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Weird Wars Rome uses Savage Worlds Deluxe in addition to the setting rules. Any page references for the core rules are for the Explorer's Edition. Additional rules are described below.

Campaign Rules

These rules are not in the official Weird Wars Rome use rules, but have been added by the War Master for flavor. They include options from the core rules as well as house rules.

Blood and Guts

Characters can spend Bennies on damage rolls![1] This means the No Mercy edge is not required.


From the core rules: "In general, you shouldn’t worry about Encumbrance. Characters will usually carry no more than their characters think they actually need."[2] If the standard rule were to be used, legionaries would be certain to suffer an encumbrance penalty of at least -1 due to the weight of their kit. The War Master assumes that warriors in antiquity were trained to fight in armor, so the standard penalty (to Strength and Agility traits and skills) will not be used. Instead, the penalty will be applied to Pace and possibly Agility rolls.

Caesar, Tacitus and Dio all refer to heavy infantry relieved of their body armor to increase their speed and maneuverability in battle.[3] The modified encumbrance rules are intended to reflect this while keeping the game fast, furious and fun. As a rule of thumb, legionaries in full fighting kit (helmet, shield, armor, weapons) will have their Pace reduced by 1. Lightly armored warriors will move at full Pace. This includes most barbarians as well as legionaries who use either shield or armor, but not both.

Joker's Wild

When a Joker is dealt, everyone gets a bennie.[1] This includes the War Master!

Multiple Languages

Characters gain a number of additional languages equal to half their Smarts die.[1] This means that characters can start with one or more additional languages, or learn a new one in play without spending skill points.


Legionaries will not be promoted to decanus unless they show leadership ability. In game terms, this means the Command edge.


The Rank Edge is free to those characters who hold military rank (deacnus and above). The character must fulfil the requirement as normal. This change is designed to lessen the burden of command, so that only one edge is required.


See the Weird Wars Rome rulebook for a complete equipment list. Changes to the official rules are listed below.


Lorica segementata: This iconic armor has an armor value of 3.

Manica: Armor value is 1 for leater, 2 for scale or chain, and 3 for metal.


Sling: The range of the sling is doubled to 8/16/32.[4]


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