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False Tracks


You leave tracks as if you were some other type of creature. Select a creature when you adopt this stance; as long as you remain in the stance, you leave tracks as a natural creature of this type would. The creature has to have a Body that differs from yours by no more than your Mind. This does not give you any powers or abilities of the imitated creature.

Pet Portal


You can teleport a pet animal to you and back. This teleport takes the place of normal movement; when it becomes the pet's turn to act, it instantly arrives near you and can act normally. It can similarly disappear at the beginning of any of its actions. One end of the teleport must be within Ride meters of you, the other must be in a safe location far away. As an option, the pet can reside in an extradimensional space when dismissed.



Select a living creature you touch; its Move is increased by +2. You need not continue to touch it to maintain the stance.

Scent of Sight

Basic Action

Your sense of smell develops to fantastic proportions. You can track, identify creatures and substances, and tell a creature's mood by scent alone. You automatically succeed at any scent-related task possible to a normal human. Make Recon checks only for stunts a normal human simply could not do. If blinded, you can still perceive creatures in a range out to your Mind in meters. This has the effects of a Scan stunt, and you automatically spot creatures in this area who are not Sneaking, even if they would be impossible to sense with your normal senses.


Basic Action

Substitute your Move with your Ride. You can move your Ride in a straight line as a basic action. This is the only way you can use this increased speed, but you can do this as part of a chase.