Cinnamon (character)

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Sixth level Aerie sorcerer, second level Spelldancer.

12 inches tall, with deep bronze tanned skin, straight but unruly pale blond hair, large slanted green eyes, and rather exaggerated curvyness. Smells like her namesake when she is excited or emotional. She has two pairs of dragonfly-like wings.

She was originally a Faerie noble, but was demoted to pixie and thrown out of Faerie on trumped-up charges. Upon entry to this world, she found everything strange, unfamiliar and terribly, terribly huge. Separated from her previous high magic by her demotion, with her memories distant, vague and fuzzy, and with new wings and other abilities she did not yet know how to use, she was unable to fend for her self, but fortunately she was rescued by Jennikki before any harm befell any part of her other than her dignity.