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Repeatable Downtime Activities

  • Do doll clothing fashion shows.
    • Combine with some singing/dancing performances?
  • Spend time with city's familiars. Spend cash on parties.
  • Spend time with gnome to learn more mechanics.

Shorttime Goals

  • Shame upon you, not knowing the names of Aiken's and Red's familiars.
  • Organize Familiar's Club Meetings onboard.

Longtime Goals

  • Learn Craft Jewelry
  • Learn Craft Tattoo
  • Get to speak/debate before Adventurers' or Wizards' guilds about familiars' rights.
  • Fund a shelter for abandoned familiars.
    • Grand House: 5,000 gp (House Prices, page 101, DMG)
    • Valet: 70 gp/year (Prices for Hireling Services, p. 105, DMG)
    • Cook: 35 gp/year
    • Maid: 35 gp/year
    • Animal Tender/Groom: 50 gp/year