Summon Earth (Action Powers)

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Templates for Action

Dimensional Loadstone

Basic Action

Make an opposed Impress roll to prevent the target from using teleport powers for the rest of the scene.


Trigger Action (Defense or Combo)

You create a barrier of earth and stone with a Toughness equal to your Impress. It is about a meter square has a height up to your Mind in meters. It must be created in contact with a solid surface. If you create the Earthshield next to you, you have the option of being lifted up on top of it as it grows. The Earthshield crumbles pretty quickly and is reduced to rubble soon after the scene ends, even if it does not take any damage.

You can use Earthshield in many ways:

  • Create a barrier to block an attack (giving a +3 bonus on Dodge to either you or another.
  • Create a barrier to prevent someone from moving (which sets the Free Running difficulty of the move to your Impress). This works even against low-flying creatures, and if they fail the roll they land.
  • To assist an Impress stunt against creatures standing on the ground, allowing a reroll of a failed stunt by creating a pillar under the speaker, lifting him above his spectators.
  • To perform stunts using large amounts of unstable earth, such as putting out fire, spreading debris, and similar situation-specific stunts using your Impress to substitute for the skill normally used. In this case, the trigger action is in addition to the shots spent on the action itself (usually a Basic Action).

Summon Earth Elemental

Basic Action

You can seize a creature whose True Name you know through time and space and bring it into your presence. The creature must be in another dimension or juncture, and not currently summoned, imprisoned or otherwise occupied. You can summon one Henchman or a number of Minions of the same type equal to your Mind. It takes an Impress roll against the creature's Dodge or Impress to summon.

The creature immediately makes an initiative check to see when it will next act, but this cannot be earlier than the shot in which it is summoned. In future rounds, the creature has its own initiative score.

You can also use this power again on a creature (or group of unnamed creatures) you have summoned along with an Impress roll against the creature's Dodge or Impress, in order to extend your control over it until the end of the following round. During combat, you must succeed at this action each round or the creature will break free, but you can try repeatedly in each round. Out of combat, you only need to roll every 15 minutes, but any failed roll means you lose control of the creature.

You can also use this power with an Impress roll against the creature's Dodge or Impress to dismiss a summoned creature whose True Name you know, even one you did not summon yourself. Summoned creatures can also be dispelled using other dispel powers, which like all dispels becomes harder and harder as they remain in their world.

Summoned creatures can perceive your aura as you summon them, and know who you are. Their initial attitude depends on your reputation among this kind of creature and whether you have an allegiance or pact with them. In any case, it still takes a roll every hour and for each task it is ordered to do to keep the creature under control and on your plane.

You can release a summoned creature from your direct control. This means the creature can remain on your plane indefinitely, but that your control over it ends; you must bargain with it or use other powers to acquire its services. Sometimes a creature is summoned simply to cause terror or otherwise freed to act out its instincts and inclination. Such a creature can still be banished or dispelled, and someone who knows its true name can seize control of it as noted above.

This power only works on Earth Elementals.