Imbue Fire (Action Powers)

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Breath of the Dragon

Basic Action

Make a Normal Melee Attack attack with a +3 bonus to your normal damage.

Cinder Strike

Limit Break

Make a strike that causes cinders to leap out and strike nearby opponents. You attack all enemies in a globe with a diameter of five meters with you at the center, causing Mind +2 Fire damage, or more if you are using an Implement to improve damage.

Claw of the Dragon

Trigger Action (Combo)

Add +2 to the Outcome of an already successful Melee attack or stunt you have just made.

Flame Spear


You create one or more melee weapons in your hand(s). These function exactly as normal weapons of the type you choose to create, but are magical constructs made of ephemeral materials and not of any particular material a creature might be vulnerable or resistant to. They disappear at the end of any round when it is not in your hand. You must be familiar with a weapon to create it this way.

This power can create spears and pole arms.

Fire Touch

Stance (Damage Boost)

You can imbue a Melee or Shoot attack with an additional type of damage. The damage of each type is the same as in the original attack. If you are not using this with a weapon, the attack does Action +2 damage of both types. Use the lesser soak value. This is the same as the Melee Weapon ability Dual Damage.

Fire Touch does Fire damage. This attack can cause nasty, lasting burns to any target that takes damage. Unless the target takes a basic action to put out the burns, it will take one additional hit at the end of the round. A friend can help stop the damage, but this requires a First Aid stunt with a difficulty equal to the damage rating of the attack that caused Burn. A creature can only have one burn effect active at a time, even if damaged by several different types of attacks that each cause burn.

Fuel for the Fire

Trigger Action (Focus)

Whenever you cause a Hit to an opponent using Melee, you can focus.

Hell's Heart

Limit Break

Make a Normal Melee Attack; if it causes a Hit the target takes a Damage Setback, in addition to normal damage.

Soul of Fire


You can use your body to do melee attacks that do Mind +2 Fire damage, or more if you are using an Implement to improve damage.