Gadget Pool (Action)

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This is as Item Schtick for Action


Gadget Pool

You use gadgets, one-use devices that use Powers. When you purchase this item power, your character has several different gadgets available to him, thus having a selection of powers, but a limited number of total uses per session equal to the number of schtick picks in Gadget Pool.

You select a theme and Origin for your gadgets when you take this schtick. Your gadget pool can be one item with variable properties (such as a magic utility staff or technological utility belt) or a set or kit of small items. In either case, all your gadgets together count as one item for the purpose of Item Limitations. In action, you can decide exactly what gadget you have when you use it. As long as the power fits the theme, you can use that power during a single round.

Typical themes include potions, scrolls, fetishes, spy gadgets, ninja gadgets, and clockwork devices. You use these powers normally, there is no special rules aside from the limited number of uses. You cannot select an Inherent power, but in some cases your GM might allow you to take what is normally an Inherent power as a Stance.

You can take this schtick multiple times, and use it a number of times each session equal to the number of picks you have in the power. After your gadgets are expended, you can spend a Fortune point to use the power again, coaxing an extra use out of your gadget pool. Your gadget pool refills each session.

You gadgets are still items, and can be stolen, destroyed or taken away from you. When your gadgets are stolen, you and/or the GM can immediately decide what powers the stolen gadgets have - which can sometimes be useful as foolish minions make themselves victims of your props.