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Rippers is a Victorian horror setting for Savage Worlds.


Rippers was written for the original edition Savage Worlds. It should be relative easy to run Rippers games with the Explorer's Edition or Deluxe rules.

Melee Damage

The Templar Legacy contains a sidebar with updated damage rules.

In the original edition of Savage Worlds, as in Rippers, melee damage was Strength plus a number and, as a Trait roll, could be rerolled with a Benny.

In Savage Worlds: Explorer’s Edition and newer products, including this adventure, damage is now Strength plus a die type. The second die type is limited to the character’s Strength die. Both dice may Ace, but damage is no longer considered a Trait roll that can be rerolled with a Benny.

Old Style New Style
Str+1 Str+d4
Str+2 Str+d6
Str+3 Str+d8
Str+4 Str+d10
Str+5 Str+d12