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Heroic Action Role-Play



You have mastered the esoteric art of Alchemy. Any Create check you do in relation to Alchemy is Confident.



You can plan and lead the construction of buildings, from hovels to palaces and dungeons. You have an intuitive understanding of such projects, and can make educated guesses about where to find hidden chambers, where corridors lead and where to find rooms of a certain description. You can deduce where traps and defensive works should be placed, based on the use of different chambers.

When examining the plans of a building or having it described to you, you can deduce the location of such things as if you were actually there, looking for them. You only get one chance to discern each feature this way. Any tasks related to building you could do without this schtick are Routine to you.



You have mastered one particular craft. This can be swordsmithing, woodcarving, painting, or any one pretty specific profession. In this you are a true master, able to craft extraordinary items of grace and quality; Tinkering rolls in your area of specialty are Routine, and anything you create is of Functional construction without increasing the difficulty (a higher construction level still pays full cost).



You are a master at finding technical solutions to practical problems. There is no practical problem that cannot be solved by building a device - tough it can sometimes take 10 years and a ten thousand workers to finish the project. Create tasks that involve creating devices are Routine to you. This can involve some Tinkering and Power Experiment projects. Engineer does not apply to asks governed by other Create Schticks, such as Security. In addition, you are proficient at a number of Crafts equal to twice your Create.


Basic Action

You can use the Demolish stunt as a Basic Action.

Focused Creator


You can perform a Limit Break with a Create stunt, schtick, or power as if you were focused. When you finish a task based on Create, you Focus.



You improve your Fakes to the point where it takes a Limit Break inspection to spot the forgery.

Jury Rig


You are a master of scrounging and improvising tools and parts. Hair pins and chewing gum work as well as tweeters and soldering in your hands. Tin foil, burned out light bulbs, and cans serve you as spare parts. As long as you can make entertaining technobabble about it, are effectively never without a toolkit or parts for Create tasks, including Tinkering at the Workshop level.

Magic Pockets


Deep Pockets checks are routine. As long as you have some plausible way to fit or find the gear, or make up a reasonable story of why you would have stashed the gear here, you can have large items and a greater number of items.


Basic Action

You are familiar with security measures of all types: locks, alarms and traps. Your Disable Mechanism checks are Routine.

Set Trap

Limit Break

You can set traps and alarms given the right equipment and circumstances. Alarms are fairly straightforward; they can be local loud alarms or remote, silent alarms depending on resources. Typical traps are weapons, snares, and pitfalls but they can also be built around powers you can use. A trap does damage equal to your Create. A snare trap steals shots equal to the attack outcome (this can carry over from a surprise round into the next round); on an outcome equal to the targets Reflexes he is rendered helpless. A pitfall causes a normal fall. When the trap attacks, make a Create roll against the Dodge of the victim, with the usual +3 bonus for being hidden. You can add a Finisher you know to the trap. If you do, and the trap inflicts a Setback, the Finisher replaces the Setback.

A trap can be found with Scan or Search and is automatically found when using Examine. Once found, traps are much less effective as there is no surprise bonus and targets can take trigger action defenses. Knowing what triggers the trap means it can often be circumvented.


Limit Break

You have knowledge of fashions of your time and understanding of what can be worn when and to provoke which reaction. This lets you make a dress and toilette for every occasion, and also gives you the savvy to dress oddly without causing a scandal. You have the presence and fame to create fashion trends. You are notorious in fashionable circles. This most commonly applies to dress and toilette, but it can apply to art, architecture, cuisine and other cultural traits as well.

You can take a Limit Break to dress up or spruce up an outfit to gain one of the following effects. The difficulty of the check is the target's Charm. A proper styling studio makes this check Routine.

Mood You temporarily allows subjects to use Dodge instead of either Charm or Impress, changing the impression they have on others. Only the values used for skill rolls change; the subject still uses his normal values as defense. This lasts for a couple of hours or until the target chooses to end the effect.

Occasion A makeup created for a specific social situation makes that situation Routine. This can be dressing up for a date, TV interview, board meeting or other specific social situation, generally no more than a scene in length. This only applies to the situation as it was expected to develop; if the interview turns into a hostage drama this bonus no longer applies.

Role Anyone attempting to use a disguise you helped create treat Charm rolls to maintain the role as Routine, and can impersonate specific persons and other races or genders without wearing bulky clothes.


Trigger Action

Whenever you or a team member within Reflexes meters of you are about to trigger a trap, you can use this as if it was Examine to find that trap and cancel the action that would have triggered the trap.

Weapon Mods

Limit break

You fiddle with weapons, coaxing new abilities out of them. Choose one of the following weapon abilities when you use this schtick. You can pick this schtick several times to apply multiple benefits with each application. It is a Limit Break and requires a Create check against the damage the weapon does in your hands to apply the modification and the benefit lasts until the end of the session. Some mods have prerequisites, that can be satisfied either in the weapon itself, or because you have installed a Weapon Mod for that ability.

Common Mods Can be applied to any weapon.

Ranged Mods These can be applied to ranged weapons only

Melee Mods

Limitations As an option, you can instead remove one for the following weapon abilities. You can remove limiting weapon abilities gained from Signature Mods through additional Signature Mods.

You start each session with a weapon mod of your choice and can use this and any other weapon mods you install until the end of the session. In the hands of others, a modified weapon loses its mods at the end of any scene where they are used.