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Some thoughts about the upcoming Iron Kingdoms campaign. Most of the rules have not arrived yet.



The campaign will probably start in Ord or Cygnar.


There will likely be some restrictions on the number of spellcasters (particularily sorcerors and wizards) since the world is described as low magic. Weird backgrounds ("I calmed down the rampaging warjack and it followed me like a puppy" or "I'm the lost heir to the house of Raelthorne") will not be accepted.


D20 3.5 Core plus IKCG and new splatbooks (Comnplete Warrior, etc). No net rules!

Core Classes

  • Recommended by IKCG. Monks and barbarians are probably rare. Sorcerors are viewed with suspicion.
  • Paladin and Ranger without spells.
  • Swashbuckler (Complete Warrior)

Options (UA)

These options will be used:

  • Weapon Groups. Firearms is a Weapon Group.
  • Variable starting experience depending on class level + ECL. (D20 Modern UA). This does not work with the "Buy off ECL" option in UA.

These are under consideration:

  • Taint (unless there are other rules for Toruk's blessings in IKCG).
  • Reputation.
  • Action Points.
  • Armor as Damage Reduction.
  • Defense.

These options will not be used:

  • Strength adjusted bows (terminology?) will not be used. Strength bonus will still be applied to damage for thrown weapons.