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This page contains configuration notes for the Hastur Codex/Wiki/collaborative web thingy.

Current version

See the Version page for information about the software version and installed extensions.

To be done

Short URLs

For short URLs and the ability to handle page names like AD&D, use:

$wgScriptPath = "/w";
$wgScript = "$wgScriptPath/index.php"
$wgArticlePath = "/wiki/$1";

Rewrites or aliases are necessary to redirect /wiki/$1 to /w/index.php/$1. See rewrite rules on Meta for details. Earlier, I used

$wgScript = "codex/"

This worked for most pages, but AD&D showed up as AD. Anything after the & was thrown away (or interpreted as an argument to the page script). The current solution uses Apache mod_rewrite and can only handle one ampersand in the article name.


Verify this!

Embedding external images should be disabled.


A cleaner skin would be nice, but this is not critical.


Important.svg Use rsvg for better SVG gradient rendering!
  • Icon thumbnails to be displayed for all allowed file formats. This requires editing $wgTrustedMediaFormats and $wgFileExtensions. Unfortunately this means that unsafe file warnings may not be displayed.
  • Problem: Icon images are transaprent png images. This mean that the Monobook and Codex skins need to use javascript hook to run the alpha transform for IE. In order to limit this transformation (which can cause anoying flicker), we can limit it to the fileicon-*.png only. Inorder to allow some alpha images, we may consider handling *.alpha.png as well.
  • It would be nice if the displayed namespace for media files was Media: rather than Image:...
  • Make sure icon images exist in /skins/common/images/icons.
  • Maximum file size for uploads may have to be increased (16 MB or so should do it).
  • Suggest list of allowed media types:
    • Documents: pdf, xls, doc, ppt, rtf, psd, txt, swf
    • Archives: zip, rar, tar, gz
    • Audio: ogg, mp3
    • Video: avi, mov

Media type icons

Not fixed on this wiki!

This is a hack of includes/ImagePage.php that allows for the display of an image type logo for all media types, even unsafe ones. The warning will still be displayed for unsafe media types.

Important.svg Note that this may not be necessary. See these links:

This block starts on line 199 (in MediaWiki 1.5.6). Change the if statement...

#if direct link is allowed but it's not a renderable image, show an icon.
if ($this->img->isSafeFile()) {
    $icon= $this->img->iconThumb();
    $wgOut->addHTML( '<div class="fullImageLink" id="file"><a href="' 
        . $full_url . '">' . $icon->toHtml() . '</a></div>' );

by adding the else clause...

#if direct link is allowed but it's not a renderable image, show an icon.
if ($this->img->isSafeFile()) {
    $icon= $this->img->iconThumb();
    $wgOut->addHTML( '<div class="fullImageLink" id="file"><a href="' 
        . $full_url . '">' . $icon->toHtml() . '</a></div>' );
} else {
    # Show media type thumbnail for allowed but unsafe 
    # media formats.				 
    $icon= $this->img->iconThumb();
    if ($icon) {
        $wgOut->addHTML( '<div class="fullImageLink" id="file"><a href="'
            . $full_url . '">' . $icon->toHtml() . '</a></div>' );

Note that the code has been reformatted to display better on a wiki page.


  • Create Portal: namespace. See custom namespaces on Meta.
  • Enable the Monobook skin.
  • Move site URL to codex. Rename database.
  • Short URL! Store code under w/, use codex and redirect files to call w/index.php.
  • The Help namespace is empty out of the box, so the webserver redirects to Help: on Meta.


  • Subpages: Default settings, i.e. only allowed for User: pages.
  • Some system messages changed for more consitent feel (see Special:Allmessages).

External links

Admin only.

Some web logos for use in footers. Steal buttons from Antipixel or the button database.

See documentation on customizing the interface and the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.