Shapeshift Spiritual (Action Powers)

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Basic Action

You can assume a mundane form and back again. The mundane form is normally human, but you can choose any Folk or a normal Animal. In this form, you have normal attribute maxima of your assumed race. This power is negated as soon as you use any power. It is not possible to detect your lost powers or spiritual nature when you are in this form; they simply are not present to be detected. This is tied to the Mark of Power method.

Spirit Form

Basic Action

You can assume spirit form. You become Insubstantial and Incorporeal. Damage and effects based on Psychic Damage affect you normally. You can make use Invisible while in Spirit Form without knowing that power.

While you are in spirit form you are linked to a medium, a creature or an object of spiritual significance such as an altar or holy symbol. You cannot move further that Maneuver meters away from your medium, being pulled along if the medium moves. You can perceive normally and you can use the Channeling power (if you have it) through a creature that either is or carries your medium. You can choose to link to a different medium each time you use the power.

When you take this power, you must decide if your spirit form or your temporal form (the form you are in when not using this power) is your natural state. You begin play sessions in your natural state, and resume your natural state on Power Loss or if the power fails. It is possible to have your normal form be a Spirit Form without taking the power, but of you do, you can never manifest physically or change your medium and are always a spirit.

Spirit Incarnate


Pick one Stance power. This power becomes a part of your spirit nature, and becomes inherent, always on, and a part of your body. This often changes your physical appearance and works well with the Mark of Power method.

You can take this power several times, each time it applies to a separate power that is a stance.