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This page contains notes for creating heraldry art for use in games. This is mostly a technical issue, and I'm currently looking into software.


  • Freehand: The "paste into" function is very handy when placing objects into a shield shape. This is not available in Illustrator. Can export to .ai or editable .eps. In both cases, clipping paths are constructed. Note: Check if SVG export is available.
  • Corel Draw: I have some old clip art in Corel Draw format (version 8). Sadly, neither Freehand nor Illustrator can read these files, but CD can export to .ai. Note: Check if a batch converter is available!
  • Illustrator: Probably the tool I should learn to use.
  • Inkscape. Open source. It can apparently do the paste into thing. See this link.


See also

  • Cormyr - examples of fantasy heraldry.

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