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Detect Lie


You can detect spoken falsehood; when a creature within your Charm meters of you tells a deliberate falsehood, you know of it. You cannot penetrate deceit unless lies are involved. True but misleading statements are not detected.

Formal Dance

Basic Action

Everyone dances to your music. Make an opposed Charm check against all creatures you select in a diameter equal to your Mind. Those you succeed must spend a Basic Action dancing when their next shot comes up. Those against whom you get an outcome matching their Mind join a stately dance until the end of the next round or until they are attacked or directly threatened.

Dancers will move along with you, at their normal Move. They will not take double moves to follow you. If they are ever further away from you than their Mind in meters when their turn comes up, the charm is broken.


Basic Action

This power carries spoken words between you and others. Message can carry messages up ten meters times your Charm, but cannot pass soil or sound-dampening materials. It can pass hard barriers like stone, concrete, brick, or metal. If any target is out of your reach even momentarily, the power fails for them.

You can send messages to a certain spot instead of to a specific target and try to send to creatures you are not sure are in range; these are power stunts. Message lasts for a scene.

Perfection of Effort

Trigger Action

Whenever you see someone else taking an action, you can support that action by invoking perfection on it. Make a confident Charm roll against the skill you are trying to assist; if you are successful the skill check becomes Routine. You cannot help yourself in this manner.


Basic Action or Finisher

You can bind someone to a promise he has made. When someone pronounces an oath or solemn promise, you can reinforce that oath as a Basic Action with an opposed Charm roll. You can also force someone to accept an oath of your choice as a finisher.

As long as the quester acts to fulfill their oath, the get the benefits of Discipline. But should they stray, they will notice that fate turns against them, and they lose a Fortune point for each decision they take that moves them away from fulfilling the oath. When their Fortune runs out, they instead suffer a Finisher of your choice - you must know Form of the Finisher he is to suffer, but need not know the exact power.

A Quest lasts until the oath is fulfilled or until dispelled as a Curse. Note that the oath bound person cannot himself strive to have the oath removed, or he will suffer from the dire effects of the Quest.

Status Quo

Basic Action

By unifying the power of public opinion, you prosecute the minority and create unity in the community. There must be a crowd of 50 or more people, and they must believe in your declaration of what is the status quo, though they need not be sympathetic to what your cause or agree with the values expressed in the status quo. As long as the dissidents and troublemakers form less than 25% of the crowd, they are Stymied on any action expressing their disagreement for the rest of the scene.