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Image: http://hastur.net/albums/tuft/screenshot_0012.jpg.


When Gabrielle Greengrass entered her late teens, she suddenly shrank a foot in length and changed into something very like an elf out of the Fantasy books she used to enjoy so much. After being diagnosed as a mutant, she threw herself into superheroing with enthusiasm, seeing it as a great opportunity to live out her fantasies. Always cheerful, she enjoys the use of her new powers to the fullest, and looks forward to all the great things she will be able to do.


Mutant / Scrapper

Power Sets

Primary |

Martial Arts

Secondary |

Super Reflexes

Pool |


Pool |



"Lets have FUN FUN FUN!"

Visual Stats:

Part Style Color
Skin 1,5
Head Pointy Ears 7,2
Face 7
Makeup 5
Hair Ponytail 2 1,1 / 2,1
Detail 1 None
Detail 2 None
Upper Body Armoured
Chest Tech 3 1,1/6,2
Shoulder Medieval 2 6,2/1,1
Chest detail Celtic 2 6,3/1,1
Glove Large 1,1
Belt Tactical 1 7,2 / 1,1
Lower Body Bottoms
Bottom Tech 6 1,1/6,2
Boots Large 1.1 / 7,1
Leather 1

Played by Mats Öhrman - Screenshots - Keybindings