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Cloud Travel

Basic Action or Limit Break

You teleport from a cloud to cloud. You movie into a cloud or mist dense enough to hide you completely from everyone not included in this power, only to appear moments later from another cloud. Roll for this as if it was a ranged attack with a difficulty determined by Cover and with normal Range modifiers. You ignore difficulties from concealment based on air, such as clouds of vapor, smoke, or dust. On a failed roll, you either fail to teleport or suffer a Setback, as appropriate. If performed as a limit break, you ignore range modifiers and ignore sight obstructions - only hard cover counts. You can specify a destination and will arrive in the nearest suitable cloud.

If using Flying Carpet to enter the cloud, you and all passengers can teleport together.

Flight Boost


Touch a vehicle or creature capable of flight; its Move is increased by +2 when flying. You need not continue to touch the creature to maintain this stance.


Basic Action

This is intended as a travel power useful in chase scenes and somewhat impractical for ordinary adventuring.

You take off and fly through the air with a Move equal to your Ride skill. You must continuously use this or rely on another flight power to remain airborn. If you don't, you sink towards the ground at a rate of Ride meters per shot expended on other actions.

Flying Carpet

Basic Action

You lift a large flat object, such as a carpet, and turn it into a conveyance that can carry passengers or cargo. The carpet has a Body and Move equal to your Ride and carries things like a creature of its strength. It must be no more than Mind meters from corner to corner. If you sit on the carpet it works like an open vehicle. Everything on the carpet is protected from slipstream. You can remote control its movement as a basic action, but if it is distance from you normal range penalties apply to your control rolls.

You can only control one object at a time. If you let go of control of an object or move out of range, it moves towards the ground at full speed and lands safely after a harrowing dive.

You can lift objects other than carpets this way as long as they are reasonably large and have a flat underside - carriages and cars come to mind. However, in this case the weight of the object counts against the weight capacity of the power.

Phantom Steed

Basic Action

You create a mount made that only you can ride. This mount has Body, Reflexes and Speed equal to your Mind or your value in the attribute in question, whichever is higher, and a Dodge and Maneuver skill equal to your Ride. When others try to ride your spectral mount, it is insubstantial. It can be attacked and is an unnamed creature. The mount disappears when you dismount but is otherwise tireless.

You can create a spectral mount for another rider, using your Mind but that creature's value in the other attributes and in the Ride skill.