Shapeshift Water (Action Powers)

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You become an amorph being with no definite form and no sensitive interior organs. You can displace your form to shift out of bonds or through tiny holes only large enough to let water through. Add your Mind to your Body and Toughness to soak Piercing damage.

Hover Bubble


You create a bubble of water around yourself that you can move. This lets you fly at your normal speed and helps sustain a water creature in air. It can also be used to create a bubble of air in water, with similar effects. You can keep another creature with you in a hover bubble, but unless that creature's Body is 5 or more lower than yours, neither of you can move as a part of a Basic Action while doing this.

Water Adaptation

Basic Action

A target you touch (traditionally kiss) can breathe water and can move underwater at normal speed. His skin will not take damage from normal exposure to water, and resists pressure at any depth. You can affect yourself plus up to Mind others simultaneously with this power. It lasts for a scene.

Water Elemental Form

Limit Break

You assume the form of another creature decided when you gain the power. You must have created a variant form for yourself using your normal points and limits. If you do not have such a creature description ready, you cannot use this power. This creature cannot have higher value in any particular skill than you do. You can add powers of the same form the creature has and keep schticks and powers you already have, but you cannot otherwise add powers or schticks. This power cannot be used to imitate a specific individual; you remain yourself in mannerisms and detail while changing race, species, and creature type.

You remain in this form for a scene or until you fall asleep or unconscious or will yourself back to your normal form (a Basic Action). You can learn this power several times to learn to transform into several different creatures.

You can only assume the form on a Water Elemental with this version of the power.

Water Walking

Basic Action

The target touched can walk on the surface of water or other liquid for the rest of the scene. You are assumed to use this on yourself each scene.


Basic Action

You form a whirlpool with a diameter equal to your Mind, you must be in this area. Make a Trip maneuver against everyone in this area, friend and foe alike. You can move tripped targets to any point in the whirlpool; targets who you fail you trip instead decide where they end up.