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Path of Destiny


You never become lost, intuitively sensing the path to your personal destiny. You are never too late, always arriving at the exact time your path requires. Tough your travels might seem aimless, you are on the golden road to your glorious doom. You might be a relentless quester or a fool drifting on the winds of fate, but you are never completely lost and never wander aimlessly. If you are wandering deep in the woods or wide-open desert it is because there is a meaningful task or lesson for you there. You might have to struggle to survive, as that might very well be the lesson. But boring and mundane travel for travel's sake is not an issue for you; the time you spend traveling is never wasted and distance is not an impediment when you are in search of adventure.

This power can take you anywhere your destiny lies, even to faraway or fantastical times and places, and you can lead a small band of companions there. Basically, this gives you an excuse to appear in an adventure regardless of how strange or ridiculous it might seem, being a more extreme variant of Drifer. It can also give the GM an excuse to make adventures in places and locations far outside the normal scope of the campaign, tough you have no control over this. Your destiny can be open or specific, and you can suggest adventures and places to the GM that you think your destiny ought to take you to. Generally, you can easily pass a source of supplies on your travels, but if the adventure is about lack of supplies, you are as badly pf as your team.

Ripples on the Pond

Limit Break

All allies who can see or hear you and are within Ride meters of you become focused. This can potentially allow them to perform a second Limit Break in the same round if they somehow get the opportunity for an extra action. Does nothing out of action scenes.