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Harmony of Space

Limit Break

You ward an area against teleportation. Any attempt to Teleport into or out of the area has a minimum difficulty equal to your Ride; if the Outcome was less than your Mind the teleport succeeded, but made an awful noise and dazed the teleportee, making him Surprised.

Harmony of Space covers a radius equal to your Ride skill in meters and lasts for an hour. If there are chimes, bells, or some other recurring sound in the area each day, the effect can be sustained so that it resumes for an hour after each time the sound is made.

Truth Rider

Basic Action

You carry an aura of truth along with you until the end of the next round. Creatures within Ride meters and to all who can see you are affected and find it very hard to lie or even utter unintentional falsehoods.

Any action based on a lie is Stymied. A creature that rolls lower than your Ride cannot knowingly lie and has to remain silent. A creature that rolls lower than your Mind cannot speak an untruth, even if they believe it is true.

World Spin

Limit Break

Give me a fixed point, and I will move the world - Archimedes.

You can Teleport from one place to another or even to other planes. You must keep some aspect of your surrounding constant while changing all others. For example, you could focus on a rock and teleport to another location with a very similar rock. It generally takes a number of such shifts to arrive at a destination, and the intervening places you pass by can be harrowing.

To simplify the use of this power, the GM can call for a single Ride check with a difficulty depending on how different your goal is from where you are now. On a success, you get there with one use of the power. On a failure, you get there after a harrowing journey involving either a long delay or some concrete danger or plot. If you fail by a margin wider than your Mind you get lost and end up in an unexpected place - this is either one that is hard to get out of, or one that is deceptively similar to what you were looking for, but not the same.

Condition Difficult
Only random details differ 14
Same general environment 16
Different environment but same world 18
Different but similar world 20
Similar world with very specific details 22
Alien world 24
Completely alien setting 26
Alien setting with specific details 28

Going to a well known location is a Routine task.