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Spiral monks are "fallen" monks, seduced by the power of chaos and evil, usually a demon lord or power of the Cthulhu mythos. Such fallen monks are forever shunned by normal monks for the dual sin of abandoning their self-determination and the discipline of the class.

Class Information

This is a martial arts archetype

Class: Unchained monk.

Alignment: Chaotic neutral, neutral evil, or chaotic evil only. A spiral monk that changes to a non-allowed alignment can continue in the class, but is forever shunned by normal monks.

Hit Die: d10.

Class Features

The spiral monk has all the unchained monks class features, except as follows.

Abased Blood (Su)

A spiral monk's ki is corrupted with supernatural essence. A spiral monk must select a bloodline from those available to bloodragers and gains each bloodline power of that bloodline at the same levels a bloodrager gains them, counting monk levels as bloodrager levels to learn and use bloodline powers. A spiral monk does not need to be in a bloodrage to use bloodrage powers. Bloodline powers that normally activate when entering a bloodrage can be activated as a free action. Bloodline powers that grant natural attacks can be used in the same round as unarmed strikes, but count as secondary natural attacks in this case. This replaces stunning fist.

Bonus Feats

Add the bonus feats of the chosen bloodline to the spiral monk's choice of bonus feats. Unlike the monk, the spiral monk needs to fulfill the perquisites of all bonus feats.

Clawed Hands (Su)

At 4th level, the spiral monk's unarmed strikes deal bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage. This replaces still mind.

Monstrous Guise (Ex)

As the spiral monk's corruption progress, he looks more and more like a monster. This gives a penalty on all Charisma-based skills (except Bluff used to feint, Intimidate, and use Magic Device) equal to the spiral monk's class level. At 5th level and higher, the spiral monk must use Disguise to appear as an ordinary member of his race. A spiral monk can focus on suppressing these these changes and appear as a normal member of his race for one hour as a full-round action that costs one point from his ki pool. Not even true seeing can see the spiral monk's true form when using this ability. If the spiral monk uses any supernatural class features, this suppression immediately ends.

Corrupted Ki (Sp)

At 6th level, the spiral monk learns to use the spells associated with his bloodline as spell-like abilities. Whenever a spiral monk uses flurry of blows, he can replace a bonus attack from flurry of blows at his highest base attack bonus with corrupted ki, casting one of these spell-like abilities instead of making a physical attack. This does not trigger an attack of opportunity, but has the normal ki point cost. At 15th level, he can replace up to two of his bonus attacks with spell-like abilities.

At 6th level he can use the bloodline spell from 7th level as a spell-like ability at a cost of 1 ki points.
At 10th level he can use the bloodline spell from 10th level as a spell-like ability at a cost of 2 ki points.
At 14th level he can use the bloodline spell from 13th level as a spell-like ability at a cost of 3 ki points.
At 18th level he can use the bloodline spell from 16th level as a spell-like ability at a cost of 4 ki points.

This replaces the ki powers gained at level 6, 10, 14, and 18.

Damage Reduction (Ex)

At 7th level, the spiral monk gains the bloodrager's damage reduction ability. This replaces the style strike ability.

Ki Pool (su)

At 10th level, the spiral monk's unarmed strikes are treated as both chaotic and evil weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. This changes the ki pool ability.

Eternal Spiral (Ex)

At 17th level, as a standard action, the spiral monk can go into hibernation, as imprisonment, except that he can set a condition that will release him. This can be any event whatsoever, and does not need to occur near the place where he is imprisoned. In addition, the powers the spiral monk serves can free him from imprisonment at any time, even when he was not imprisoned by this ability. This replaces timeless body.

Ultimate Self

At 20th level, an spiral monk becomes a magical creature. His type changes to outsider. He does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe and gain acid, cold, and electricity resistance 10. These resistances stack with any resistance gained from bloodline powers. Finally, the spiral monk can spend time in communion with his patron. During this time, the spiral monk can take no actions, but he does regain ki at the rate of 1 point per 10 minutes spent. He cannot use this ability to gain an amount of ki in excess of his maximum. This replaces perfect self.

Ex Monks

An ex-monk that gains an alignment allowed to the spiral monk can become an spiral monk after a week of angst and abasement. Apply the template retroactively.

Summary of Changed Class Abilities

These class features are lost or modified in this archetype:

  • Bonus Feats
  • Stunning Fist
  • Still Mind
  • Ki powers gained at level 6, 10, 14, and 18.
  • Style Strike.
  • Ki pool from level 10.
  • Timeless Body.
  • Perfect Self.
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