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Thoughts about Savage Worlds games in the Dark Future.


Suggested reading order:

  1. Route 666 (novel)
  2. Demon Download
  3. Krokodil Tears
  4. Comeback Tour
  5. Route 666 (anthology)
  6. Ghost Dancers


A handbook with complete rules will be compiled for local use. Design notes are available on the wiki to allow other game masters to recreate the rules.


The Dark Future is a near future horror setting. It might be described as Cthulhu Now with the serial numbers filed off. For most people, experience with the supernatural is limited to teevee news about "Unexplained Events". Many of those who have the misfortune to encounter beings from beyond are driven insane. The rules for Sanity in the Horror Companion are used.


A Dark Future campaign will probably be about Sanctioned Ops (but not necessarily about vehicle combat) who try to make a more or less honest buck. There is always the option of going Renegade, or to become involved in Unexplained Events and learn something of true nature of reality.

The campaign will most likely start in Pinebox, TX. It is detailed in the Pinebox setting by 12 to Midnight. It's probably a good idea if one of the Ops is from the area.


Humans are the only playable race. Mutated humans exist and can be represented by the Unusual Lineage/Looks hindrance in Realms of Cthulhu or Outsider in the core rules.

Clones are humans engineered for specific traits, such as attractiveness for sexclones or brute strength for labor clones. Clones are property and do not have legal rights. Typical hindrances include Loyal and Duty.

Gator people in Comeback Tour are a separate race, similar to the saurians in the Fantasy Companion.

Plastic people or "Donnies and Maries" may be plastic, but they are living plastic, and do not count as constructs. They are probably best represented by humans with the Unusual Looks hindrance and a cheerful and creepy personality.

Full conversion cyborgs can hopefully be created using the rules in the Science Fiction Companion. While the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots appear in Route 666, they are not a major part of the settings, so this is not a priority.