Peter Blood (character)

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Ranger with plans to become a Legendary Captain.

A typical (?) man from the village who is getting very bored with the simple life and is looking for something more. He has, for some time now, been staring over the ocean and wondered what it is like on the other shore!

Height Errol Flynn: 6' 2½" (1.89 m) Harrison Ford: 6' 1" (1.85)



Leadership Score

Base is Level
+2 Charisma bonus
+2 Faction bonus (The Club)
+1 Steadfast Loyalty feat.

[SRD Reference]

General Modifiers
  • Fairness and Generosity +1
  • Special Power +1
Cohort Modifiers
  • Has a familiar, special mount, or animal companion -2
  • Recruits a cohort of a different alignment -1

Current value (level 13): 18

Follower Modifiers
  • Has a stronghold, base of operations, guild house, or the like +2
  • Moves around a lot -1

Current value (level 13): 21