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Shadow Ambush

Basic Action

You transport yourself, your allies, a target and the target's allies into a shadowy reflection of the physical world. The place you appear at is the same as the physical world in all respects, except that only creatures affected by this power are there and that it appears drab and shadowy, almost monochrome. Any damage done to objects or structures in the area do not translate to the real world.

You make a Ride roll to see how many targets you can affect. The power lasts for one scene, until the two sides lose contact, until you choose to end it (a Basic Action), or until dispelled or broken with an appropriate Setback scored on you. When the power ends, all targets return to the normal world and you and your allies become hidden.

Shadow Walk

Basic Action or Limit Break

You can disappear into a shadow or patch of darkness, only to appear moments later in a similar location. You teleport to another shadow or place of darkness whose location you know of. Both shadows must be large enough that you can stand in them. As a Basic Action, you need line of sight, with a Limit Break you don't, and can even travel between planes

You are expected to use other powers to locate suitable spots of darkness. If the area you intended to step into is lit, the power fails, you do not move, and you cannot use this power again in this scene.

War Rider

Basic Action

You carry an aura of war along with you until the end of the next round. Creatures within Ride meters and to all who can see you. Creatures in this area are prone to violence and will fight at the drop of a hat.

Any time a creature in the area is successfully interacted with using Charm or Impress , it must attack on its next action if there are any enemies present. On a Setback result, it must attack either way, possibly striking a nearby friend, and will continue to attack enemies each time their shot comes up for the rest of the round. This is in addition to the normal effect of the interaction.