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This is a scratch page for adventures that could be adapted to the Mars Needs Women campaign. As such, the system is likely to be either Star Wars Saga Edition, or D20 Modern.

Prelude (1-3)

The prelude adventures are for level 1-3, and should be suitable for the exploration and scout service. As such, bug hunts and looting the ruins of the ancients are good choices.

Discovery (3-9)

In the discovery phase, characters gradually learn to think for themselves, and the lies of the church are hinted at. Missions deal with piracy, slavery, looting ancient ruins, and general mayhem.

Subversion (9-15)

In the subversion phase the characters should go beyond their orders and upbringing. They should be seeking truth, while avoiding imperial justice. Diplomacy, subterfuge, and assassination missions are added to the mix. Almost any mission will fit, once they are revealed to the locals.

Rebellion (15-20)

The endgame features open rebellion, fleet combat, and ground assaults. Depending on the outcomes of some crucial battles, the finale will either be a massive attack against the imperial church-palace-fortress, or a daring escape into the void.



At least some of those adventures must be useful.

Space Master

Should be something useful among all that junk.

Star Wars

Wish I had all those d6 adventures...


  • The Chamax Plague: (Traveller) A classic bug hunt in two parts. Level can be easily adjusted by tweaking the Chamax and their numbers.

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