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This is a Bard subclass for 5A. A way to make a bard with a focus chosen from the wide variety of domains

Formally The College of Domains, domain bards focus on a domain, an area of interest much like a cleric domain. Not necessarily related to religion, to the bard this can be more a field of study than a faith. This gives specialized magic that can do things bards generally cannot use, including spells with powerful physical effects, but only in the domain's narrow area of specialization. Philosophically or skeptically inclined people, like dragonborn and gnomes, often turn to the College of Domains as a part of their study of the world.

Greyhawk: Popular in Baklunish lands, where they are seen as religious mystics. In Cosmopolitan culture, this is seen as scientific study and greatly appreciated. Neither tradition is seen as bards in the traditional sense, but rather as geniuses whose talents span a wide range of topics.

Subclass Features

Note that domain bards are not divine spellcasters. They make a connection to a traditional domain, but they connect to the legend, not a divine patron.


Cleric Domains
  1. Animist5A
  2. Arcana
  3. Cold5A
  4. Darkness5A
  5. Death
  6. Earth5A
  7. Forge
  8. Grave
  9. Insidious5A
  10. Knowledge
  11. LabyrinthEN
  12. Liberation5A
  13. Life
  14. Light
  15. Luck5A
  16. Masks5A
  17. Nature
  18. Order
  19. Peace
  20. Prophecy5A
  21. ProtectionEN
  22. Relic Weapon5A
  23. Spiritualism5A
  24. Tempest
  25. Travel5A
  26. Trickery
  27. Twilight
  28. War
  29. Water5A

At 3rd level, you select a cleric domain. You gain abilities based on this domain.

  • At 3rd level when you select your domain, you gain the 1st level ability of that domain.
  • Also at level 3, you can spend one use of Bardic Inspiration to use your domain's Channel Divinity ability. You gain access to channel divinity abilities at the levels given in your dominion, which means you may not get any channel domain ability until higher levels.
  • At 6th level, you gain the 6th level ability of your chosen domain.
  • At 14th level, you gain the 17th level ability of your chosen domain.

You never get the level 8 feature of your domain. When a domain feature mentions your cleric level, use your bard level instead. When a domain feature mentions heavy armor, replace that mention with medium armor. When a domain feature mentions your Wisdom, use your Charisma instead. When a domain feature allows a saving throw, use your spell saving throw DC.

Domain Spells

Starting at 3rd level when you join this bardic college, you learn additional spells when you reach certain levels as a bard, as shown in the description of your domain. You gain both the 1st and 3rd level domain spells when you join this college at 3rd level. Each of these spells counts as a bard spell for you, but it doesn't count against the number of bard spells you know. You cannot replace these spells as you advance in level.

Designer's Notes

Moved from Chanting_ to allow that subclass to be re-developed. A bard that uses cleric domains. The most important ability is domain spells added to added known spells.

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