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Unofficial rules compendium

Player's Handbook II, page 24. The knight is a tank; an armored warrior dedicated more to defending his friends than to maximizing his own damage.


Knights must be non-chaotic in alignment, rather than lawful.

Dwarven knights get extra bonus feat at level 4 and 9, because they already have armor mastery. Pick these from the regular list of bonus feats.

All Knightly Challenge CR limitations are void.

The Shield Block ability applies against all attackers, not just one, in line with how the Dodge feat works.


Except for the list of bonus feats, the knight is very culture-neutral. Any culture using shields and heavy armor is capable of producing knights. To facilitate cross-cultural knights, the following alternate bonus feat lists are suggested. Note that these options are not a matter of individual choice; there must be a tradition of knights using such an option that the character can adhere to and learn from.

Some of these level 2 bonus feats have prerequisites, which must be fulfilled in order to use that option.

Anvil Dwarven super-heavy infantry.

Grenadier Use grenade-like weapons and learn to survive their effects.

Huscarl Disciplined warriors in a barbarian society.

Praetorian Elite footsoldiers who know all the tricks of the trade.

Sacred Band Specialized in support in close order

Silver Shield Knights specializing in shield use.