad again. I dreamed about the pirates. Even though most of them probably were evil, I didn't know that for sure when I killed them. The image of those trying to knock down the church doors suddenly freezing to death came back repeatedly. When I woke up I was still tired. I complained about the bolsters in the bed to the servants. Strangely enough they didn't seem to mind, but was almost eager for me to give them more things to do. I tried really hard to please them and now my room is very nice. I will soon thank them.


We discussed about what we should do with the captured pirates. There's more than twenty of them. I thought we should try to recruit as many as possible and set the others free. The biggest problem would be to find a place safe enough to set them free at. Someone suggested to use them for slave labor. Someone else thought they should join in the militia and if they behave well enough they would be full members of the colony in a year or two. We never really agreed on what to do with those who would not join us, but I think their choice finally were along the lines of join us or be marooned. I though of Rowyn. I wondered if she's still alive. I hope she is. Anyway, we gathered all the captured pirates sat them down in the square and Aiken talked to them about their possible future in the colony and their chance to fight for a good cause to win riches and fame in another way than piracy. Soller Vark told them that it wouldn't be any vacation and only the toughest would be good enough, but if they were they would be treated as equals and get share in the treasure. He himself was living proof of that.

I made notes of Aikens speech and have added it below:

All of us volunteered to go to the Isle of Dread. Some came mainly because we were bored at home and this looked like it might be fun. Some came because we were ashamed to hide from danger. Many came because it was a justifiable way to make money. This is a different kind of expedition. If you look at history you'll see men fight for pay, or women, or some other kind of loot. They fight for land, or because a king makes them, or just because they like killing. But we're here for something new. This hasn't happened much in the history of the world. We are an expedition out to build a new world. Isle of Dread should be free ground. No man has to bow, no man born to royalty. Here we judge you by what you do, not by who your father was. Here you can be something. Here you can build a home. But it's not the land. There's always more land. It's the idea that we all have value, you and me. What we're fighting for, in the end, is each other. Sorry. Didn't mean to preach.

"So who's with me?"

The pirates stood up one by one and said "I am" until they they all stood up. Some looked like almost eager to join us while others rather looked like they did whatever the others did, but they all choose to join us.

They were added to the Sea Wyvern crew as that was where they fit in the most. The defenders were now of three units, the prince's men, the militia and the ships crews.


As we had planned to use tomorrow sailing the folding boat back we were in no rush to leave early. About mid day we left for Tanaroa to get the rest of the crew and passengers from the Sea Wyvern. As usual of late we rode Jennikkis summoned hippogriffs.

When we approached we saw a huge fire and that most of the villagers were dancing around it. To my horror they only wore hideous masks and nothing else. The crew sat watching as the naked bodies moved in a trance-like state. Despite their masks there were two who were easily recognized. Urol Forol, the gnome, had joined in the dance as had Cinnamon. She was about the same size as the mask itself and made it appear as if there was an invisible dancer among the others. We landed next to the audience and suddenly a shape formed in the flames. It was a bat-like humanoid of fire. A voice was heard. It told us that something that was his had been stolen and he wanted it back. As it had finished the shape dissolved into a dozen fire bats. They flew out over the crowed, swooping down at anybody.

I hinted to Jennikki that it might be the golden statue of a bat like creature we found in Tamoachan that was the item stolen. She took it out and held it up. I cast a cold fire ball extinguishing several of fire bats. Now all of them attacked just me and Jennikki. Aiken moved up and defended Jennikki and a bat was struck down. Jennikki was attacked and a bat attached to her wrestling with her. Magic missiles killed it. Several fire bats attacked me but only one struck and it held on. As I was protected from fire it mostly tore my sleeve with it's claws. I caught it in two cold scorching rays and it disappeared. The fire bat struck down by Aiken suddenly took to air and attacked again. The only way to get rid of them is by cold or water. I tried another cold fire ball but the fire bat flew wide apart and I only caught two. Blood ran up to a downed fire bat lying on the ground and poured his field flask of water on it. I thought "Lucky it didn't contain rum..." to myself. Soon all of them were extinguished one way or other.

Day 93


We are in a dilemma. Either we make sure that the evil god don't get the statue back or we give it back, helping an evil god.

The way I reason is if we don't give it back the god will be angered and do bad things to the olmans and maybe us too. If we give it back it will be pleased and stay away. It will also please the olmans. In my mind it's about what will do most good, not a fight between dogmas. Never pleasing an evil power just in spite may very well cause more evil to the world than keeping them content. Don't disturb the bear that sleeps.

Late morning

Finally we decided that the Roses would travel to Fangs of Zotzilla and return the statue to try to make sure the evil looser god will leave us alone. Looser or not it's still a god.

A young man with almost no clothes at all volunteered to guide us there. He hadn't flown before and he didn't fully recognize the jungle from above, but we headed for the twin volcanoes. We landed and walked the last part on foot. There were statues guarding the entrance into the rock. We entered and beyond the natural tunnel there was a chamber opening up into the center of the volcano to the left and a large statue of a strange bat like creature to the right. We stopped and searched for traps and magic. There were cracks in the floor from which flames rose from the lava below. A bat-like humanoid came in from the opening into the crater followed by fire bats. I was once again glad I was protected from fire. We proceeded into the cave and Jennikki put the small statuette in the statue and it opened up revealing a treasure room.

The bat-like man spoke and told us that we could take one item each. He would answer any questions we would have about the items. Blood took a magical breastplate, Aiken took a magical sword, Jennikki a ring of invisibility and Cinnamon took a luck stone. Our guide took a statuette. I didn't really want it but there were a amulet of natural armor that I took so we could leave the evil place. The creature also gave us a tooth that didn't quite fit in with the other things.

We left and got back to Tanaroa without any mishaps. The crew had already left for Farshore as planned. We flew there and arrived as they entered the harbor.

I decided to make a luck stone for myself and getting rid of the amulet when Cinnamon wanted the new luck stone instead.

Day 94


Another night with bad dreams. I really wish I could get a week of undisturbed nights. This last dream was even worse but in a totally different way. I saw the beautiful dark-eyed red-headed woman. This time I immediately recognized her. Unlike in the earlier dream about her this time she spoke to me. I can't remember her exact words or even what language she spoke, but the meaning is etched into my mind. It was about the tooth we got in the treasure room of Zotzilla. It's a tooth from the dead demon lord Ahazu. It could be used by replacing one of your own teeth. She also told me not to use it, but keep it. My destiny could require me to use it later.

I'm not fond of someone telling me what to do. It's even worse when it's someone I don't like who do it, but this one is a goddess. I'm not sure why she would bother to talk to me, but I don't like it. It wasn't by random I choose to forgo necromancy.

I told the others that I had looked through my papers and found out that the tooth could be from the demon lord Ahazu. There's a legend about how he died and that a tooth was taken. I also told them that we should keep it for later, it might become useful.

Day 95

I set up a makeshift laboratory just for making magical items. It wasn't up to my taste but with a couple of unseen servants I will manage.

Day 97

I met Avner today. He behaved totally different. He wasn't flirting and he was almost civil. Something has definitely happened. I'm guessing that Manthalay have told him of me being his sister. I hope he won't tell anyone else. I'm not that proud of my brother, and I wouldn't want to be associated with him. But at least he will be easier to spend time with from now on.

Day 100

Aiken has been all over the place. I really wish we don't have to share laboratory in the future. He keeps putting back things while I'm using them and totally making a mess, or rather messing up my mess. Even the unseen servants seemed to be in my way.

Day 102

Finally finished. I won't make another item until I have my laboratory in the Sea Wyvern back. It's very tight, but I like it.

Day 103

We decided that the tar pits was one of the most important things to get fixed as quick as possible to strengthen the defenses for the impending pirate attack. We had heard of Temauhti-Tecuani which approximately translates to evil grandfather. As it's a long way to go and we needed to find a way through the reef to be able to get as much tar to Farshore as possible we started early.


Cinnamon turned into a nixie and I polymorphed into the same. Jennikki changed into a dolphin and Aiken used his cloak of the manta ray. Cinnamon rode on Jennikki and I held on to Aiken. Rara Avis flew above and kept an eye on both the waters in front of us and the coastline. We had the help of several spells to increase our speed and reached the reef in a few hours. I changed back and levitated out of the water. I've finished drawing it onto the maps. It's really a fantastic view from here above looking down into the clear water to see the reef with all it's fantastic colors. Glittering large shoals of fish suddenly changing direction as Cinnamon come swimming. But now we're off to the coast.

Early afternoon

We've reached the coast and found a place where a ships boat could land and the tar could be transported out to a ship moored just off the coast.


After a quick late lunch we continued to the tar pits by hippogriffs. As we closed in we found an old tyrannosaurus rex chasing small furry creatures along the edge of the tar. It had a big scar along the head witch told tales of an old fight. We swooped down and Aiken landed in front of the huge dinosaur to engage it in melee. Jennikki flew closer and started summoning a huge crocodile. I flew off the hippogriff and cast an orb of force at it. Even though I dealt huge amounts of damage it hardly noticed and charged Aikens hippogriff. It disappeared in a cloud of feathers as the tyrannosaurus crushed it completely in one bite. I gained some extra altitude just in case it would think of jumping after me. The little furry creatures, called phanatons as we learned later, scurried out of the way as fast as their little legs could carry them in the sticky tar. Some threw spears at it, most just bouncing of it's thick hide. Aiken stabbed wildly at it scoring some really good hits in the large scar. It's attempts to bite him was in vain. Jennikki commanded her crocodile to attack and still riding the hippogriff dove down to pick up one of the unfortunate phanatons who had been chased out deep into the tar. The crocodile took a good bite out of the huge dinosaur. I aided it with maximized magic missiles. The tyrannoraurus turned it's attention to the crocodile and bit it. To it's big dismay it couldn't swallow the crock as it was to large. Cinnamon threw a lightning bolt through it and I followed with a cold fire ball. It was quick for it's size and good at avoiding those spells full effect. A few more spears came from the phanatons. Most of them had now emptied their arsenal. Aiken continued to find weak spots and we were wearing it down. I hesitated. Should I cast another fireball or should I go for scorching ray? I chose the latter and added magic missiles and the beast wavered. The phanatons threw their last few spears and to my surprise one stuck. The huge tyrannosaurus rex fell into the tar and there was a cheer from the little furry phanatons.

Meet Phanatons

The phanatons got all the tar they wanted and we all left the tar pits to get to a better camp site for the night.

Day 104

Today we started toward the home of the phanatons. I helped them bring their load on my floating disk. They were very quick through the jungle in spite of their small legs and Aiken had trouble keeping up. Until Jennikki showed him, that is. I flew as usual. It's definitely the preferred method of transportation in the jungle.

It took all day and it wasn't until right before sun down we reached their village. It was located in the trees and had bridges connecting the tree huts. Except being a bit small it was very nice accommodations. A big party was held to celebrate that we had helped them to defeat the grandfather of tyranosaurs.

Day 105

We spend the entire day at the phanatons village, getting to know them better. I cast tongues to understand their languages and started to catalogue it. It's not that a complicated language but quite interesting as it's not that close to any of the more conventional languages. I have also started to document their culture to give the language some background. In my work I noted that apart from the olmans the phanatons have metal weapons. They told me that they have traded for their weapons from the Rakasta. Sadly the Rakasta have been lost and their city destroyed. We decided that we will investigate the ruins of their city tomorrow.

Day 106

We left the phanaton village in the morning and flew on summoned hippogriffs to where we were told their city would be. We found it without trouble. The city was indeed in ruins and soon to be reclaimed by the jungle, but there was a temple in the middle of the ruined city that was more than just a ruin. We prepared to enter when Cinnamon who as usual scouted ahead noted a gargantuan snake resting near the roof in the temple. Jennikki tried to talk to it using her strange druid spells. It didn't work. She told us that it might work better if she's a snake too. She turned into a large snake and slithered in. After a while both Jennikki and the gargantuan anaconda slithered out in a weird way. They seemed to be very interested in each other. We waited for a while to let them leave then we asked Cinnamon to scout ahead again, but we couldn't get Cinnamon to answer our calls. I guess it's caused by the telepathic link and Jennikkis activities, but it left me with the time to copy all the beautiful murals. I used my spell Red's Reproduction to get as much information as possible of this lost civilization. As I finished Jennikki returned but without the other snake. Cinnamon also came and joined us. In the center of the temple there was a large base holding a beautiful statue of a jaguar. Around it were lesser statues all facing the jaguar in the center. The jaguar didn't look as worn as the rest of the temple.

As Cinnamon flew up and was about to land on the base to get a better look she found that it was just an illusion. It turned out that there was a shaft down in the middle with sharp stones and murky water in the bottom far below, but there's also a small platform from which a tunnel went into the stone. We entered through the illusion and continued through the tunnel. There were alcoves containing stone statues of jaguars with precious stones for eyes. We continued on in and came to a chamber with a new base rising from the floor with another statue on top. There were murals of jaguars fighting troglodytes along the walls. As we entered a coatl appeared in the middle of the room. It spoke to us and told us that it was a guardian spirit called Tonatiu guarding the temple of the rakasta. After some discussion we had learned that the rakasta was all killed by a group of olman called skin walkers that came from the north-east. We also learned that rakasta had weapons hidden in the temple and we were good enough to use them against evil. Tonatiu left them in the care of Aiken. I asked if I could take one of the statues in the alcoves leading up to the temple and it said yes. I choose a lightly colored stone jaguar with remains of paint in relief patterns and green jewel eyes. It weigh about 50 lb and I put it in my handy haversack.

We brought the weapons out of the temple and then packed them on Jennikki in the form of a tiger and started back to the phanaton village. As we had flown there it took us much longer time on the way back. On the way we met a couple of ankylosaurus. We noted them before they saw us. I flew above them and the others snuck around. There were no more surprises and we reached the phanaton village late in the evening.

Day 107

To get the weapons back all the way to Farshore without taking weeks we needed some sort of harness to be able to use hippogriffs. We had noted earlier that the phanatons had baskets of good quality so we asked them to make a basketwork harness and some saddles to suit hippogriffs.

We traded thirty war claws for the baskets and saddles. It was more than fair but we wanted the phanaton to be well armed and able to defend themselves.

I continued my work on their language.

Day 108

We flew home with weapons without any encounters. They will be a good addition to the militia and I guess that the magic longbow will be used by Blood himself. I identified it as evil outsider slaying and he has a special hate for demons.

Day 109

Today I started working on preparations for the pirate attack. As I have some interest in architecture and some in engineering I started by looking at what fortifications there were. The palisade is lacking. The waterfront is completely unprotected. The barracks is located at the other end of the town.

As Jennikki and Aiken had convinced the soldiers from the Great Kingdom to help in the defence of Farshore they needed a place to stay. Together with Lavinia and Mandalay we decided to tear down some warehouses to make room for a building to house them. I also wanted it to be fortified to aid defence toward the sea.

I used my last large paper sheets saved for maps and drew up the plans for a small simple keep. If Farshore ever get cannons I designed the second floor strong to be able to support them. The walls will be thick to withstand ballista bombardment.

I also planed how to extend the palisade to get the attackers close to the fort in the centre. There were warehouses that got included in the new palisade with a new wall in front of the old weak one. There were a lot of concerns to look to. As there still had to be access to the warehouses and room to work along the beach some compromises had to be made. The palisade turn inward to lead invaders in a corridor where they can be attacked from the pallisade. This makes it harder to reach the warehouses from the ships.

While I drew up plans and drawings the work teams started by getting logs and planks for the constructions. The soldiers from the Great Kingdom did complain some that they had to do work, but they were reminded that they were building the towns fort which they will live in themselves. The towns own work teams didn't complain and worked hard, but not always effective.

Day 110

I inspected the palisade all around Farshore. I found that several logs needed to be replaced. I had to oversee improvement of the rest of the palisade at the same time as I explained my ideas for the harbour.

Day 111

I went over my maps today. There were some detailing that I didn't paint in when I first marked the features on the map. I want them to still be fully illustrated.

Day 113

Today Jennikki cast circle dance. She tried to find Rowyn Kellani and Harliss Javell. To my great releaf she found them both. That means they are both still alive. They were in the same general direction, but not at the same place. We suspect that that Rowyn has joined the pirate fleet. It's bad news but better than it could have been and as expected. Harliss survived the savage feaver as we hoped and is probably just doing what she used to do, smuggling.

Day 114

The fort was finished today. It turned out really well. I'm very pleased with the look. It's both beautiful and effective looking. I overheard some workers from the pottery talking about some clay they've found that didn't suit their needs, but they had to dig it out to get to the clay they wanted. I thought about adding that to the fort to strengthen the walls primarily against fire. When we inspected the clay and made some tests I found that it definitely would work. In a few days the fort will be covered. It will also add to the beauty of it.

Day 115

I didn't really have time for all my projects and I guess the rest of the palisade missed out. At least they didn't succeed in accomplishing what I had wished in as short time as I had hoped.

Day 116

All the wares from the warehouse we tore down for the fort were at last all moved into some caves that Jennikki found some days ago. There had been thefts in the warehouses and even though we had guards the thefts continued. I instructed a work team on how to make good floors and where to put in doors that could be safely locked.

Day 117

The thefts still continued. I borrowed a ring of invisibility of Jennikki and sat guard myself. Suddenly a creature appeared and tore off one of my magical ear drops and half my earlobe. It disappeared immediately and there were absolutely no way I could stop it, but at least I recognized the creature. It was an Astral Filtcher. I told the others in the Roses about the problem and we had a discussion on what to do. Jennikki summoned a Janni that she told to follow the thief and return any goods that it found in the pests nest. We also discussed building a platform to place a cannon on overlooking the harbour, on the northern pier. It would need a way to get to it, but I guess that could be arranged too.

Day 118

Jennikki returned with my ear drop. The Janni had at least had more success than I had had. It was both embarrassing that I had lost it but I was very happy when it was returned. Appart from being my first magic item I ever crafted myself, it represents a substantial investment with multiple incantations on them. Apparently the Janni had returned with most of everything that had been stolen.

Cinnamon and Jennikki sat gaurd to try and catch the thief. The plan was that they would be invisible and ready to strike at a spot where they placed a trinket Cinnamon put together to lure it in with. I don't know how long they tried as they also did some promoting for Lavinia in the upcoming election.

Day 119

After an unsuccessful thief hunt we gathered again and I told them all I knew about the race. Cinnamon commissioned a scroll to make a magical trinket to entice it with.

I Oversaw the improvements of the rest of the palisade to day. They had understood what I wanted and now it started to look good.

Day 120

Today Cinnamon and Jennikki caught the thief, or rather killed it. It had walked into the trap and Jennikki struck it with her wooden staff. Apparently one strike had killed it right away.

Day 122


Finally all our defence works are finished. I know there's some more things that could be done, but this was the most important ones. I would like to dig some small ditches that could be filled with oil and set on fire to stop pirates from charging or climbing walls.

Today the election is finally being held. I'm not even sure who I want to win. Meravachi is of my blood. I would not mind if my uncle continued as mayor. On the other hand they sent me away. They hid me and they didn't let me use their name. I don't even consider it mine anymore. Lavinia isn't just my employer. She's also a friend and she has some good ideas for Farshore. I think her way will be better in the long run. Besides, it's good with a little change now and then.

Late evening

She won. Lavinia is now the mayor of Farshore. She got about 20 votes more than Manthalay. I noted that there were a lot of people that didn't vote at all. I wonder if they don't care or if they have an equal trust in both.

Day 123

We had planned to get Sea Wyvern back after the election so we set sails early this morning. We sailed with Blue Nixie commanded by Sarim Pepper. When leaving Farshore we headed east. As that isn't the usual sailing route it's not as well mapped so I took the chance to improve on the charts. At the reefs we had a light grounding but nothing serious.

At dinner we all were invited to dine with Sarim Pepper. I still find him very entertaining. He has a lot of stories of sea monsters and aquatical myths. I really enjoyed the evening.

Day 124


Today we spotted a small craft close to the coast. I, Jennikki and Cinnamon flew out to take a closer look at it to determin if it was any threat to the Blue Nixie. When we closed in we saw that it was a couple of bullywugs in a canoe fiching. As they noted us they talked some and then they waved at us. We were close enough to see their nervous smiled when we turned back to the ship.

Day 126


We have sighted the Sea Wyvern. It's a sad sight. Her deck is under water and only the quarterdeck is above water. The rigging is severely damaged. Through the clear water the hull looks heavily damaged too. I fear seeing my cabin again. It will probably look awful. Bed destroyed, walls needing repaint and the mat ruined. At least the alchemist laboratory was well secured and all my things brought.


Jennikki cast a druid spell and told us there were a Korpus in the Sea Wyvern. Cinnamon went ahead scouting, invisible as usual. Jennikki was also invisible and flew together with me towards the Sea Wyvewrn. Aiken swimmed as a manta ray, Blood and Amella rowed behind in a small boat. Cinnamon saw something moving below the water. I cast a summon spell to summon forth a celestial sea cat, but it was never to be. At that time someone cast dispell on me. Several of my spells ended and I started recasting them. It was a very anoying way to note that I had forgot to put my ring of counterspells which contains a dispell magic spell back on after I borrowed Jennikkis ring of invisibility. Aiken cast magic missiles at something in the hull of the Sea Wyvern and charged ahead. He was met by three large sharks. They attacked him but he avoided their attacks and put his rapier to good use. Soon the water filled with blood but it was from the sharks. Jennikki flew ahead and tried to tumble past the elasmusaurus but got caught in the doorway and attacked. Her summoned crockodiles aided Aiken against the last sharks and soon both Aiken and them reached the railing of the Sea Wyvern. I cast a cold fireball encasing the elasmusaurus. I hurt it but that large dinosaur could take lots of damage. Aiken climbed the rail and closed with the elasmusaurus. I cast some magic missiles and flew aft. There, in my cabin, Jennikki and Cinnamon was fighting a Korpus underwater. Through the broken window I cast both quickened and maximized magic missiles. It was a tough eel to kill but when Aiken appeared he surrounded it and together Aiken, Cinnamon and Jennikki slew it.


We spent the rest of the day transfering goods and my alchemist laboratory to the Blue Nixie. I also checked it to make sure it hadn't been damaged.

Day 127

We brought four carpenters and they were needed. Amella, Dranys Sellis the dwarf from Farshore who's also the smith, the ship's carpenter from the Sea Wyvern and the ship's carpenter from the Blue Nixie.

They worked all day but was still not quite finished when the sun started setting. We withdrew to the Blue Nixie for the night. Even though we didn't get her sea worthy I felt a lot better about her state. When I first saw her my heart sank, but now she's almost ready to sail.

Day 128

The crews worked for a few hours in the morning and at noon we set sail for Farshore.

Day 132

Jennikki asked me about Meravanchi. She wanted to know if they sacrifice their girls to Wee Jaz. I wasn't sure what to say. Do they? Do we? Am I a Meravanchi anymore? Am I sacrified to Wee Jaz? Did I have an older sister, who was?

Day 135

Finally even Sea Wyvern reached it's destination.

Day 136

Today we set out to convince the kobolds in the south eastern part of Temute to share the island with us colonists without conflict. We flew there and after landing walked up the volcanic slopes until we found the entrance. We knew it was the right one as there were garbage and faeces dumped outside of one cave. We walked and flew up to it and called out for anyone. A very surprised kobold came out looked at us emptied a bucket and ran inside again.

A while later a small group of kobolds came out. We asked them to take us to their leader. They wanted to be bribed to do that. We did bribe them. I was a little surprised at first but it went well. When given a knife they tried to trick Aiken into a trap but he avoided it. A kobold barbarian charged him and he easily skewered it. When that was going on a bat flew up to us from the outside. It was the familiar called flappy of a sorcerer kobold. Cinnamon talked to it for a while and came back with a message to us. Apparently the head sorcerer had been imprisoned by their leader Skrock. Skrock had no tolerance at all for soft-skins which is what he calls humans. The sorcerer on the other hand would be willing to work something out. That would be possible if we dethroned Skrock and let the sorcerer take his place.

We agreed to this and entered the cave system. Cinnamon scouted ahead and found a room with several kobolds all over it. I moved up to behind Aiken who were closest to the entrance and I cast a cold non-leathal fire ball. There were several civilians that went out cold but there were also barbarians, sorcerers and roughs there. Aiken charged out into the middle of the room and struck down two of the barbarians only to get knocked over by a large log which swung down hitting him in the chest above the heads of the kobolds. Someone threw an alchemists fire at me. It hit me instead of a mirror and the flames licked my clothes. As usual I was protected from fire and took no damage. All of us charged into the room except for me who stayed and summoned an Archon hound. When he was fully summoned he took a step up behind one of their sorcerers and knocked the kobold out flat. Soon the fight quieted down and we gathered at a corridor, no more than a crack in the wall. The log was still swinging back and forth behind us while we waited for Cinnamon to find a good way to go. When she said it was good enough I cast dimension door and brought Aiken, Blood and Silver, Bloods wolf companion, with me and appeared next to Cinnamon. There were a big hall and a bridge next to us. We stayed silent as we waited when Cinnamon and Jennikki talked to some sorcerer kobolds that as we guessed still missed Skissel and agreed to help us find our way around. They told of passage ways, caves and chambers in the complex and what we should be careful to avoid.

large chamber with bridges. Cinnamon and Jennikki flew invisible to talk with kobold possible of Skissel's fraction

Found sorcerer

Tried to sneak past room but they attacked.

Archon hound cool guy.

dimension door into room I was up front

Fight with guards.

Continue to leader bedroom where we found a pirate looking half orc who was waiting in ambush.

Dimension door into room behind him

Fly past scary bridge over fiery pits of doom

Enter large room.

Jennikki summon large amounts of dire wolves.

Aiken charged straight out across the room to engage the kobold leader. He immediately got surrounded.

Blood charged too, but up to our right.

I non-lethal cold fireball a couple kobolds and some more. My orb of force missed though.

Kobolds threw throwing stars at me and hit a mirror image.

Blood having trouble.

Cinnamon put a stinking cloud right on top of a group of kobolds advancing towards me.

My hound archon stepped in front of me to protect me from closing kobolds.

I cast another non-lethal cold fireball at them and they fell.

Silver saving Blood by tripping a lot of kobolds.

Big quake ended battle.

Aiken, Blood and Silver disappeared under falling rocks.

To help dig them out I summoned an earth elemental. Jennikki followed my example. When we all were free I ordered the elemental to continue to dig out all living kobolds it could find stuck under rocks.

Soon we started back. Since I couldn't use dimension door to get us all out we tried the rout we entered.

It turned out to be blocked.

Cinnamon and Jennikki scouted ahead and now and then I cast dimension door to catch up.

Along the way Aiken persuaded lots of kobolds to join us and follow us out until the quakes settle down.

Soon we had a long trail of kobolds following us.

Cinnamon and Jennikki scouted further ahead while we others helped the kobolds along.

They found Skissel and helped him get out of a pile of dirt and rocks.

When we were heading back after a dead end we found that a room we had to go through had a visitor. A gargantuan carrion crawler.

Blood tried to reason with it but it attacked him with it's tentacles and paralysed him.

Once again Silver saved him.

I cold fireballed it and cast an orb of force at it and lots and lots of magic missiles. Aiken killed it with his rapier.

Found the way out.

I suggested to Aiken to give the sword that the kobolds apparently viewed as a sign of power, to the sorcerer Skissel. That way he would be sure to take power.

Day 137

A messenger arriver from the Jade Ravens. It told us about a pirate fleet gathering in a bay at the north end of Isle of Dread. Since it would take at least a week for the pirates to sail to Farshore.

I descided that there will be enough time for me to teleport to Sasserine. That way I can learn spells needed to defend Farshore and the spell Break Enchantment to return the adventurers turned to stone to flesh again.

It feels good to be back in a real city, to hear the commotion and the.. Although I didn't remember the smell from the canals.

Day 144

I'm back in Farshore. I brought a pair of trousers for Aiken. His old pair didn't really go that well with the cloak of the manta ray.

They told me that five days ago they were finished with the discussions with the kobolds. We asked for "almost gun powder" and recommended them to leave for the underdark.

I'm told that four days ago they went scouting the Gallivant Cove for the pirates and found a fleet of eleven ships.

Three days ago the pirates left Gallivant Cove splitting their forces. Five ships went for Farshore and the rest went north.

Jennikki hallow

Day 145

Jennikki Hallow

Day 146

Day 147

Day 148

Today will be the day of the attack if they do attack. They are coming. We have received the warnings and Jennikki has started the ceremony. Half of Farshore is there praying for a successful outcome of the fight.

The small fleet of five ships was closing in on us. They dumped something into the water. The ships entered the harbour. Jennikki's elder water elemental stopped the fourth ship from entering.

The other three ships started to put ships boats in the sea and preparing for an invasion. Each boat was crowded with pirates. Some had problems with the three huge crocodiles that Jennikki summoned and told to attack all enemies in the water. From one of the ships there came fire balls. I counter spelled them but Cinnamon, Jennikki and Blood flew out there to kill the magic user. I and Aiken stayed and put an end to the tar flesh golems that were attacking the gates. Cinnamon returned with a cannon she had used shrink item on and returned it to it's original size.

We made an attack on another ship, all together. I stunned a lot of seamen. And I finally recognized Rowyn. I cast a non-lethal orb of force on her and she fell. We set the ship on fire to boost the moral of our men and to let the pirates know there were no safe place.

We were returning when we suddenly saw three Vrocks. They summoned a forth and started a dance. I knew of this dance. It was an awful ritual which would kill half the civilians in Farshore.

We all attacked them. I took out all the mirror images of one of the dancing vrocks. The summoned one attacked me, but I kept attacking the same one in the ritual. We were running out of time. Cinnamon cast grease on the hands of the demons and they lost their grip. Their ritual was broken. A second later I put enormous amounts of damage into it and Blood could fell it with a single arrow. I put down a second and then they all fell.

Jennikki noted some commotion back at Lavinias where we had put up a hospital. She flew over there to investigate. She called us there using our telepathy links. Vanthus were there, or at least what used to be Vanthus. Now he was a demon with wings, horns and glowing eyes. He was talking to Lavinia, trying to convince her to join him. She had stalled him for time, but when we appeared she grew more confident and told him off. A fight broke out. A fight he was loosing. Before he fell he took out a pearl. We all recognized the black pearl as the source of the savage creatures at krakens cove.

Vanthus dropped the Pearl and it cracked.

My Hound Archon picked it up. Aiken ran away from the fight and used benign transposition to get the Archon out of Vanthus reach. I went up to him and showed him on my map where to teleport, and holding the sputtering pearl he did.

Silver had done a fantastic job.

Day 149

We now have several ships.

  • Blue Nixie - In good condition.
  • Sea Wyvern - In need of repair.
  • The Hellfish - Almost beyond repair.
  • The Hag - It sunk in the harbour but could be salvaged.
  • The Kraken - In good condition.
  • The Stygian Shark - In good condition.
  • The Brine Harlot - In need of repair given to Prince Henry.

There were another ship, The Sea Witch's Curse, but we let that get away. That way we got away from the trouble of having hundreds of prisoners and they would spread the word of Farshore's defensive capabilities.

It was decided that all prisoners would get ten years of hard labour for the city. After two years they would get a possibility for pardon. Prince Henry would be responsible for them, keeping them under guard, feeding them and providing what they need and in return he can use them for labour in his agricultural tries.

Day 150

Prince Henry asked us on how to handle a request he had recieved from Rowyn. She would give him the location of a lot of pirates for her pardon. We looked at each other and as Blood wasn't present all of us readily agreed. We drew a paper granting her pardon and passed on to Prince Henry.

Cinnamon trying to get olman women to the big celebration.

Day 151

Olman women arriving.

Day 152

Day of the big party.

Jennikki held a sermon in her stone cirle. Lots of people attended and most even knew what was happening.

I noted Rowyn looking lost in the middle of Farshore. She still wore her dirty ragged pirate clothes. I went up to her and asked her to follow me back to Lavinias to freshen up. There I showed her some dresses and told her to freshen up and choose a dress to wear to the party. To my dismay she choose her own almost transparent and very revealing dress I had salvaged from one of the captured ships. It had been marooned with her on the way here. I don't know why I kept bringing that thing even the first time I saw it in her Lotus Dragon hide out. No one should wear it in public. Anyway we went to the party and a lot of people kept away from Rowyn as when they didn't recognize her they asumed (and correctly) that she had arrived with the pirates. I kept her company until the party got going and people started to forget their fears. I still kept an eye on her to keep her out of trouble. Being a bard she has no problems convincing people once they start talking to her. Sadly enough it seems she fancied Prince Henry. I was hoping that both him and Rowyn would get a chance to prove themselves better than they have appeared so far. I'm not sure if chances for that is better or worse with them together.

Otherwise the party was nice. My last bottle of the wine I brought on the long trip from Sasserine and one of the new ones I brought less than a week ago were emptied. I'm not sure wich one I liked better. There's a shortage of good wine in Farshore but sadly enough there's plenty of alcohol.

Day 153



I have studied most of the contents i'm interested in, in the library here in Farshore.

I have cast darkvision with permanency.

I have now also added see invisible with permanency.

Day 159

The Jade Ravens came to us today. They have been searching through an old olman ruin located on the north west cost of the isle of dread. There were a ruin of a smaller village to the south of the ones they had been searching through that had a lot of magic. As all of us use spells in one way or the other and they don't have any pure arcane casters they asked us to look at it.

We flew there on summoned hippogriffs.

There were snow.

Jennikki noted yetis hiding.

Searched the ruins of the temple south of the village. When Cinnamon touched the head we all heard a voice who talked to us. It was a riddle describing the location of a portal that would appear at sun set.

We continued to the village and found the almanac mentioned in the riddle in the middle of the village. There were one house that seemed to be a little more preserved than the other ruins. In the courtyard there was a well and the open place continued on into the house where some pieces of the roof were still intact.

I stayed at the well and studied the layout of the city when Cinnamon searched the ruins of the house. Apparently she found an igloo and entered it. A few moments later the owner, an ogre mage returned. It seems Cinnamon charmed the mage and kept inside.

Several yetis suddenly attacked us from all around. I used a fire ball with the idea of weakening them for Aiken, but they had a weakness for fire and the ones affected that survived, withdrew in a weak state. I levitated next to the well at what I had hoped to be out of reach but they had a better reach than I had guessed but I just lost a mirror image. They were soon dispatched. Aiken told me that when he killed them he thought it seemed as if they were happy to be set free.

I went to the almanac in the middle square and studied it more carefully. By using the riddle I could determin where the portal would appear. It was a row of colums and probably there would appear several portals but only one would be safe to use. I noted that the ogre mage had came out of his igloo and was using magic to create a strange jar out of ice. I didn't think much more of it and he returned to the igloo.

When the sun was about to set we went down to the columns and awaited the right moment. The sun set and we heard another riddle. It was an easy one and we entered the portal. It lead to a beautiful mountainside where there were a village, a small lake and a palace. It reminded me of the ruins we just left, but was still different and it was summer. There were no people around. We continued along a road that lead from the portal through the village up to the palace. As we entered the palace we prepared for a fight.

Girl washing hair.

Giant in lake with summoned huge water elementals.

Fiendish bees in stables. Delay poison.

Went up to the roof.

Rays shot out of jewels placed as the eyes of a statue of a baboon. I summoned an orb of force aimed at the head that chattered it. Jennikki picked up the jewels.

We continued.

Ambushed by lots of yetis. Fire ball.

We entered a big room with a stage. There were a play being performed on the stage. We were surprised by an olman looking man attacking us with spells from behind the scene.

Beyond that room there was a room containing lots of caligraphy equipment. I stayed there for a short while, when the others continued. I collected most of the tools and materials and caught up with the others.

Man in garden. Trees

Dungeon with stinking cloud. Gargantuan ???, giant and last of the sons.

Time machine using water.

Day 160

I have had long discussions with Rara Avis. Since the battle for Farshore where he almost died I have decided to give up adventuring. It is dangerous and I can't protect him. I could not stand being the reason for his death.

Day ???

Today I made up my mind. I will go back to Sasserine, and probably continue on to a bigger city where I can find a place among other wizards. That way Rara Avis will be safe and I can find an organisation of like minded people who I can join and continue my magical studies.

I looked up Blood. I gave him the demon tooth, told him about it again and told him to take care of the others.

He might be the one I like the least in the group, but he is the one I trust the most. Not that I don't trust Aiken. He has been a very good friend and I love his devotion, but he lives for the moment. Blood is more of a "fast punkt i tillvaron". Aiken, on the other hand I will miss the most. I love Cinnamon and her strange way of looking at life and things. Her knowledge of things arcane has made me somehow feel close to her. The last one of our group is in many ways the strangest and considering that one of us is an airie, that's quite something. Every time I think I have Jennikke figured out, she surprises me. Even though I know she means well I'm not sure she will always do what is best for everyone. She might be too reckless sometimes. Anyway, I will miss them all and hope, and trust, that they can stop those producing those pearls.

Note: I would guess Red would go back to Sasserine together with the ships delivering the goods from Farshore. That way she can protect them if the pirates would decide to attack them.

Here ends the log of Lady Red in Farshore.