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Levels and Ranks

As a rule of thumb, "one advance per level" gives virtually the same result as the official conversion guidelines, and is easier to remember when converting existing characters.

d20 Level Rank
1-3 Novice
4-7 Seasoned
8-11 Veteran
12-15 Heroic
16-20 Legendary

Official level conversion:

d20 Level Rank
1-3 Novice
4-6 Seasoned
7-10 Veteran
11-15 Heroic
16-20 Legendary

In practice, both should work equally well.


There is a lot of good stuff in Beasts & Barbarians that canbe useful in a fantasy game. Included Edges:

  • Armor Training ("Hoplite Training")
  • Ace (revised)

The rules for two and single player campaigns ("Heroic Duo" and "Lone Wolf") will probably used for fantasy campaigns.