Shapeshift Gifts (Action Powers)

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Templates for Action

Beast Cloak

Basic Action

You can assume the form of an animal similar to yourself in size, as decided when you use the power. This does not change any of your skills or ability scores, but you gain a natural Melee attack doing Body +2 damage of an appropriate type.

Bestial Self

Limit Beak

You free your inner monstrous nature. You must build a monstrous variant for for yourself on the same point total. This is usually a hulking monstrosity, but is some cases it can be small and stealthy. It is never Folk or Animal.

The bestial self and you share Hits and Fortune points. When the bestial self runs out of Hits, it runs away until it gets away or until it has taken Hits equal to your Body, which causes it to be defeated. After successfully running away, when defeated, or at the end of the scene, you transform back into your normal form. Any hits and other effect taken remain with you, possibly leaving you unconscious.

Your bestial self is different enough that observers will not recognize you without some stunt. The transformation is shocking and distracting, which protects your identity; your normal form is assumed to be hiding or to have run away by casual observers.

Instant Change

Basic Action

You can assume a mundane form and back again. The mundane form is normally human, but can be any Folk or a normal Animal. In this form, you have normal attribute maxima of your race, and you lose any powers based on physical form. It is not possible to detect your lost powers or gifted nature when you are in this form; they simply are not present to be detected. This is tied to the Mark of Power method.



Pick one Stance power. Your body mutates to accommodate this power, and it becomes inherent, always on, and a part of your body. This often changes your physical appearance and works well with the Mark of Power method.

You can take this power several times, each time it applies to a separate power that is a stance.

Ride the Blast

Trigger Action (Combo)

When you hit a target using a Shoot, you can use this power to Teleport to a spot adjacent to the target.