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Schticks to Powers?

   8.1 Artist's Cross-hairs
   8.2 Bag Full of Guns
   8.3 Both Guns Blazing
   8.4 Carnival of Carnage
   8.5 Clean Shot
   8.6 Cock 'n Carry
   8.7 Cool Steel
   8.8 Dramatic Reload
   8.9 Eagle Eye
   8.10 Fast Draw
   8.11 Fields of Fire
   8.12 First Salvo
   8.13 Great Balls of Fire
   8.14 Gunnery
   8.15 Gunsmith
   8.16 Hail of Bullets
   8.17 Hold!
   8.18 Mercykiller
   8.19 Named Bullet
   8.20 Piercing Shot
   8.21 Pinning Fire
   8.22 Recon By Fire
   8.23 Slow Mo’ Vengeance
   8.24 Sniper
   8.25 Trick Shot
   8.26 Walking Fire
   8.27 Zen Marksmanship

Schtick Ideas

Gun Training


You are trained in the use of ranged weapons. When trained in a weapon, you can use all shoot schticks and [Weapon Abilities (Action)|weapon abilities]] with that weapon. Select one of these three options when you take this schtick:

  • Pistols You are trained in all ranged weapons used in one hand and not thrown.
  • Longarms You are trained in all ranged weapons used in two hands and not thrown.


Trigger Action (Surprise)

This is used to "preserve" surprise. When you get a surprise round, before anyone else on your side acts, you can use Holdup to hold the enemy at gunpoint. This means that you can talk to the enemy, but if a fight erupts, your side still gets a surprise round, and the enemy knows this is so. Holdup can be broken if you are in turn surprised, or by an interaction setback.


Basic Action

Specify a target you can see. If your next action is a Shoot attack on that target, you receive a +3 modifier and ignore range penalties. If you take any kind of action in between (even a trigger action) the bonus is canceled.

Shoot 'n Scoot

Trigger Action

After making a Basic Action or Limit Break using the Shoot skill, you can move your Move meters. If you end up out of line of sight and more than their Mind meters away from any enemy, you can make an Sneak stunt as a part of shoot 'n scoot.

Signature Gun (Old version)


When you acquire this schtick, specify a single ranged weapon as your signature weapon. You are trained to use this weapon, and it is very much a part of your identity, and using it is second nature to you. Under most circumstances, nobody will question your right to carry it, so its there in many situations where a weapon could not normally be carried. It also has a kind of script immunity; no matter what happens, it will always find its way back to you and can never be permanently destroyed or lost.

This is a unique weapon, a single, particular item, not all weapons of its type. Examples include the rifle awarded you by your liege for services rendered, the bow you carved as a culmination of your training, or the shotgun your grandmother gave you as a coming-of-age present. Mementos of dying comrades or loved ones are also common.